What sort of yoga would benefit running the most?

I've had a look at a few websites and am just bamboozled by all the types on offer.

Not interested in gimmicks or the latest fads, which a lot of them seem to be.

More drawn to dusty church halls than workout studios in gyms.

Would a standard Hatha yoga class do for starters?



  • Hatha is a good way to start, and you could have a look at Emma Spencer-Goodier's yoga for runners dvd. I did a workshop with her before the Brighton marathon and can't recommend her enough.

    A lot of people will swear by Bikram (the hot one), but I know three runners who have sustained injuries during Bikram classes that have scuppered their running for months (two knee injuries, one hamstring) so personally I wouldn't risk that.

  • Bikram? Only if I was training for Badwater! Thanks for the advice. Think I'll start with trying out a couple of the local Hatha groups and seeing which one I like the feel of....
  • No worries image Yes, do try a few - I think finding a teacher you can gel with is half the battle with yoga.

  • Any Yoga or Pilates will help running, I do it generally as the only Bloke in the class, but well worth it

  • Hatha or iyengar. Hatha's more stretchy, iyengar more power based.

    I can't get on with the spiritual side of some yoga classes. At the end you're meant to cocoon yourself in a blanket and meditate.. struggle to switch my mind off at will, and all I can think is have I left the grill on image

  • Started classes about three weeks and already getting more flexible. In fact, and without wanting to tempt fate, it's noticeable how the various niggles down my left side seem a lot better recently. Might just be coincidence mind but seems to be doing some good. The meditation side is an added bonus for me. Went into my class quite stressed with work last Friday and left feeling totally the opposite. Early days but would definitely recommend giving it a go.

    By the way, I did read somewhere that Ashtanga yoga was good for runners.
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    I do yoga at home but found it hard following a DVD when in yoga positions. I now use 'yoga2hear 'CD which i find really good, easy to listen to n follow. the core yoga is particularly good. got mine on amazon
  • There are few quizes you can do, like this one http://www.yogajournal.com/lifestyle/quizzes_and_tools/stylequiz

    A few thoughts:

    - are you looking to workout, stretch or chill?

    - how do you feel about the meditation and chanting element in some classes?

    - Are you someone who wants to compete or wants to listen to your body?

    Personally I like hatha and iyengar. Ashtanga is too fast for me, I like to hold a posture. The formulaic nature of bikram bugs me, but I like the warm. And the Tibetan style which seems to consist of spinning around until you collapse in a dizzy heap just seems silly.

    Hatha is a good start, but I've been to several very different classes described as hatha yoga, so be willing to try a few.

    I'd always recommend a beginner go to a couple of weeks/months of classes before trying to follow a DVD or CD. This will help yopu make sure you are doing it right - to get the most benefit and avoid injury. You might think you are doing what is described, but a good yoga teacher will gently pull you into the right position, and once you know what 'right' feels like it will be easier to get there yourself.

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