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  • was the 50km Royal Parks Ultra in October that I ran.

    I do like the thought of one day running much further than this, but the idea of running 100 mile races like Western States just makes the mind boggle.

    Hats off to any that do this and I bow at the feet to those that finish Badwater and Sparthalon (150miles in 36 hours). 

    For anyone interested in seeing what the Spartathlon is like, you should check out Fruitarian's video of the event below. It. Is. Insane. 

  • Have you never thought about completing the rest of your book? It sounds like the first 6 chapters were good if they wanted to see the rest!
  • It's one of those things I say I'll do if I win the lottery and quit my job.......but then there's also a long list of other things I'd also do.......It is hope that one day I'll finish it, but it's hard to fit it in with my running and work as well. It's definitely a love of mine that keeps me on the straight and narrow.

    Into the last 4 hours of voting now........good luck to everybody's been a pleasure......and the 5 that are picked will be worth their weight in gold in spreading the tips they learn.

  • It's the final countdown! Dum-dum-dum-dum ... dum-dum-dum-dum-dum! image

  • BOOOOOOM.........2 hours to go......and I'm entering the home straight very much like my marathon finishes...........zig-zagging, stumbling, cramping up, desperately needing a toilet break and turning into an emotional wreck!

    What I'd do for a banana now and a Powerade {other energy drinks can also be accommodated} now!

  • Ha ha!! Love it! image

    Don't forget to throw your water bottle away and stick your arms up and smile or a good 'finishing line' photo!!
  • .....or to mention sitting down in a corner for an hour or wanting to hug the nearest person (that could end with a very stern discipline hearing where I work!)

  • All the very best Shady_Ady. I've really enjoyed your sense of humour! You and Malcs have both really made me LOL a lot!!!! Thanks for all your comments on my blog page! May the best man win and I'll support you all the way xox CarroT

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ady - I've avoided posting on your thread as we're in the same group and I didn't want anyone to read anything into it - yes, I am that paranoid. So with minutes to go until voting closes I think it's safe now.

    Just wanted to say it's been an honour and a pleasure. I wish you all the best going forward and hope we can continue to converse on matters of the most trivial nature for a long time to come image. Good luck fella! 

  • Good luck Shady, its been lovely to get to know you and to hear all about your adventures. Whether you get through or not, please keep them coming. I will be keeping an eye out for this book when were in our 60 (or maybe 80s if this government stays in) when you get to complete it after retirement image. If you do win the lottery and finish it earlier, please let me know

  • Hey Carol,

    All the very best to you too.....not a problem regarding the was a pleasure reading your blog and following your efforts....I tried to visit everyone's page, but I tried to keep my comments to a minimum in case people thought I was phishing for votes....maybe that was a tactical error......who knows!

    I hope it isn't a nervous wait until the winner is announced......very good luck!

  • Malcs........and there wa sme, ater our bonding train ride back from Birmingham togehter, thinking you hated me! I often sat myself in a darkened room, rocked in the corner while crying myself into a stupour.......

    ........being serious for once, I totally understand why you didn't post. I had exactly the same thoughts.....even for other people in other categories........I thought if I was wishing people too much 'good luck' then they would see it as too creepy, or all I was after was their all I really asked were questions about them.....maybe that was my own error, like I've said above to Carol, but be rest assured I was checking out yours and everyone else's page with a lot of's strange as I've not actually viewed this as a competition at all......even though at the end of the day it is.

    Good luck to you as well mate...........if you win, I'll be the first to shake your hand (well, I might struggle getting to Orpington before your wife congratulates you!).....let the nervoud wait continue! Good luck!

  • Sarah

    Thanks very much. It's been lovely to get to know you too....and know that if I ever eat a large Sunday Roast, I should never feel guilty as I'll know someone who has eaten a bigger one! (hehehe). Good luck for the final 5, although I'm sure you agree there's at least 20 runners out there who deserve it!

    If I ever complete this book, I'll be happy to send you a signed copy (will I still be able to sign my own autograph or remember the stories when I'm 80 yrs old?). There's still plenty of stories where these ones came from and I'll be happy to keep them coming in one form or another! image 

  • Ady - there's a strange sound on the forums .... (tumbleweed) ...image

  • Hahahaha...I think everyone has just collapsed out of sleep deprivation and fatigue from all the hard work they've put in over the past week......I'm about to do the same in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..........thud...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Shady_Ady wrote (see)

    If I ever complete this book, I'll be happy to send you a signed copy (

    Im going to hold you to that image



  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi shady, are you asleep?  I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading your thread, but like you said above, not posted much on others threads..felt bit awkward. Anyway, all the best with whatever your next challenge turns out to be!

  • Thanks Sarah........ if you set me a deadline to write each chapter and I miss it, you're more than welcome to follow me on my runs and lob cabbages or turnips in my direction. After laughing hard at Malcs traumatic carrot assault, I think this vegetable tactic certainly has the ability to work!

  • Hey Jen...wide awake at the moment....thanks for your comment....and glad I wasnt the only one feeling a little awkward. Likewise to you image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ady, just wanted to be the first to say a huge well done on making the final 5. Your amusing stories have been brilliant and I know that your Paris thread will be joy to to follow.

    All the very best with your training. I will be with you every step of the way!

  • Congratulations on getting through to the final 5, i will be following your progress over the next 4 months image

  • Thank you all for your wishes...........Malcs.....thank you so was a pleasure meeting you and campaigning alongside you....I echo the words of everyone else who have said you've kept the Asics thread lit main aim over the next 4 months will not only be to reach my target time of 3hrs 30mins, but also to not let down anyone down from RW, or those not fortunate enough to make it all the way to Paris.

    This is my big shot at reaching a lifelong goal and I promise not to let a single person down.

  • Sarah.....thanks so much. It's been a pleasure conversing with you and everyone else over the past week or so. I really hope it will continue and I really hope I wont let you down with my perfomance. I hope we are all able to stay in touch.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ady - I know you'll do it!

    I'll be following your schedule to the letter but taking out the hard bits and totally ignoring your nutritional advice.

    Best of luck and have fun!

  • Well done Ady on getting through - enjoy!

  • well done..........have fun on the wayimage

  • Well done Ady! We'll be working together to get you off that plateau. I'll email you direct to set up a time to chat about your programme. 72 hours of freedom before the hard work begins!image

  • Ady,

    Well done! Delighted you have made the final 5- you deserve it. Was a pleasure meeting you at BC, and have enjoyed the stories here over the last week. Will be monitoring your progress, and thinking about you on those cold dark winter mornings as I snuggle under the duvet!!

  • Congratulations Ady! What an experience, eh?!

    See you Sunday mate, let the games begin!

  • Ady - very well done. Absolutely delighted for you. You've been great fun on the forums and will make an entertaining read I'm sure.
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