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  • Thanks micknphil  - I remember seeing you guys featured on one of the televised events. Keep up the good work.

    My godson has cerebral palsy, pretty severely, but lives a full life and gets his kicks from competing on a quad bike.

    My kids disability is easier in some respects because physically they have little restriction other than dyspraxia. The mental disability is another story though!

    Nice to hear from you!

    Are you due to race in the South East anytime soon. be great to meet you both!

  • Hi

    televised event ?? where was that then ?

    south east - i dont know tbh - i've had a bad year - and am now in recovery from having a NON milignant  lung tumour operation

    i resume running in January - how things will go i have no idea  

    but yes, it would be great to meet

  • DS2, I was one of lucky ones last year the course is pretty much flat apart from 4 underpasses.  It starts on the champs eyleese (sp?) then out to the zoo before returning along the seine before looping through longchamp to finish at the arc du triomphe.

    If you get through Steve will be having you doing a full range of reps (some very very evil sessions!)

  • I was sure it was a televised event unless it was in the RW magazine. You have a website don't you? I remember taking a look before. Maybe I'm confused but I'm certain I remember seeing you running along pushing your lad. Maybe it was just a picture. At my age the mind plays funny tricks!

    Good luck with the recovery. Delighted it was non-malignant. I shall folow your progress and it would be great to keep in touch. Do you contribute to any of the forums on a regular basis?

  • Choisty - Yes, I remember following you. Tough session are what we like. makes you feel alive....... afterwards!image

    Were there a series of underpasses on the course. There were when I ran back in 1986!

  • RW - sometimes, just not as much as i used to - i lurk more

    and fetcheveryone website, i  lurk amd blog there

    No facebook, or Twiter or anything ......

    feel most free to keep in touch

  • Great to have met you DS2, all the very best, I'll be following your progress and join you for a run maybe in the near future?!

  • DS2 - the Runner's World sub 3 schedule has delivered me two sub 3 marathons - including this year at the age of 56. Mileage peaks in the low 60s and I include one track session in that. I know nothing about HADD, P&D and I don't do the different pace sessions that the Runner's World one recommends, but just try to keep my overall pace for the week up to below 07:30, 07:15 on a really good week. As I live on the edge of the Cotswolds there is a lot of ascent and descent in that.

    Ohh yes. I also do the full 26.2 in a training runs but absolutely nobody recommends doing that!

    As an oldie, you get my vote, but of course as an oldie I don't how to vote and shock horror I am not on any social networking sites!

    The Runner's World magazine for January has a big article on marathon training which you might find interesting. One of the case studies is on someone even older than yourself I guess.

    Good luck!


  • CaroT - Indeed it was and I hope so too. Good luck with the comp! Didn't realsie you were a Vet - where do you practise?

  • when i started running i was 38 and was shocked to discover i was already a VETimage

    voting on here One Gear is just go to the home page and then there is the 5 different then just tick the box of the one you want...........and its all free..image

    I'm not running until tonight as its my turn to be backmarker with my the moment though I think its likely i am the backmarkerimage

  • seren nos I discovered there are a lot of vets out there when a friend introduced me to a bunch of runners as a vet they just looked at me puzzled as if to say... so?... so are all of us! So that makes me a vet vet I guessimageDS2 Maidstone area near the lovely Greensand Way overlooking the Weald.

  • One Gear - good to hear from you. You may have seen I mentioned you on here earlier to No Pain. You gave me a big boost when you came on the Sub 3:15 and advised of your performance. Thanks for your support. If I get through I will do my absolute best. I followed RW schedules for my better marathons as well. They always feel quite manageable but stretching. I tend to run a bit faster than I probably should. In the old days they were written by Bruce Tulloh - now that is going back. I have my old training diary from 1993/4 in my desk next to me. I ran every session as suggested and it didn't let me down.

    Seren nos/CaroT - I'm not a Vet!!!image But I love my dog!image

  • One Gear - forgot to say - I will read the article with extra interest. I'm a subscriber so it will land on my doormat any day I suppose.

    I, also, have lots of ups and downs living on the the North Downs in Kent. When I was running when I'd had a bad day with the kids I often felt the hills were a metaphor for my life!

  • Since the bootcamp I've remembered the importance of core work, especially for someone like me who has had a lifeling disc issue in my back. It is totally manageable but I sometimes get lazy especially when I'm not in any pain. However, I've been much more conscientious since bootcamp and can really feel the benefit of it in my running. My glutes and hamstrings feel free and I'm running more smoothly.

    Could be coincidence but I don't think so. Anyone else found any benefit?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    DS2 - are you doing any work today? image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hi there!  How goes you?


  • I'm the boss Minni so can do what I like!image

    Having said that I'm also responsible fro bringing in most of the income so I'm going to suffer somehwere down the line!image

    I see you and mick know each other!

  • Hi DS2, glad you made it to the voting stage - good luck! Enjoyed reading through this thread already. This year Steve had me doing reps on the track ranging from 200's -1200's. I used to be the same in thinking that short reps were no good for marathon training, but like anything done at the right time in training can be beneficial. From what I could see it was the shorter recoveries which are the key. I am still a regular down the track.

  • Hi KR - I always did a lot of short sharp work before but worry about it as I get older. I'm sure if I made it through Steve would set me up to get the balance right. It certainly worked for you - I have a very open mind.

    I must admit I love the track. It's findind time to get there that's tough.

  • Like the idea of you working hard to get a GFA place for London as a 50th treat! It's a vote from me.... Good luck David.

  • Thanks Wacky. Much appreciated! Luckily it's close enough to feel and be motivationalimage

    People do look at me as though I'm mad when I tell them though. A friend of ours, at dinner the other night, firstly declared I was her oldest friend and then, when I told her what I was doing for my 50th she exclaimed 'No - you'll die!!!'

  • Off to one of the girls parents evening now. A bit apprehensive since this is the first one we've had since she's been at secondary school. There was no point last year because we were continuously at the school dealing with issues.

    This year she has been in the specialist unit so it will be interesting to see how things have progressed. She seems quite excited by the thought of us going to see her teachers which is a good sign, hopfully.

    I feel sick!

  • DS2 

    For the lurkers of rw of which I m one, if I voted for you will you be a through and truthful warts and all post as boduke's thread from last year.   I followed his thread and that of the rw posters who posted on it and found the information very useful to read and also funny.  If so you will definately have my vote and best wishes that you are selected as one of the final 5

  • Hi Twinklestar, thanks for taking the time to read about my life. I can't see the point in entering if you are not going to share every up and down with the readers. I really am a very open person. Talking about the challenges in my life has been a huge help and I love to hear about the lives, thoughts and aspirations of others.

    I would love you to vote for me and won't let you down.

    Best wishes.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    DS2 - when does the voting finish?  When do you hear?


  • Finishes next Wednesday at midday. Should hear Thursday.

    Just had youngest twins parent evening. It was great. Amazing the difference the right placement for kids with autism can make.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Ah that's so good to hear.  Did you tell the teachers about the competition?  Can't waste the chance of votes! image

  • Thanks for your reply vote cast.  Best line from Bo dukes thread was a forumite called tijentso (sorry if spelling is incorrect) asking if someone had eaten a kenyan  this line made me laugh and also brought me out of lurker status to comment and that is a year ago but I can still remember it.  That is the sort of impact I hope your journey brings to you and others  Good luck

  • i hope these new poster sharing their journey will bring lots more lurkers out and to join in.everyone has something to share and give to these threads...........

    DS2.glad the evening went well image

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