Vote Sarah in GFA - previously lardy girl does good! ;)



  • Evening Sarah!

    Fab to hear from you!! image

    I didn't realise either! Must be a popular time!

    Now how ethical am I? Do I publish my schedule to you ....? Knowing full well that if we meet in a race there will be not much in it and you may well kick my arse if you follow it .... hmmmmm...image

    So ... you still up for next year's obstacle race then?


  • RRR - you'll be brilliant. I will definitely wear the socks when you beat your target.
  • Yay Sarah! SO glad you got the place!! Really disapointed for the others though, everyone seemed really deserving of it and totally motivated and enthusiastic - hopefully they'll get a go next year image 

    Now no breaking any limbs before the maathon!! Infact, dont leave the house until then.... just in case...!!image x

  • DS2 - Careful ... I WILL hold you to that!image AND will expect pics as proof!! image

    Meant to ask ask you ... what do you reckon is the best way to up 5k speed? There's a bit of a challenge going on between Bacon Steve, Sarah and myself ... I've never really done targeted speedwork before.

  • Evening Julie!

    Great to hear from you! Yes, definitely wish everyone could have come through. We had such a nice group at bootcamp and everyone got on really well. I'm hoping everyone sticks around and keeps in touch!! A few of us (open invitation!!image are hoping to catch up at Thunder Run 24 in 2013 ... it's going to be a BLAST! Camping, running and a cracking reunion!! image Can't wait!


  • Good news! The hotel have re-opened their gym so I didn't have to get my run in by doing laps of the hotel room! image

  • Hmmm....I reckon you should publish it, or at least email it will make our next race even more exciting!

    Im still up for TR24 and an obstacle race.....will give me more things to look forward to next year!x
  • Hi Sarah,

    I agree! image I think publishing it would be a good option. Especially as people will be following the journey and aiming for the same times and targets! Will get as much info onto this thread as possible so you can follow the schedule.

    TR24 sounds awesome and an obstacle race would be fantastic!! WIll get those booked in asap! image 

  • Ooh!! I'm so excited about tomorrow! Maybe it'll finally start feeling a bit more real then!

    I'm getting into Euston at about 9.15 tomorrow morning ... on the train - eek! Hate trains - much prefer driving as I always seem to attract mad people on trains. Always look over at the wrong moment and make eye contact by mistake and then they spend the next 2 hours talking about their obscure medical problems or their 18 cats ... image

    Hoping to grab a quick coffee before stepping into the Asics store and into the future of my marathon running ...!

    I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow and I'll take some pics and post them up!


  • I've got 18 cats... I'll meet you on the train...

  • ... And you're going to talk about your embarrassing medical condition, right?image

    I think I'm just going to print out applications for that Embarrassing Bodies TV show and hand them out to anyone who even looks as though they're about to talk to me about their body hair or ingrowing toenails ...image

  • Well, as it happens, I have been having this.... I'll wait til tomorrow - don't want to spoil the story!

  • I'll be waiting. With my Embarrassing Bodies application form ...

  • RRR  - I hope you had a fantastic day! I want to hear all about itimage

  • How was today? Can't wait to hear all about it,x
  • DSanta2 & Sarah - evening!

    Just got home now ... have had an amazing day! image Just nipped on to say give me half an hour and I'll give you a full run down! image

  • Cool. Absolutely delighted you had 'an amazing day'. Can't wait to hear! I think you are the only one from the 'coffee crew' who got through so you'll be getting special attention from the rest of us!

  • DSanta2 and Sarah - Just realised that ALL of our 'Coffee Crew' got through to the voting stage! That's pretty cool! image

    I'm waiting on my training plan from Steve so I might give you a complete run down on that when I get that tomorrow ... sorry to make you wait a bit longer but you'll get all the juicy bits then too! image

  • Morning Sarah, just drink my moring coffee from coming in out of our wet and windy weather.

    Yes as DSanta2 say's glad you had a great day and can wait to here how you and  the rest of the Target 26.2 team got on!

  • Evening Tony!

    Fab to hear from you! It's been pretty grotty here too - well windy anyway! Got to nip out for a run in a minute so will have to wrap up!

    Sorry to keep you waiting about the store day... I started a new thread and got so completely overexcited about the day yesterday and being given new kit I rambled on like I had verbal diarrhoea ... sorry! image

    Anyway please come and chat to me or I'll be sitting there on my own talking to myself .... image

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