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  • 39 seconds? That's pretty impressive! Well done!

    See you tomorrow!!! Eeek!

  • Thanks, was pretty chuffed image

    Looking forward to it!

  • How was today? Did your face ache after smiling so much for the camera? I know mine did on my wedding day! What did you manage to get kit wise and what's your training programme like?

    What was your time for your 5k? Will you be the first to get under 19 mins?

    I quite like tuna on my jacket, but without Mayo......tommy k instead (I have very odd eating habits)!
  • Hi Sarah,

    God, they must have taken about a million photos of us today image Definitely got aching cheeks!!

    It was such a fun day and so much to talk about - we are all starting new threads tomorrow to document the whole experience so I'll save the detail for then...

    As for the training run, I did it in 23:07 so I've still got a fair way to go to dip under sub 20! But I'm nothing if not determined image

    Tuna and ketchup... you sound like a student!image

  • hahaha, picked up some bad habits being at uni for 5 years image

    Looking forward to reading your new thread

  • Many is the time I sat there with a can of beans and a fork... image

    Thanks, finally got it live! Been a bit of a hectic day image

  • Hello Steve 

    I have signed up for brighton 2013 marathon, and I am determined to get the sub 4 timing. So Hoping to follow your progress and pick up all the tips along the way image Haven't started training properly as of yet. How many miles are you doing a week? and congratulations on getting the place. 

  • Hi Steve

    Like cfclama I also am doing Brighton and am a first timer on the marathon front so will definitely be following your thread with interest. I did vote for you so was glad you got the opportunity to get the Asics training...though must admit to being a tad jealous! Good luck with it all
  • Hi cfclama and PAUL FORDE,

    Thanks guys, halfway through the first week of training and it is just about starting to sink in!

    Good luck both at Brighton - do you know what the course is like? Hopefully fairly flat as it is on the coast...

    Here is the link to my Training thread - I'll be updating it most days and Sam has already posted the first four weeks of my training plan on there so well worth checking out.

    Keep me up to date with how training is going...

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