Vote Sarah in GFA - previously lardy girl does good! ;)



  • You look like a superhero flying!!

  • 2nd woman - that's amazing! Well done!

    RunnyRunRun wrote (see)

    Well ... aren't you a bit old for her ...?image

    image dreams crushed.

  • Just popping in to say HI & to see how you're getting on & and to say that I enjoyed seeing your friendly face on our BC video today. Laughed at what Shady_Ady said too image. Great pic above... what a stride! Did you ever imagine you would be coming in top places in races? So cool! xox

  • Love the photo, much better than Eva H (I'm not even going to attempt to spell her name as I will get it wrong)!

    Congratulations on 2nd place, fingers crossed first lady next time after being coached by ASICS!
  • Xyloid - That's totally how I FEEL when I run! I was on a sprint for the line in this pic! The tall chap had been running with me for the past mile - had already told him not to be a gentleman and to blast it if he wanted! image and I'd been chasing the chap in the red top for a couple of miles image This pic totally encapsulates how I feel when I run image

    Steve - I was only 2nd because I pushed the quick looking people in the hedge before the race started.

    CaroT - Hello!! Fab to see you here! Can't believe I'm in the vid! I totally had verbal diarrhea that day. I like that they missed off the end of the interview when I started muttering about how people start huffing when I talk about running now and when I trailed into silence asking "I talk too much, don't I?" image

    Sarah - Hee hee! If I was Eva - my race pics would be VERY different. And I would need a different size sports bra! image


  • Love the photo....both feet off the ground at the same time photos are always impressive!

  • Thanks Ady! image Totally felt like I was flying in this one! image How's everything on the Ady thread? Will nip in and say hi tomorrow ... I mean today! Eek! Is it that time already?! That means its my birthday NOW!! Woo woo! image
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY RRR!!! I hope you have a FAB day! What you up to today??image

  • Happy birthday! Any special plans? Do they revolve around your running? My threads going ok thanks. I seem to be getting people asking proper questions. It been excellent so far as its making me write and think about running continuously! Although I wouldn't mind a but of light hearted banter as well! Enjoy your birthday image
  • Thank you CaroT!! Thank you Ady!! Loved what you said on the video by the way! image

    Have done Coventry parkrun this morning ... def not a PB performance with a birthday drink induced hangover but I reckon I still beat my PB of 6 months ago ... but BEST PARKRUN EVER!! Got chatting to a group of older gents and did a cooldown lap of the park with them and one of them is an International Vet!! Talk about in the prescence of greats! image Might be a good omen ... ! image

  • My customised Parkrun top! Thought I'd see whether I could get some votes and get some people talking about Asics 26.2 !



  • Are they orange compression socks! How many pairs do you have?

    Happy birthday Sarah, hope you have an amazing day, love the T, fingers crossed it will encourage people to vote for me too!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday imageimage

  • Sarah - nope they're orange - the colours didn't come out properly in the pic today! Only have 2 pairs, but think it might be time to invest in some more as the colours have faded due to too much mud! Hazards of running in England! image Have had a great day!! image

    Jenf - thank you! Had the perfect pressie too! A treadmill! So when I fancy a run at a crazy hour, I now have the option of sneaking out to the garage instead of braving the streets! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Happy Birthday Runny one! 

    I couldn't think pof a more appropriate gift for a running junkie. Now you can stop doing laps of the lounge when you're confined to indoors - excellent. Is the treadmill in shocking pink? 

    Will you be out celebrating tonight? (running doesn't count)

  • Just a quick Happy Birthday message for RRR!!!!

    Have a lovely evening!

  • Malcs - Evening! Nope not in pink but I'm sure I can find some nice flamingo coloured paint somewhere ... image I resorted to doing an aerobics video one evening a week or so ago and tried to persuade my 3 year old that it was dancing so she would join in too. She wasn't terribly impressed ...

    Was out celebrating last night! Parkrun performance this morning was a little under par ... about 40 seconds over time 2 weeks ago - eek! Still, managed 2nd woman. (Happy dance!) That was my birthday present from parkrun! image

  • Evening Alex - thanks for the birthday wishes!! Shall mainly be eating birthday cake this evening! Woo! image

  • Sounds like a good evening to me!image

  • Yes Happy Birthday RunnyRunRun hope you have a great timeimage, excellent photo well done for run today - opportunity knocks tomorrow kids at a Christmas Party in the afternoon so a steady 10m on the Coastpathimage

  • Alex - Mmm-mmm-phhh! (Spoken through mouthful of cake) image

    Tony's onthe beach - Evening Tony! Fab! That sounds lovely! Good luck with your run - lucky you hvaing those gorgeous coast paths to do it on image I'm down your way every year so will have to pop you a message next year in the hope of getting invited on a coastal path run! image Have fun at the party! Are you Santa?image

  • RunnyRunRun - yes definitely pop me a message when you are coming down Cornwall is a running sweetshop - no not dressing up tomorrow saving it for New Year which a whole other story to tell about Cornwall . . . have a great night going to put the kids to bed now! a little later but it is the weekendimage

  • Happy birthday Sarah - yayyyyy for the pics - keep em comin' imageimageimage

  • Tony's onthebeach - Careful ...! That's an invitation! Will be expecting a 10 mile run AND an ice cream in the summer! image

    SB - Evening SB! Thank you! Has been an AWESOME day! Since you ask for a pic...

  • One of my favourite running pics. It's Beacon Hill Trail Run again... I love the view in this pic ... and also see that the pack of runners chasing me? They didn't catch me image



  • Looks like an awesome course... but disappointed with the socks in this pic though - positively sombre

  • I think I saved them for the Parkrun the next day! image Can't let them make too many public appearances, y'know! image

    How's the giving up bacon coming along?image

  • That's fully dependent on my getting chosen - you want your fair share, you'd better get votingimage

  • This sounds like a good deal! ... Vote for Steve, get paid in bacon.

    Sounds like a bit of a win / win situation to me!image

    Bacon for all!

  • Im so jealous, I want a treadmill for those emergency runs.....were currently trying to sell our house, its too small for most things, let alone a treadmill!

    Tony, a 10m run on the envious. Im waiting until I get back home this evening to go for my run....dont know what to do with myself at the moment at my inlaws (whilst everyone is still in bed)....well I know what im supposed to be doing, reading those journals I brought with me to read, but im destracted on here now! image

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