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  • Good evening Clive I thought I would come on here and have a look at your photos. The santa pics are great and your children look adorable.

     If I dont get through to the last 5 im dressing up as santa and running the 6m santa special in sheffield on sunday image

  • Thanks Sarah SB and Paul...

    Can you register on the day for the Santa Run? My parents have decided to come down from Aberdeen this weekend, so if don't get through may have to do some negotiation image

    How you bearing up? victory speech written yet?? image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Love the photo's Clive.  Good luck - not long to go now!

  • Hi Clive, not long now....the suspense over the next few days is going to kill me!

    The Santa special is pay on the day and is only £2.50 I think to enter. Most people wear just a hat but im going to wear a full santa outfit if I dont make it through image. Its run by Kimberworth.

    We (maltby) have a run on boxing day (Turley trot) if you fancy that at all. People dont tend to do very well on it though due to over indulging the day before!image


  • All the very, very, very best of luck Clive. I won't be on the main forum near 12pm today as I've got a "stitch up" to do on a Springer Spaniel that ran into a barb wire fence! xox Caroline

  • Thanks Caroline- means a lot. Hope your Springer is OK!! All the very best of luck to you too x

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive - you've been a true gent throughout this competition. I've said it before but I'll say it again, to do what you do amazes me. I know I couldn't (the lack of a medical degree and the years of training probably doesn't help).

    Anyway best of luck with the final decision!

  • Good luck Clive image

  • Does that mean no one got through in our category....were we all really that bad?


    Santa special 11am on sunday at kimberworth?

  • Sorry to see you didn't make it Clive, and not only because I was ready to retain you for "second opinions" image.  

    FWIW - I think your mistake was to go for the cute photo's.  You should have had one of you with a gun to the head of a puppy with the caption "Vote for me - or else..." image.  Just a suggestion if you try again next year.

    Hope you stick around, I'd like to know how your running progresses.

  • Tenjiso- Thanks for the kind words. Definately going to stick around, just need to decide on a target for next year. Not decided between whether to do a spring marathon or go with the original plan which was Chicago in October.

    what you got coming up?

  • I've got entries in Brighton and VLM.  My plan is to run Brighton 2013 and defer London to 2014.

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