Run down on New Balance required

Hi all,

I am a self-confessed disciple of the Brooks Range with Ghost 4 (for mileage and wearing a soft insole) and ST5 (as a semi-racer; it has some mild pronation support).

Being a low arched, mild overpronator with wide feet, I tend to consider neutrals and to put soft insoles in them.

Looking for a New Balance alternatives to Ghost and ST5. Any ideas? The labelling of NB shoes (numbers) tend to get me confused.

Thanks in advance!


  • Phone any of the factory shops in Cumbria (Shap and Flimby) the staff are very knowledgable - they will be able to tell you the equivilent NB to your current trainer, if if there are any sales on and they are happy to post out too. 

  • Totally agree with Katesamar, I visited the NB shop at Flimby and not only got some cracking advice but came away with a pair of trainers that were £30 less than the best online price that I could find!! Well worth a look if you can.

  • Thanks for the feedback, can only go as far as London since I live overseas - NB apparently have the 860v2, 870v2, and 890v2 trainers as equivalents. Not sure of their quality, will have to try them out. Any ideas?

  • I run in 890 v2 and they are spot on. Comfy straight from the box and Light weight but offer some support.

    I got mine from the shop in Shap and the staff were very helpful and the price very good. I always pop in when gong up the m6.
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