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  • Afternoon Ady!

    Well done (again!). Look forward to seeing you on Sunday and getting some tips off the chap who has run 15 marathons!! image

  • Great to see you got through to the final five, I have absolutely no doubt you will have the 3.30 in the bag in April. Top bloke gets just rewards. Good luck mate!

  • Ady!!!! wow....well done you....looking forward to meeting you properly on Sunday.....!!!....image

  • Really pleased for you Ady and I look forward to reading your progress over the coming months!

  • Congrats Ady, now we have the hard work to do! See you Sunday.
  • Thanks everybody for your comments over the past two days.

    Of all the days to have the most stressful, busy and frantic working day, it had to be yesterday.......and then followed by my Xmas party. This kept me offline for almost the whole day. I hope no one thought I was being rude by not posting.

    Normal service has now resumed, and I will be keeping everyone up to date with progress made over the next 16 weeks. I aim to lose at least 16lbs in the upcoming weeks before making the Paris start line. Seeing my belly and moobs in my Final 5 photo has awoken me to how much effort is needed to break the 3:30 barrier.

    This doesn't daunt me, it excites me, and if you don't know it yet, I like a good challenge. This could well be the toughest of the lot. I hope people enjoy the ride and get as much from it as I will.

    Malcs - You might be surprised by my nutritional advice......from 8am today, I'm a changed man. No more real ale and sneaky pork pies for me anymore.

    Knight Rider & Seren Nos - Thanks very much. I hope to make you and the rest of the RW forum members happy.

    Clive - Thank you very much. It was a pleasure meeting you too. I'll have to see if Sam allows duvet snuggling anymore, or whether I'll have to set my alarm clock even earlier from now on.

    A.W, RRR, Steve & Melanie - Thanks for your messages. I will personally congratulate you on your pages now. I look forward to working with you over the next 16 weeks.

    DS2 - Thank you. The forums have been a highlight for me. It's a lot more addictive than I realised it could be and more importantly, a resource I have never thought about tapping before. I'll try my best to be entertaining and informative throughout.

    Jimmers - Lovely meeting you at BC. Thanks for your kind words. I will give this shot my all.

    Xyloid - Thank you very much Thanks for your questions as well throughout the voting process. It was your questions that kept me motivated at the start when everyone else was getting forum comments and I was feeling left out. I promise (this is starting to sound like a political speech!) I will use this experience to once and for all find out the answer to your de-bagging troubles!

    Sam, I will give your post the respect it deserves - its very own message reply very shortly. 

  • Hi Sam. 

    Thank you very much for breaking my coaching cherry. I really couldn't be more pleased.

    As you are my first ever coach I thought I would just let you know that as I'm new to this, I might show a little green-leaved naivety. This means I'll do absolutely everything you ask without questioning it once. It would take at least four or five times of doing your weekly shopping before realising this might not be part of my coaching plan!

    I'm seriously over the moon and can't wait to start working with you. Thanks for taking on this challenge, I won't let you down image I'd better be off to enjoy as much of this 72 hours of freedom as I can!

  • Shady_Ady you are a very worthy winner and I am really going to enjoy following you every step of the way; you have been VERY entertaining already!!!!! I think you write / blog very well and you put a HUGE amount of heart and honesty into your writing which I really enjoy, along with all the humour image. I know you will have a very great following and you are going to do amazingly well!! xox Caroline

  • Congratulations Ady!  Very happy to see that you got through and I'm looking forward to hearing all about how it goes for you.  At the very least I'm sure your posts will never be boring! image Well done!

  • You will have plenty to write about now to finish that book image 

  • Thanks very much Carol. If you carry on with words like that, you might make a grown man blush! image

    There will be nothing but honesty, that I can guarantee.........and if I don't break my PB, then I only have myself to blame. It'll be nice when our blogs are set up, although I'm not sure when that will be. I have kept a few amusing stories back so I'll try and keep things humurous and honest throughout. I'm almost as excited about the writing side and forum interactions as I am the training plan.

  • Hi Ace...........thanks very much. Hopefully by reading the experiences of all 5 runners going to Paris, you'll be convinced to run your first marathon too image

  • Haha Sarah.....that's very true...I haven't worked out quite yet how I'm going to link living in Kenya, to running the Paris Marathon, but I have another 16 weeks to think of one! image

    Good luck with your Mrs. Claus festive run this weekend.

  • Evening Ady!

    How's everything? I've finally been for a run this evening so sitting back in the nice smug post-run glow image I'm determined to crack that sub-20 5k before Sarah and Bacon Steve ... although I suspect Sarah will beat us both easily image

  • Hey! All is good thanks. Very excited about tomorrow. Are you?

    Just about to head off for 10 miles now before 'the olds' come down to visit. I will then spend the next few hours fending off mince pies, stollen and the odd pig in blanket from all angles!

    When are you coming down to The Big Smoke?

    I have no doubt you will crack that 20min barrier. If I can get mine down to 20:30-21:00 then the 3:30 marathon target should still be alive.
  • Thanks shady. I'm sure you will find some way of linking them together.

    Hi Sarah, I didn't even attempt park run today so you might be ahead of me! Didn't get to bed until 3 this morning after too much dining and dancing last night so I decided to give it a miss and get a full 7 hrs of sleep In instead!

    Have fun tomorrow guys,
  • You still get to wear your Mrs. Claus outfit on Sunday though don't you? 

    Nothing wrong with staying out until the early hours. I see it as a sign I still have the twilight years of my youth ahead of me if I manage to stay out past midnight or catch the last train home. It's happening less and less now though. 

    Tomorrow should be very interesting. Hopefully we will be told when we can start writing our blogs, as well so I can start talking about my training plan. 

  • Evening Ady!

    I'm super-excited about tomorrow! I'll be getting into Euston about 9.15 and heading to Oxford Street from there ... hoping there's time for a coffee first! I operate best witha  bit of rocket fuel! image What time are you getting in?

    I hope the 10 miles went well earlier and you avoided the rain ... hasn't been too bad here but everywhere seems to be either muddy or flooded! I cheated and used a gym again this morning! Never quite as fun on a treadmill though!

  • Hey RRR. I was planning on getting in about 9:15 or so in to Waterloo and then will head up to Marble Arch. By the sounds of it we will get there around the same time. I think they'll definitely be time for a coffee beforehand.

    10 miles was at a very easy pace. Was thinking of trying to fit a 5km in tomorrow morning but might struggle. See you tomorrow image
  • Hi, how was your shopping spree? I can't wait to hear all about it?

    I managed to run this morning dressed as mrs Claus, was the only lady there dressed in a full outfit, all the others just had a hat or socks on (with there usual running gear). A few of the men were dressed up though in the full costume which was nice. Was 4th lady in the end which wasn't bad considering I was in fancy dress, wasn't going to race, didn't have my watch and ran 13 miles on Friday so I'm happy!
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