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Hi I am replacing my planet x with as near the same one if i can........

my old one has a 12/ 25 cassette.....but i noticed that the model for sale has a 11/ 32............

is this just a change in 2 years or did my guy last time get me a cassette that would help me up the hills a bit more........

which one would get my arse up the hill better



  • an 11/32 would give you lower gearing and help you get up hills easier and it sounds like a SRAM Apex setup 

  • my old one was SRAM......looking for the same bike really but new and clean.........but i noticed that the cassette was happy to go with the change.......especially as i have IMW next year after Outlaw.....image

  • 32 will get you up just about anything.

  • Or put an engine in it image

  • What are the chainrings on the front ? Compact I'd guess ? Is that what you have now ?

    I'm sure PX will put whatever cassette on that you want. 

  • I think Seren might be looking at this one which has a 50-34 on the front and 11-32 at the back.  First time I've seen a setup like that.

  • 34*32 - that really is a low gear - you'll get up anything on that.   I can't really understand why anyone needing 34*32 would want 50*11 though- I'd have thought a 12-27 would be a better compromise and low enough for 99% of us.

  • Are you keeping your old bike? If you are could you not swap the rear wheel for flatter rides or would this not be a good idea if there are differences in wear between the 2 cassettes?

  • It's the SRAM WiFli set up, originally started off as Apex, but after some of the pros used it on the TDF and Giro, they've released across other specs as well.


    With a compact, it'll make Wisemans and Saundersfoot seem flat!

  • Just built up the missus newbike with SRAM stuff and got somthing like an 11 - 32 on the back. Comes with a long cage mech, and they now doit in SRAM force and red.....

    I ride a compact and in my bottom cog on a steep hill i am out my saddle but have the power to get up ok. The missus old bikehad the same gearing, and the same hills killed her. So, mtb style gearing = spin up the hill for those with a little less power...... i think its a good thing.

    She hasnt ridden it yet - need to get the steerer cut down this weekend.....
  • M..TRIumphant wrote (see)

    It's the SRAM WiFli set up, originally started off as Apex, but after some of the pros used it on the TDF and Giro, they've released across other specs as well.


    With a compact, it'll make Wisemans and Saundersfoot seem flat!

    now that is a post i like to see.

    Yes Ferrett.thats the one I'm looking for...with an ajustment for stem length and handlebars size............i know these from the one I had measured 2 years ago.........but i have to buy it online this time not from bristol so  just trying to make sure i'm ordering the right thing as they let  you cistomise certain parts of it on the online

  • Broke....I'm keeping the older bike but this will be my winter bike so hopefully can keep the newer one in better condition for next year

  • Why dont you have the new one a bit different? I appreciate you know you are comfortable on this frame, but you could have different gearing on the new one. Is there a compact on the old one? If so, put a standard double on the new one.
    The problem is, that given the opportunity to crawl up a hill with a cadence of 147, in 34*32, will you work to get better at climbing? You could use the newer one, with the bigger gears, for Outlaw, and the old one, with the smaller rear cog, for Wales.

  • conpact on both.........the old one has12/25 and i do struggle with hills even though i still work on them........

    I'm not mechanically minded so do not want to start changing anything on the bikes once they are done........i struggle to change an inner tube and can't even change or adjust brakes so am reluctant to fiddle....image

    so as i liked my planet x one and have to buy a new one in the next week......i think i am happy to play safe.......

    just wanted to make sure that the change to 11/32 would not make it even harder for me to get up the hills..........

  • this is the first time i've heard of 32 on a road bike....28 cassette on a 34 chainring is really the most i've seen (i think campag did a 29)

    when i first read this i thought they had put an MTB cassette on....but didnt know about this new setup

    you're legs will be spinning so fast at 3mph....but you'll never improve...i'd be tempted NOT to go for this......especially in training for've plenty time to prepare for that with a 11/28 on the back.

    easier isnt always better...if you have the easy gear in training you'll use it....then come the day you'll use it more....and end up being too slow up every single hill with your legs spinning like a spinny thing.

    its not about EASE...its about EFFICIENT cycling.....finding the balance between speed and ease.

  • But it's also about saving the legs, spinning up a hill in an easy gear is probaby better than trying to grind up it, and better till than walking it.  The technology os there, so why not use it

  • take the point about the training but i will be using my old bike most of the time.....with identical setups so should be fine to move over near race day..................remember that in 2011 I actually missed the bike cut offs at IMW for my only DNF ever........

    i think my biking is stronger now but in the last 50 odd miles of the double my legs were really struggling on the hills........and that knackered my quads for the run

  • At the end of the day- it takes 2 mins to change the cassette. So you can go back to what you have now.

    I think I'm with flyaway here - id not have two bikes the same - just with one newer.

    If the old bike needs servicing then it shouldn't cost much to have it feel like new.

    You could get a cheaper bike for the winter with full guards and spend the savings on tarting up the race bike ?
  • cougie.i need to spend the £1000 on a bike spending the £1000 it will save us several might as well get the planet X one that i love than go for something different................I had to use the old one  all last winter..and it got quirte a few miles in in last winter.....

  • Seren can you let me into the secret of spending a grand and also at the same time making savings of thousands. Infact write a book you'll become a millionaire!!! image

  • BTW you are talking really low gears there which I'm sure would get you up the Col Du Galibier or some other Alpine pass. With having small sprockets will still give you high gears for faster easier sections. My only fear would be that you will not get such an even spread and hit sections of flatter faster road that doesn't allow you to find the right gear as there will be such a jump between each sprocket. Does that make sense??


  • Why not look at the 12-32? Do you really need the 11? The 12-32 will give you more even spread by being only a 1 tooth increment from 12-13-14-15 rather than the 11-12-13-15 set up ( all other sprockets the same spread after that ). Just a thought.

  • Agree that a 12 would be plenty - if you would ever use the 32 you don't need the 11 - do they make a 12-32 too though ?

  • i will have  alook

  • you're missing the point here....12-32 is only the rear cassette....if you go for 12-32 is make no difference to going up just means you run out of really fast (downhill) quicker.

    IMO 11-32 give you a better option at the other side of the scale...and with a compact (50 big ring on the chainset) the 11 WILL be required.

    M..TRIumphant wrote (see)

    But it's also about saving the legs, spinning up a hill in an easy gear is probaby better than trying to grind up it, and better till than walking it.  The technology os there, so why not use it

    Thats a good point T. i'm gonna have look for this myself

  • i don't need to worr about spinning out downhill.i always grab hold of the brakes when i reach about 34 mph......I am too much of a wuzz to go fasterimage

  • hey ho - whatever happened to triples eh??

    for a little weight gain over a double/compact setup you get a range that's wider than the SRAM WiFli and with the added benefit of a 53*11 (or 55 if you want) for the speed merchants.

    triples have done this 16+ stoner proud over the years - and I don't think I'm that shabby on a bike!

  • I just went to order the bike with the customised fittings....they have the small black frames in stock....brilliant......but when i looked at the customise page i realised that they only had red or pink forks........why on earth would i want a black bike with a red fork...i like it all black so it hides the dirt betterimage

  • seren - have you never heard of "washing"

  • i sometimes pay the kids to do it but they don't do a great job.the youth of todayimage

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