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    Twinklestar - Thanks. Much appreciated. I hope to have lots of fun on here. I hope people take the mickey out of me and we get lots of banter going. I like to laugh at my own misfortune. Why take life too seriously?image

    Minni/seren nos - thanks for the good wishes. I was really apprehensive tonight but Emily (Younger twin ) was really relaxed. It seems she has really turned a corner and the support she is getting from the unit is really impacting. She is doing the vast majority of her lessons in mainstream which we never thouught was possible. It seems, despite our worries, that she is thriving on not having Mia (older twin) in her classes.

    One of my clients said to me last week 'your children will always surprise you'. It seems he was right.

    Sorry to be so excited but we've never had such feedback about her before. They think she'll do pretty well in her GCSE's - considering a year ago she couldn't read it's remarkable.

    Feel like going for another run! That will have to wait until tomorrow!


  • Hi, your story is very inspiring, you've got so much positive feedback and encouragement on here....keep going (your threads are keeping me smiling).
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    Thanks Sarah - I trust your home visits went ok? Didn't spend too much time on the net?

    I think there are so many inspiring stories on here. I've just enjoyed reading them and whoever gets through will deserve to and will get my full support. Have you read Tony's story yet. He told me a bit on Friday but it was very moving to read it tonight.


  • I completely agree, its nice to learn more about people and see how they have managed to get to where they are today. I love talking to people and getting to know them (reason for going into practice), there are so many nice people out there, sometime with the news and newspapers you can get a distorted view!

    The home visits were a mixture of cases but all my regulars, which was nice
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    Yes - I agree about the distorted view portrayed by the media! The lovely thing about the Olympics in the end was that the world felt a nicer place to be around. That feelgood factor is so important.

    There are so many nice people out there - in all walks of life. Luckily, I'm public facing as well and my clients are lovely. We rarely come across anyone that isn't and when we do we choose not to deal with them. I guess you don't have that privilege?

    I imagine General practice is very hard work but incredibly rewarding? And I guess bloody hard work getting there in the first place?

    We have no snow down here now but the lanes around my house were full of black ice. The car was sliding all over the place this morning. Have a great day! I think you are getting a lot of votes - I know you are in tough competition but I have a good feeling that you'll be trying on new kit next Sunday. And if you are and RRR is there don't let her talk you inot those socks!image

  • Morning


     what do you hope to gain from the forums and what do you think you can give to the forums image

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    Morning Seren nos -  I thought someone would ask this question the first day. To me it is fundamental to the whole process. Since 2005 when I ran the Edinburgh marathon I found the RW forums and assumed they would be a good support mechanism for me as a lone runner. Unfortunately, it has been very difficult for me to rejoin a club because of, as said, family issues/commitments.

    In all honesty, I think I probably missed the point of the forums back then. I think I thought I was going to make quick progression back to my former times and it was an opportunity to share my progress. It's far more two way than that of course.

    I have found, that even when I have not been running for whatever reason, continuing to lurk and follow others progress has been really motivating. In the past I've restricted this to forums linked to my target times but have realised there is more to it than that. I thought that people outside of this spectrum wouldn't have any interest and I felt that to go onto some of the other forums would appear patronising. That in itself was patronising - of course we all aspire to something so interest in those running different paces and finding out what they do is something most of us like to do.

    Also, I have found that being part of forums that almost have no link to running can be fun and rewarding.

    In short, I think my journey has been an interesting and difficult one, and is likely to continue to be. My progression now that I am able to commit more time to running will be something a lot of people can aspire and relate to. Having top coaching can only help in that process. I am looking for support from those that take part in the forum & criticism if they think I'm shirking!

    In return I promise to commit fully to the process, give my all to every session, and report back in the minutest of detail. I'm sure their will be planty of ups and downs but I will also do my best to keep my sense of humour!image

    And finally, I am desperate to run my GFA time and think this is the best way to achieve it. If the training plan is right and I have to report back that I've done them there will be no place to hide!


  • DS2 wrote (see)

    Thanks Wacky. Much appreciated! Luckily it's close enough to feel and be motivationalimage

    People do look at me as though I'm mad when I tell them though. A friend of ours, at dinner the other night, firstly declared I was her oldest friend and then, when I told her what I was doing for my 50th she exclaimed 'No - you'll die!!!'

    DS did you post this story recently under another name?  Something similar got quite a few ribald replies from the forumites.

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    Hi JF50 _ I did post it on a different thread! Still makes me laughimage

  • Yes a funny thread, got us all excited.  What sort of training are you doing at the moment while you wait for the big decision?

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    I'm training pretty well. About 35-40 miles per week and long run at 18 this weekend. Nothing too fast at the moment and feel like I'm holding back which is great and a long time since I felt this good.

    If I didn't get in I'll be following the coaches plan for the GFA category but 5 weeks behind. I'm doing Halstead marathon on 12 may 2013. I'd love to be in Paris first though.

    Thanks for your interest.

    What are you doing at the moment. Goals etc.
  • DS2 – You’ve already got my vote from the sub 3:15 thread.

    I’m a little concerned about your current mileage. Running an 18 mile run as part of a 35 - 40 mile week isn’t ideal.  Generally your longest run should be about ¼ of your weekly mileage and certainly no more than 1/3. A 40 mile week at this stage would be better with something like runs of 15, 10, 5, 5 and 5 miles. Are you running something like 18, 7, 5, 5 and 5?

    What sort of mileage do you intend to peak at? 

  • I have got a place in VLM next year so just switching up the mileage to about 40+ at the moment.  I'm going to follow the P&D 18 week up to 55 miles pw. I normally stay at HM fitness level with 25 to 30 miles a week so not too much more, just add a run and increase a couple of miles on the others. 

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    Badbark - I think you are probably right. I think I an doing too much on the long run at the moment. This week has been slightly odd with more shorter runs than intended.

    I've just been building up the long run but have been thinking maybe too quickly.

    Probably panicking a little.

    This is why I need coaching. I never ran high mileage even when I was sub 3.I was thinking of following what worked for me before.

    I'm up to running 5-6 days a week. What would you suggest?
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    Sorry badbark, I'm doing this on my phone and missed yous suggestion. I will only do 15 Sunday morning instead. That's where I have been over the past month.

    Typically, 15,9,6,6,4 is where I've been.

    I had an easier week last week and thought I'd increase my long run but will bow to your better knowledge. Thanks for the input.
  • DS2 – That sounds more sensible – although nothing wrong in running 16 at the weekend if you have been running 15 recently. As JF50 mentions the P&D 55 mile schedule is good for someone wanting to do low to moderate mileage.

    The general consensus on the3:15 thread is to run a LSR, MLR and one faster session of intervals or tempo pace a week. Then run as many easy miles as you can fit in the rest of the week. Progressing up to something like 20, 15, 9, 6, 5 and 5 for 60 miles total would be common (if still not ideal due to 1/3 rather than 1/4 long run ratio) I’ve ran several sub 3:15 marathons of something like this in the last few years.

    However, your PB is much faster than mine (3:09) so who am I to give you any advice! image

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    Badbark - In many respects I don't refer to my PB's because they were almost in a different life. I was naturally much fitter because I played sport at a decent hockey and then had the amazing privilege of running with a great paralympian. Everything was based on ability. Don't get me wrong I worked my b*lls off that year and I'm very proud of it, but if I get sub 3;15 next spring it will be a better achievement.

    That P&D 55 is what I had been looking at and I think I can fit that mileage in quite well. I really don't know a great deal if I'm honest and I love to listen to advice. I had some of the best coaching in my other sports and would love to hear from people that know more than me.

    I just did a nice 6.77 in 52:20 at lunchtime with 4 at MP. I'm enjoying running from work - it's not as hilly as home and I can get into a smoother rythm. I will definitely not do more than 15 Sunday though. I'll be around 38 for the week which will be ok.

    It's quite difficult for me at the moment. My planned marathon is 12 May and that's what I've been training for but then I got further through the competition and have needed to turn my thoughts to racing on 7 April instead. I do feel I'm getting a good base in place whatever, but need to be careful not to over do things!

    JF50 - looks like we may be on similar schedules if I don't get to Paris. You will be competing 3 weeks before me in that case. My daughter is on the baggage lorries this year. I definitely won't be running VLM but will be there to support. I'm looking forward to meeting a few of the forum guys afterwards. It's my local marathon - about 20 minutes from the start line!


  • DS2 I'm going to be doing something close to the P&D55 plan next. I've a few years on you as I am a sprightly 43 year old! Taking up running this year, I achieved a sub 3:15 in my 1st marathon on a lot less than 50 per week. Although you don't like referring to your PB's they do show some pedigree.

    Based on your posts in the sub 3:15 forum, I can see you soaking up the advice from the Asics backroom staff, and sharing this with the forums. Its got to be worth a vote!

  • I got all confused there..thought the reply that I had just wrote to your reply on olympics and GP had just vanished.....then it was on my site. Blonde moment for the day! image

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    Hi Also-ran, I enjoyed reading your race reports. Also helped me believe my goal is possible.

    Thanks for vote!

    Sarah -blonde moment allowed!
  • Cheers...although i do tend to have them far more often than I would like! image

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    I wouldn't make that to public considering your profession. Keep then to yourself - you'll probably get away with it.image

    You should try being me. Oldest left in the competition. My moments tend to be forgetful one'simage
  • Lol at DS2 your not that old, did my two sessions yesterday just over 6 miles each rest day and stretching today.

    My OH is blonde so your forgiven Sarah.

    What's everyone got planned for the weekend? I've 8 miles hill run (4 miles up 4 miles down and 14 on Sunday.
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    No Pain - I knew if I hinted hard enough someone more senior would show their face!image

    I'm doing a light recovery run tomorrow and a 15 miler on Sunday.

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    I hope the weather gets a bit better for weekend running.  Its cold and wet here. image

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    Very windy today when I ran. Consequently I put too many layers on and sweated a lot. Still the weight is dropping offimage

    What you up to at weekend Minni
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    Well .... I was supposed to to partying tonight but it was cancelled last minute so I'm sharing the evening with a bottle of wine. image

    I'm planning a 12m (hilly) fell race on Sunday but will ditch this for a long road run if its icy. A section of the fell race is downhill on flagstone steps and I don't fancy a nasty fall. 7 mikes planned tomorrow. That will be about 55 for the week.
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    A good week then! Not many people know 7 mikes, let alone do them all on a Saturdayimage

    Enjoy the wine. I'm laying off the alcohol at the moment while I improve my fitness.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Of course I meant 7 miles!!! It's my predictive text - honestly!!

    7 mikes is another site.... Lol. image
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