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    I know, it's bizzare Minni!

    I play for a team near Beckenham called Old Dunstonians. As I started late I haven't reached a particularly high level but I absolutely love it. Unfortunately it clashes terribly with marathon training so for the past 4 years I've only really been able to play half of the season.

    Have you ever tried playing?

    Mrs Malcs used to play for Welsh students at flanker! She got me into it and then I met a guy who played for Dunstonians on a drunken social and agreed to come to training. So I was told by the missus that I needed to at least learn to tackle first.

    That weekend she took me to the park and we just walked through the basics. On one I fell on top of her and there was a massive crunch. Ambulance, A&E - I'd broken her tib and fib. Couldn't believe it!

    We're massive fans ourselves. Pre-children the weekend would involve a club game, super 12's (as it was then) and a bit of rugby league thrown in too. 

    Highlight for us was going on the Lions tour to Aus in 2001. Absolutely awesome. Have you ever been?


  • I lbet she loved you for that tackle image

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    So funny Macs! I'm a Scotland supporter and had spent many a merry afternoon at murrayfield (or so ivd been told!image ) we lived in the Borders for a few years way back and mixed with quite a few of the Scotland players. My husband was a player and is now an u13 coach. My son plays for the u13 at club level and is school Captain. Finally, my nephew was a promising young player and tipped to go all the way (he's 20 now) unfortunately he's dislocated his shoulder more times that I've had hot dinners in the last two years and is going to have surgery in January so his rugby days are pretty much over. He is a cracking runner though and has run an 18m 5k with only 3 short runs ( as part of rugby training) per week. I'm working on his running career now...! Oh and no, I've not played myself!
  • I'm tempted to make some comment about Scots and rugby but fear I would lose some votes!!!

    At least you've got rid of your rubbish English Head coach.

    Malcs - love that story about you breaking the Mrs' tib and fib! Can't believe you lived to tell the tale. Do you run your long runs alone or in a group?

  • Minni - disappointing news about your nephew. It's a nightmare injury isn't it? So prone to further dislocation once it's happened more than once. Sounds like a promising runner though!

    My old Rugby master at school played for Scotland - Andy Cushing. A very tough cookie indeed. Eventually, he left the school, returned to Uni at Cambridge and captained them in a varsity match. I played some cricket with him after I left school but eventually he became an international coach and it took him abroad.

    A proper disciplinarian - I've never forgotten him. We didn't have any bullying at our school!

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    DS2 - Yes best keep quiet about that! I'm still clinging on to grand slam 1990 - haven't had alot to shout about since. Mind you, beating SA the other year was pretty nice!

    I'm actually gutted that Robinson has gone. I liked him. I can't see who would do a better job.

    Re. the tackle - I wasn't popular lets just say that. We also had a skiing holiday booked and she couldn't go. I know, I know, this isn't going to be a vote winning story but I feel I have to come clean.

    Minni - rugby is pretty much dominating your life then? Your nephew must be gutted. At least he has his running and wow - not a bad base to start from!

    I've been up to Murrayfield a couple if times for Scotland vs Wales games. Edinburgh is party town on international weekends! Then again Cardiff is amazing too.

    DS2 - I do all my long runs solo. I like the thinking time. However, I ran Spitfire 20 with my mate and really enjoyed the company. The time just flew. How about you?
  • Malcs - Rugby Related. Who are you shoe ins for Lions next year?

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    I was at Murrayfield when Scotland beat England in the grand slam, Brilliant! Although also handy being English so I can jump sides. I have to admit my heart is with Scotland ( I live in the Border). I was at Murrayfiejd a couple of weeks ago for the All Blacks game. We took the boys u13 team.
  • malcs - I've been to Murrayfield a couple of times..... to atch England win, of course!image Best time was after we won the World Cup (would have been Feb 2004 I think). Had great ticket given to me by Standard Life and went back to that other club on the outskirts of Edinburgh (Heriots ???) and had a few beers with a few old Scottish internationals before hitting Queen Street and, after that, I remember very little!

    Went back the folowing year to run the Edinburgh marathon with a couple of good Glaswegian friends. Great city and great memories. I intend to go back and run it again in the next 2 or 3 years!

  • I do nearly all my running alone due mostly to family commitments but I do like the odd long run with company. Perhaps we should hook up one Sunday?

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    DS2 - my son's team played at Heriots before the All Blacks game!
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    Wow Minni - you lucky beggar!

    DS2 - excellent, if you can't remember then it must have been good! image There were quite a few ex players at the Lions. We never got close to them though.

    Yes would be great to meet for a long run some time - as long as you run at my pace!

    Reg - Halfpenny at 15 I reckon and Sexton at 10. The rest are a bit closer. Can't see many Scots getting a shout. Gray at 2nd row possibly. What do you reckon?
  • Rennie is quality, can't remember if he's fit though. Agree about sexton but something tells me he may take Wilkinson.

    Other names, best, heslip, tuilangi, banahan! That comes from a bath supporter though.
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    He certainly is Reg. I think he went off during the All Blacks game - not sure whether he's facing a lay off or not. Denton is another possibility but there's alot of competition at back row. Geoff Cross is another Scot who has impressed.

    Banahan?! image  Yes I think your local bias is getting the better of you. I'd take North and Cuthbert if they are fit (North has been injured sadly) and though it pains me to say it, the swallow diver would have to go too. Yes to Tuilagi - he's looking good.  

    Hmm - clearly I haven't devoted enough time to thinking about this yet. I guess it's only a matter of months away until they go down under. 

    We will be watching the Scarlets take on Exeter later (on TV of course). Are you going down to the Rec for the Calvisano game?

  • Rugby... have no time for other are runnersimageimage

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    Good point seren! But we have to find something to get us through the boring bits in between runs, you know that rest time mullarkyimage

  • between runs.thats when you stretch and right training logs and plan your next route and tell everyone all your mile splits and explain why they differ.and then you have to wash your kit and look at races to book.and then you have to plan your meals for optimum nutrition.then do some yoga so that your core is prepared for your next run..........

    then spend hours choosing your kit for the next runimage

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    Ha ha ha - too true! image

  • Hi Malc reference the nausea I have had it in shorter races when my breathing is at it max at the end of a race is it just water you drink in long races?

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    Hi Tony - I have a bit of lucozade but mainly it's water - with the occasional salt tab mixed in. I got a bit paranoid about water after marathon no. 1 so since then I've always *tried* to drink plenty. 

  • Re: banners, gatland likes a bulldozer - roberts!

    Not going to the rec til dec22nd. I've had a session season ticket for the last 11 years, couldn't afford it this year.
  • Evening Malcs! How's today been? Got a run in or having a chilled one today?

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    Chilled today RRR - running tomorrow. I help coach at my son's rugby and they have a big match tomorrow so we're getting all psyched up for that.

    How has your birthday been. Loved your park run 'vote for me' T-shirts. I'm half expecting to see you on BBC newsimage

  • Hi Malcs - I hope your run goes well today, i have over done the lucozade before and it seems a waste when you throw over half away, i guess it is trial and error and worth experimenting in training

    I have read little and often to stop feeling bloated and they say 500ml an hour? but we are all individuals and will differ?

    Of for a coastpath run now, cheers

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Thanks Tony - yes, I'm not a waster either. I tried carrying the stuff round with me on my first London Marathon but it got hotter and hotter with every sip and in the end I had to chuck it because it was more likely to make me throw than stop me image

    Enjoy the coastal path - I envy you having such beautiful surroundings to run in!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    And to prove that even in the greatest of pain I still think about water conservation, here's me passing on a bottle to my son in the VLM this year. One less tripping hazard too!


  • Great action shot Malcs!! image

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    Thanks RRR - it was a frame from a video taken by Mrs Malcs. This was the only way I could capture something that made me look like I wasn't standing still. In every other race photo I look like I'm frozen to the spot!

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    So, only 3 days to go now. Running is keeping me sane though.

    It's a struggle mind you as the temperatures have fallen so much. I know we don't have it so bad down here in the South East but when you're sat at a desk barely moving all day long, your core temperature drops like a stone. As a result, the prospect of stepping out in shorts and a thin running top is not one that fills you with joy!

    The solution is to cover up more and so I now face the same dilemma that I'm sure every man who runs dreads - to tight or not to tight?

    There may be some out there who look good when they pull on the lycra but I'm not one of them. However, if it's a choice between being cold and looking stupid I'll take the second option every time. 

    So all lycra'd up there then remains one final question that I've still not been able to resolve - shorts on top or underneath? Is there a definitive answer to this or is it just down to taste? Please let me know your thoughts!

  • good question malcs me personally Ron hill tracksters shorts underneath . . . . ?
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