Vote Sarah in GFA - previously lardy girl does good! ;)



  • Thank you Sarah! I'm really excited!! It still hasn't quite sunk in yet! I wish you could have come too. xx

  • Outstanding work there Sarah! Looking forward to following the thread and Your training. TR13!!!

  • Congratulations Sarrrah (see what did there with the 3 r's) on getting through - enjoy and train hard!

  • Thanks Bo!! Will be fab to have you on my thread as I was on yours last year!! image


  • KR - Thank you!! Hee hee - I like it!! image

    Can't believe it ... it really hasn't sunk in yet ...! It's 2nd time lucky for me too! image

  • congratulations.

    now the fun begins image


  • Seren Nos - Thank you! This is where it all starts getting exciting! image

    Still ... can't ... quite ... believe ... it! Hoping desperately that I won't get a phone call to say they called the wrong person!image


  • Sarah,

    Well done!! Made up for you, you deserved to go through. Will we see more coloured socks over the cold winter months?? image

    will be cheering you all the way

  • Hi Clive!

    Thank you very much!! image I'm wearing a permanent smile ... but have slightly glazed eyes from lack of sleep over the last week!image

    Most definitely pink socks are the way forward ... Keep my leggies warm and it's easy to find me when I fall headfirst into ditches image

    What have you got coming up next? I'm aiming for parkrun on Saturday, but haven't even looked past that yet!!

  • Yea crikey - no sorry to the sub 20 gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I flippin' wish!!!!!  Long n slow = my priority for 2013!  69 miles to cover - none of which will be at 5k pace - what do you think I am - a race horse???? image

    Brill news as I've said elsewhere... just remember the pink socks deal... image



  • The socks have made the team, boom! Congratulations and goodluckimage

  • Well done! Looking forward to meeting the socks in person!
  • well done you!!!!...really looking forward to catching up with you properly on Sunday.....Ive just been walking around pinching myself all day!!!!....image

  • Hi Sarah. . . .  congratulations and well done, may I wish you good luck in your endeavour and will be cheering you on.  You have a great story and can now show what can be achieved . . .  well doneimage

  • SB - As per our deal ... 3 new pairs of socks in the subtle and understated pink I am so fond of have been ordered and I am expecting them to land on my doormat in the next couple of days!! image 

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    RRR -  there you are. Was beginning to think you weren't going to show up for your own party! So pleased for you!

    Oddly, not feeling as disappointed as I thought I would. Probably because we are all so pleased for the 5 that got through!

    I will, however, be on your case if you shirk the training. The pink earmuffs haven't turned up yet!image

  • Jimmers - Thank you!! image I knew I could count on the pink socks to carry me through! (I knew I couldn't slack off at bootcamp as I was too obvious!)image

  • Evening Alex! The socks will be pleased to meet you too!image I am SO looking forward to Sunday! We are going to all have a BLAST!! image

  • Mel - It has been such a crazy, amazing week and ... just to top it all off - we've made it through!!! image

  • Tony - Evening! I hope I'm still invited down to Newquay this summer for an ice cream and a coastal path run?! image You'll have to slow down for me, mind ...image

  • DS2 – Evening! Fab to hear from you! image

    Nope … not slacking off. Well maybe a little bit. Have been to an all-you can-eat Chinese restaurant. It felt rude to stay for less than 3 hours … Got to get my money’s worth!image

    (Feels sick)

    Yep – if you feel I’m not pushing the training as hard as I can, please put your Drill Sergeant’s hat on! Yes Sir! DS2 Sir!image

  • RRR you are going to Runny Run Run so very, very well!! I'm so very chuffed for you! I'll be following you all the way you superstar! You CAN definitely do it and I'll try help with advice where I can xox Lots of love Caro

  • Hi Caro!!

    Lovely to hear from you!! Will definitely be messaging you for advice and Speedy Fairy Dust!! image I promise to train hard and wear my pink socks at every opportunity!! image

  • RRR - Very well done. It's going to be an excellent 16 weeks together, and I think we should be able to learn an awful lot from each other considering we're going for a similar time. It will be excellent support indeed. See you on Sunday

  • Morning Ady! It's going to be really, really interesting and a lot of fun!

    I'm really looking forward to starting the training!! image
  • Afternoon!

    I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am about getting through to the final 5! I am so, so excited to have this opportunity but I’m not quite sure what is going to be the toughest part yet...

    Following a properly structured training plan? The pressure of making sure I work and train my very hardest so the other bootcampers don't come and kick my arse? (And I KNOW you guys will if I start slacking!) image I know that after all of the hard work the Paris marathon will be my treat at the end.

    I'm not nervous about the training. I'm excited. I'm looking forward to having a training plan especially for me! And coaches! And the kind of support that we as runners dream about.

    I’m at the start of a journey ... It's going to be an intense 4 months ... But I’m going to make sure I make the very most of it so I can put some good habits in place for the rest of my running life!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    You'll do everyone proud Sarah, don't worry about that so there will be no need for any arse kicking. 

    It's very good that you and Ady have the same target. I agree that's going to help you alot. It's also good for me too as I get double the tips image

    Will you be continuing these threads or starting new ones? I expect probably the latter. Either way I will seek you both out.

    Have a great weekend and be sure to come and tell us all about Sunday. I want to know if Reg makes an appearand image

  • Thanks Malcs!

    Yes - it'll be really good to have someone training in parallel, will be able to compare how we're progressing and how we're coping with a proper training plan!image

    Not sure about the threads yet ...

    I'll give you a full update on Sunday ... wonder if Reg will appear and press his nose against the glass ...? I'll be sure to wave and raise a glass of champagne to him (Hee hee I wish!!)image

  • me three Malcs image

  • I didnt realise that you and Shady were going for a similar time.....thats why I couldnt make it image


    Only kidding. Will be good to follow your progress....please keep lots of tips coming image

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