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  • I'm lucky I'm a stones throw away from an forest, which is a mountain biking centre but they have set up trails for walking which range from 2 miles to 10 miles a route, I love losing myself there, whatever stress or bad feeling I have or had is always left behind, that's the beauty of running for me!!
  • Good Morning everyone, no run today, this is typically one of those full days when there's too much on. So a rest day with some stretches and core strength exercises. Usually I get one of my boys jumping on me when I'm doing some of the planks, extreme core exercises or what???
  • Does anyone have any tips or advice for a quick core strength training routine???
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Paul - great pics. I see you also suffer from looking like you're stationary in race photos syndrome. To be fair the middle one is not bad but in the last one you can't be doing anything but racing down that hill - yet the camera manages to make you look like you're hopping on the spot. I have the same problem and it drives me mental.

    I couldn't help but notice that in the first picture your super power of flight has clearly failed you. Probably low glycogen. Remember, to engage flight mode it's one arm above your head and the other by your side not both by the side. It's a mistake easily made by the novice. Eventually it'll click for you but keep trying.

    Now, core strength training is something I know sod all about but that isn't going to stop me talking to you like I'm a freakin' expert. My missus (Mrs Malcs) has been doing alot of this at her local class. 

    There's an article here that shows the main exercises that she uses:

    After four weeks on these she has abs so well defined you can play 'em like a xylophone. Stick with those and you can't go wrong.

    Best of luck!

  • Great pics Paul. Echo your sentiments in the main forum, and appreciate the busy lifestyle too. I think I was a bit sucked in by the forum and panicked early on, but think in reality many people had made their minds up irrespective? Sorry we're competing against each other, but would be made up if you got it

    I need advice on core too, as Sarah at BC almosr choked when she saw how weak my glutes were image 

  • Cheers for the comments guys

    Malcs thanks for the info, I need to pick my legs up more and work on my Superman pose better. You see this is why I need the forums. I'll try and a mobile leg picture ha ha

    Clive I did get sucked into it and thought people would see straight through it, so I backed off. Irrespective of who gets through our group yourself and Sarah have proved beyond doubt to me you deserve and would be worthy winners.

    If Bootcamp was as far as I got I would still consider myself a winner.

    Core strength training is new to me and I've only just started to do it, couldn't recommend it enough. Sarah said I was unbalanced (I hope she meant my legs) so I too have got a lot of work to do!!!!!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    She ran out of time before she got to me (thank the lord) so I was spared the embarrassment.

    Paul, she meant unbalanced in the head - you ran Snowdon for fun for goodness sake! image

  • Love the pics! image Howver, Malcs ignored my suggestion for superman garb earlier so don't listen to his poses suggestion!image

    Core strength - I'm doing strength classes at the gym - they push me a lot harder than I would push myself but I always feel as though I've been kicked in the arse by a horse the day after! Good for workign the glutes. (The classes not the horse-arse-kicking!)


  • /members/images/706045/Gallery/38186_139732096047396_100000318195628_271649_6373278_n.jpg

    There you go, both feet off the ground!!!!

  • Ha Ha Malcs, like it, the way i come down the mountains i do feel unbalanced sometimes, I wasnt posing for that earlier picture I was just so relieved to finish, it had been a punishing marathon!!!!

    And do I get to wear tight blue/red lycra for my Superman outfit???

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Whatever makes you comfortable Paulimage

    You know I'm just jealous - the only way I can get anything like an action shot is doing screen grabs from a video. 

  • like it, lets hope you get some good shots in Paris!!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I'll do my best to get some good ones of you Paul but I'm not great with a cameraimage 

  • /members/images/706045/Gallery/420017_459120074108595_2014620016_n.jpg

    From a tough fell race this year, pushed hard all the way, now going up an uphill finish. The pain is over my face ha ha ha

  • it'll be you thats going matey

  • Good morning, taking my boy to school and then popping out for a quick run, I love running on cold clear mornings (am I mad)
  • Tuesday night is always club night for me, in the winter we hit the roads doing a 10k and in the warmer weather and lighter nights we hit the trails
  • Club night never happened for me tonight, my little jaunt this morning will have to do, family life got in the way, ho hum
  • Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has had a a look at my forum thread over the last week, being a part of a great competition has been great fun.
  • Good luck Paul!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Paul - really had a great time at BC with you. I wish you the very best in the final decision. 

  • And good luck to you both, I really mean it, I'm already a winner anyway
  • Hey Paul good luck, image

  • Thanks Sarah, and to you, I got a feeling your going to get some good news tomorrow!
  • Hi Paul,

    Commiserations for yesterday. For fear of it sounding like sour grapes, bit disappointed that RW changed the goalposts and so no one from our group went through...

    Hope you'll stay on the forums and maybe see you at a race somewhere? Are you going to do Blackpool Marathon?

  • Hi Clive, I felt a little disappointed too, only due to the fact none of us got through, in my mind I thought well at least Clive or Sarah would be going! Never mind!!

    Yes Blackpool is still on, kind of determined to success after this failure now, what do you have planned?
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