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  • Well done Steve image.  

    Now hurry up and get started, so I can commence stalker-mode image

  • Thanks so much for all the kind comments guys... I'm just totally blown away!

    I'm still 75% certain that I am going to wake up in a minute!

    Thank you all so much for your votes and your support and thank you for being so wondefully warm and welcoming on the forum - you've all made this whole process a pleasure from start to finish!

    Promise I'll keep you all up to date with the whole journey from here to Paris and fell free to ask me absolutely anything about it - I'd love to share!

    Training starts Monday!!

    Thanks again

  • Monday ? You're slacking already image

    Good luck and let us know how you get on with no bacon !

  • Congrats to you send me your bacon!!!image

  • Well done Lurpack!!! Your the new me! image

  • Well done Steve (going to grill not fry) bacon

  • Does anyone know what the symptoms of bacon withdrawal are? image

  • right we will all be around to finish the bacon off........

    Green and white tigger wrote (see)


    hang one told me he was an essex boyimage

    well done and good luck

  • Hey Steve, well done. Look forward to working with you and cracking this first marathon. I'll email you direct to find out when good to have a programme planning chat.image

  • Thanks everyone image

    carterusm - haha I meant the 'official' training plan starts Monday, of course... the way I feel right now, I reckon I could probably run non-stop until then (promise I won't though, Sam!)

    mcs - I don't have it stockpiled! But sure I have a rasher or two in the fridge that I can send you way...

    BoDuke - thanks, amazing feeling, isn't it?! Looking forward to lots of tips from you, if you don't mind!

    knight rider - Thanks image *sigh* it's going to be tough!!

    Sleepy Bear - sounds like I'll be finding out very soon...! I'll keep you posted!

    seren nos - yeah, kept that one quiet, didn't I? If it helps, I'm a little bit posher than your average Essex lad. I even went to grammar school! Thanks image

    Sam - thank you so, so much for the opportunity! Really looking forward to speaking to you and getting started on the road to Paris...

  • Steve,

    Congratulations and well done- a deserved candidate to go to Paris! Enjoyed the banter, and will be watching how you go on. good work!


  • Thanks Clive, appreciate it image Everyone has been so great throughout, it's been amazing!

  • Hey Sam, I look forward to working with you again this year image 

    Now, where's my book of questions I've been maintaining..... image

  • Congratulations Buddy, hope you have an amazing experience, I shall follow you with interest!

  • Afternoon Bacon Steve! So ... are you going to have to cut down on the bacon then? Are we going to have to start calling you Lettuce Steve? image

  • wow Steve....amazing!!!!...looking forward to catching up with you properly on Sunday!!!.....image

  • Congratulations Steve! See you Sunday!!!
  • Indy - cheers mate - half elated but half gutted that so many great people didn't get through!! It's been an amazing week and I hope we all stick together on here image

    RRR - Lettuce Steve doesn't really have the same ring to is, does it? Maybe if I grill the bacon...

    Mel - I know! See you Sunday!!

    Alex - cheers mate, look forward to meeting you properly Sunday - crazy right??

  • Hi Steve

    It was great to meet you at the Runners World Target 26.2

    Congrats and good luck with the marathon training.

    See you at the Races!

    IronMate Mark Kleanthous

    75 x marathon finisher & competitor of 1,050 races world wide


  • Well done Steve. Extremely happy for you. Good luck with everything and see you on Sunday.

  • Ooh I'll be taking a keen interest in your training and development. You've got similar times to me and I've just signed up for my first marathon in Vienna April next year. Currently 22:24 5K and 1:49 half. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

    Well done and good luck!!

  • Hi Mark, great to meet you too, was such a great day - everyone seemed to smiling all day!

    Thanks, really looking forward to cracking my first mara - I will be after you for loads of tips and advice. I hope you realise that...

    Cheers Shady, you too image Glad to see you've dragged yourself back onto Twitter after an absence of literally several hours... image See you Sunday!

    KatyLo - Thanks, and wow, incredibly similar times! My 5k is 22:22 and 1:52 for a half... Going to try and post as much as possible about the whole experience so hopefully we can all get as much out of it as possible.

    I'm also on Twitter - @Steve_Waites - and I've found that a really handy way of updating and adding pics too so I reckon that'll be a great way of everyone keeping in touch about the whole process as well!

    Good luck in Vienna!

  • hey, your mum sounds a bit like me. I use to work in a pub aswell until I qualified. I never served any footballers though (im guessing the local pub team doesnt count) but I did serve Sean Bean a few times. image

    Tigger I bet that weekend is fabulous....must add it to my list of things to do image

  • Good Morning!! though of you as I made bacon sandwiches this morning has to be done with a hangover! although Nuun is also good for hangovers!!


  • Sarah - Ha! Every time someone mentions Sheffield, Sean Bean seems to turn up...!

    Tigs - Nothing beats bacon when you have a hangover...


    Speaking of which, I had to say a painfull four month farewell to fry-ups this morning... I'm not going to lie, I did shed a tear image

    Felt a bit like the last supper.


  • Now that doesn't float my boat!image

    But if we are after a good hangover food it has to be fish and chips and a can of coke! Hummm Maybe should of had a few more cans of coke and a few less pints last night??

    Although all that said! I haven't actually got a hangover! I just have ringing ears and sound like I have a cold!

    Can't beat our running club when it come's to a night out!!  we train hard and play harder!! WHoo hoooo bring on tomorrows fuddle! Running Christmas party take 2!

  • That's sound similar to my hard, play harder!

    I'm going to sound really dull now but I always crave jacket potatoes when I'm hung over!
  • Love that my thread keeps reverting back to food image tells you everything you need to know about me! Haha

    Nothing wrong with a jacket potato! What's the filling of choice?

    Tigs, you going again tonight??
  • Chilli and cheese is my preferred filling!! or if its a cold filling I have to have them separate!

    And no Bacon after 3 hours sleep on my sofa and shifting a trailer full of logs I'v got a hot date with my PJ's and a cup of tea!

    I'm having the christmas fuddle tomorrow afternoon! only about 12 of us everyone brings a bit of something, we drink and eat! the Runners Christmas Party Part 3 is on Thursday, a pub run then drinking after!

    What is the plan for tomorrow then?

  • Chilli and cheese... nice choice! Love a bit of heat in my food image

    Love the three-part party!

    Plan tomorrow is to meet up at the store at half ten and... see what they have in store for us! They haven't gone into crazy detail yet... They did say they expect it to go on to around 2.30-3.00 and that they'd be taking a LOT of photos!

    Today I did the 5k time trial they showed us bootcamp - went down to my local track. Went alright - did it 39 seconds faster than I did it last time so well pleased image


     Wet track!

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