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  • Steve, bacon aside, what motivates you to want to train for, and run 26.2 miles?

  • seren nos wrote (see)


     what do you hope to gain from the forums and what do you think you can give to the forumsimage

    So many nice questions seren nos!

    I think it's more what I've already got from the forums! As I've said, I've always been a solo runner, always competed against myself and never considered joining a running club or a forum. Spending the day at bootcamp was such a great experience and I loved chatting about running with runners with such a range of abilities and who were such nice people... When I got home and logged onto the forum, I was amazed all over again at how much knowledge and friendliness was offered to me from total strangers. So I hope I've already formed a few friendships on here and, picked or not, I fully intend to remain a member of this fantastic community image

    What can I give? a little humour, some great stories, my experiences and a lot of support to you guys - I don't profess to be able to teach you much (!) but I do think I'll do a good job of sharing my Target 26.2 journey... If I don't get through, I hope I can offer a handy source of fried-food/sauce combos for many years to come...

  • Choisty wrote (see)

    Just read this thread and I'm now blinkin' starvin' cheers how am I suppose to run quick when stuffed with bacon, poached egg on white lightly toasted bread with a dash of fresh ground black pepper red sauce and sprinkling of human flesh???

    The show and tell for your kids is great, my daughter loved it.

    How did the target of sub-4 come about? what are your other times?

    Hi Choisty,

    I know! So much for me getting fit, ready for Paris...

    My son and I watched last year's video last night - was great seeing his eyes light up image although when he saw my forum named he just rolled his eyes and muttured "Rubbish!" under his breath...

    Sub 4 came about because my last half mara was 1:52:00 - I didn't exactly follow much of a plan to train for that, I just kept upping my mileage until I could manage 13.1! So, in that respect, I think I should be able to achieve sub 4 fairly reasonably... (famous last words) - My 5k time is 22:22 so I think, from what I can gather, maybe my longer distances should be a bit quicker? Hopefully one of you much more experienced guys can advise! Secretly, I'd be delighted getting closer to 3:45, but how achieveable that is, I don't know...

  • Also-ran wrote (see)

    Steve, bacon aside, what motivates you to want to train for, and run 26.2 miles?

    Hi Also-ran,


    First off, I'm a massive perfectionist - it really does motivate me so much to do something difficult and do it as well as I can. I've just finished studying and used to moan when my marks were in the 80%s - that gives you some idea!

    Running is a huge part of my life - my biggest escape is to go out there on the streets and just let it all go. But for some reason, I've never applied that same perfectionism to it - getting this far in this competition has really sparked that and I've hated going out for runs the last few evenings not knowing what sort of session I should do to (hopefully!) feed into my shiny new training plan for Paris!

    If we're not talking about Ultras and so on, the marathon is the pinnacle of the running distances and, having done so many 5 and 10ks, and two half maras, it seems a natural progression to me to step up.

    And why would you not want to go and run the streets of Paris?? I love the atmosphere of big race days and what an opportunity to experience it all from a unique perspective!

  • You mentioned Ultras there ... is an ultra something you'd like to do in the future once you've had a crack at a marathon?

  • RunnyRunRun wrote (see)

    You mentioned Ultras there ... is an ultra something you'd like to do in the future once you've had a crack at a marathon?

    Wow! hadn't really considered an Ultra tbh! Never say never, but my next two big aims after a marathon are going sub 20k and doing a triathlon...

    My brother-in-law did this last year as well and we're going up as a team to do it in 2013 image

    Going to be a busy year!

    How about you? What's the goal after the Boston Marathon?

  • Hey are you planning on getting our 5k time under 20 mins? That's always been one of my ambitions too.

  • Hey Ady... Not sure! lol - it's going to be a tough one! 5k is the distance that I've been best at to date but I've never tried a proper plan. I think if I do I should be able to shave a bit of my time. Hopefully the folks on here will be able to offer a lot of advice to get me under!

    What is your PB currently?

  • Here's a pic of my son and I - I had just finished a half marathon and he had just finished his first 3k fun run. Showing our medals off image So proud of him...



  • Nice picture - did I mention... I like pictures  image

  • Love the pics Steve- think I need to follow suit. Will get my Santa run in for the seasonal touch....
  • That's a lovely picture. He looks so happy....he's definitely a runner in the making. Your both colour coordinated aswell, with his medal ribbon matching your top.
  • Fab pic! Get them trained up young! ... You do realise he'll be beating you over the finish line in a couple of years?image

  • Sleepy Bear Haha they definitely brighten up the threads image I'll see what else I can dig out of the archive!

    Clive Yes, saw a couple on RRR and Sarah's threads and definitely a good idea! How did the santa run go?

    Sarah The colour co-ordination was entirely accidental, promise! I'm a tart, but not that much of a tart!

    RRR A couple of years?? I'm glad I've got as long as that!image Went for a run in the park today with Jack on his bike and he absolutely took me to pieces!

  • Continuing the photo theme... an action shot from halfway round the Bupa 10k - bit wonky, but best I could do!

    Cannot recommend this race highly enough - was an amazing atmosphere and, due to the layout of the course, as we were passing the 3k mark, Mo Farah came belting past the other way near enough on his way to the finish line (to win, I might add) - was an awesome sight!



  • Did you do the Mighty Mo salute? image

  • Evening Steve, you'll have to train him up as your coach and get him to shout at you from his bike! image Or threaten to take you ankles out if you don't go at the right speed! image

  • Sarah  - didn't get a chance! They were moving so fast - was awesome to see world class runners that close up doing their thing - truly inspiring!

    RRR he already does! He is proper competitive as well - if I speed up for a sprint finish, he HAS to beat me back to the car...

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    just popped in to say hello! love the pics! x

  • Thanks Jen - how are you finding it all? Been a crazy few days, hasn't it??

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    crazy indeed, but i'm enjoying it all very much. Shame the game will change on thursday....

  • Ok, picture story time (!)... (the last photo is rather gross - you have been warned!)

    In 2010, I was diagnosed with a relatively rare, slow-growing form of cancer and had surgery to remove a carcinoid tumour from my appendix. I had already signed up to run a half marathon four months later and was determined to still go ahead with it.

    I made it to the start line and ran the race (although, as you will note from the photo below, not very fast - being beaten by a rather spry gent of a certain age...)



  • It was one of the tougher things I've done, but I managed to get to the finish line (note the wobbly legs and rather chaffed nipple!)



  • But I managed to raise hundreds of pounds for Cancer Research UK and got a nice reward at the end image



  • And here is the promised gross picture...

    Four months earlier...



  • One more picture, just because it is my favourite ever pic of my son and I... image



  • Jen I know image everyone has been getting on so well and sharing so much, it will such a shame... Wonder if we can talk Asics/Runners World into choosing all of usimage

  • Glad you're mended now... you are aren't you?  Hope so image

  • Yes, totally mended now, thanks Sleepy Bear image

  • Awesome pic! image Glad all good now. We're just all going to have to do TR24 and have a blast there!!

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