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  • Hmmm... well I think I could provide a valuable insight to runners everywhere into exactly how feasible it is to chat up French women whilst trying to run a marathon... Valuable research, I'm sure you'll agree!

  • Sarah humm I was in Whitby on the weekend and they had snow!!

    Bacon obviously you will be concentrating on being focused and completing your goal not the hot french totty around you!! image

    oh and image not sure why just liked it!!

  • Hi Steve, yes as in Sheffield united......I think I must have done something wrong in my former life, had a season ticket since the age of about eleven....some of the games are painful to watch.....but once a blade....always a blade.

    I love whitby Tigger, such a beautiful place, last time I went it had snow and was bloody freezing, Definatley not ice cream weather!

    Steve I reckon the distraction will make the miles fly by....I'm in full support!

    Have you found the Christmas faces yet, they only appeared this afternoon?
  • Tigs - I'll do my best... no promises! image

    Sarah - Ah... I won't tell you who I support then... I've only just got to know you and it's too early to upset you!

    I reckon it's a great idea and, as I said on another thread, I tend to speed up if I see a pretty girl ahead... If I line up enough along the route, I think I can crack sub 3 image

    Christmas smilies for all image had to clear my cache before they appeared

    Best of luck with the vote - been so nice chatting to everyone

  • Good luck guys!! image So is TR24 on the cards then?
  • RRR - definitely up for that - sounds like great fun and a fab way to have a reunion!

  • Awesome!! Tents and running! image Just need sunshine!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Do it, do it, do it - TR24 is amazing.

    So, bacon boy - with the minutes ticking away I just wanted to say well done on a fantastic thread. I wish you the best of luck for the final decision and hope to see you in the not so distant future.

    This morning is turning into one big 26.2 love in - sickening isn't itimage

  • Thanks Malcs, you guys have been great. So, so pleased I entered and got the opportunity to meet you guys image

    Haha more sickening than a whole crate of mince pies and five pints of cream image we love it reallyimage

  • Ok you have me thinking first guess would be wednesday, followed by Leeds and then nots forest/barnsley, or maybe palace, we dont like them much at the moment, and then there is chelsea whove relegated us in the past and.....god the list goes we actually like anyone???

    I dont let football get in the way of friendship, football is important, but not that important image. Glad you got the santa faces working!

    Been lovely to get to know you over the last week. Good luck,x

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Good luck Steve. Your son is a lucky guy! image

  • Sarah - I am a happy Hammer - at least you didn't list us in the first list of enemies haha!

    Yes, got there in the end! image

    Lovely getting to know you too - I'm sure we'll all keep in touch on here, regardless of the result... which I hope they hurry up with. Patience is not one of my virtues image Good luck! x

    Jen - Thank you, that's really sweet of you image I feel like I'm the lucky one - he is such a fantastic kind and I'd do anything for him... Hope I get this so he can show me off in the mag in "show and tell"!

    Best of luck to you too - hopefully see you both in Paris!

  • Eeek! So what do I do now??!

  • *fantastic son, I meant!!

    RRR  - I know! We're going to have to find a new hobby now! I'll probably run about 70 miles next week just for something to do image

  • Well ... just think how far we could all run if we spent all the previous forum time, running! I reckon I'd end up in Moscow or somewhere within the week! image

  • Would probably be a bit warmer there!!image

  • ....thankyou for reminding was your fault that we were relegated in 2009 image


    im retracting my support!

  • Only kidding, like I said, i love my football, but there are more important things in life! image

  • I may be a little blonde and of the dizzy variety at times, but the TR24 running 24hrs yep got that, camping in tent yep got that, missing where the celebratory drinks come in??

    Sarah I used to live in Whitby for three years!  not the best place to live that's for sure!!

    Bacon I'm really glad you made it to the 'judges house's' not only have you earned your place as a runner and a team player, you also earned yourself a nickname!! image

    Looking forward to hear your Essex squeals all the way in Derby when you find out you get in!!!

  • In France they have a race where you get alcohol/wine at the drink stations.....we could give that a try?

    I love Whitby, but I do only go for a day/weekend about once a year. What was it like around Halloween? I've always wanted to experience it but everywhere is always booked up.
  • Tigs - haha Essex squeals?? What have people been saying about us Essex boys?

    Sarah - Phew! Glad you're willing to forgive and forget! My whole family have been West Ham supporters for years - I reckon if I hadn't followed suit, I would have been disowned!!

  • That's how I ended up a blade....blame my dad the most though!
  • Ooh yes - isn't that the Marathon du Medoc? I would be TOTALLY up for a race where there are alternative refreshments..! image There was a stand at this years Reading half where they were hanidng out beer and pork scratchings ... I wasn't brave enough to give them a go though! image

  • We would have to start drinking on training runs just to see if it agrees with us!

    I really don't think I could do it....I love my water too much!
  • Sarah - Haha my mum was the same - I remember going to a Liverpool match many, many (many, many) years ago and she was jumping around, cheering and hugging strangers so much... was proper embarrassing!

    She used to work in a pub in Green Street (where our stadium is) when she was 19/20 and used to serve all the players after the game, back when after the match they used to pile into the pub and drink a few pints of bitter (!)

    RRR - Alternative refreshments sound good! I'm hopefully doing the Artemis Quadrathlon next year ( and they have an Bikini Island halfway down the canoe route where you get a pina colada... sadly it's non-alcoholic image

  • Steve - That looks amazing! I read an article in a running mag a few months ago which covered something similar - looked really tough but a huge achievement! Wow!

    Non-alcoholic? Well what's the point of putting a cocktail umbrella in it then?image

    Sarah - Well if you're *really* good then we'll let you take some water along as well. Just as a treat, mind. Don't expect to be allowed water EVERY timeimage

  • Congratulations Steve, i will be following you on your journeyimage


  • Is the news out then? Who is in?image

  • Sarah Whitby in Halloween isn't too bad, if you really want to see some sights hit the goth weekend!!! It's..... erm.... interesting! Really busy all the charity shops (and they have a lot) dress the windows in Gothic clothing!! really funny! interesting when you have toddlers asking you loudly what are they wearing!!

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