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  • Thanks no pain, you will understand!

    I'm not sure what I'm up to running wise, did 5k speed work last night and 12 miles at marathon pace today so it's going to be either rest/shopping tomorrow (seen as though I'm up in Newcastle it would be rude not to go to the metro), or a recovery run. Decided to give the park run a miss until next weekend now. Im out in Newcastle tomorrow night, so what happens on Sunday depends on how much I drink and dance....and feel the next day!

    Hope you all have a good one.
  • LOL. It's usually me that has problems that way. The other week I used the term 'milf' instead of mile.

    Similar type of site I think.

    Seren found it amusing as well then?image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Sarah - take my advice and avoid the metro like the plague! It will be like a cattle mart, I much prefer central Newcastle for shopping.
  • The text is so small on my iPad I've only just realised the 7 mikes.....even though I was a bit slow at getting the joke, it still made me laugh!
  • I didn't even's almost christmas isn't it...any shopping centre is going to be a nightmare.....think all this sleep deprivation due to new found friends and forums isn't do my brain any good.....think I need a drink and a good nights sleep!
  • I don't know if we're influencing any voting anymore but I'm laughing a lot if nothing elseimage
  • One thing out of all this even if I don't win, I've realised how much fun the forums can be and I'm loving my running at the moment and this competition has really stirred something in me I thought had gone forever.

    I will run my target time at Halstead if I don't get picked!!! There I've said it.

    DS2 - sub 3:15 in 2013 - nailed on!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Go on DS2!!!
  • Whoop whoop go DS2!
  • Usual Saturday for me today. Off out soon to take my eldest daughter to hockey - freeze by the side of the pitch!! Doubt I'll be on here much today since I'm expected to join in with a bit of Xmas shopping this afternoon and out to dinner this evening. Need to fit in a short recovery run somewhere if I can!

  • Can you jog around the pitch? Kill two birds with one stone....keep you warm and you will do your RR?
  • Hope you have a good one
  • Yeah - that's not a bad idea. I might do that. I could probably get 3 or 4 miles in while thay are warming up.

    Just read your latest comments on your thread. Your husband sounds like my wifeimage

    She did come out in Edinburgh and walked to various places to see me and the friends who were running. She was with my sister and bro-in-law so she had some company!

    Hockey is even worse! It's been like a third party in our relationship! She hated it from Day one, probably because I was so committed to it and the matches were often not local. She's seen me play three times in 24 years! Two of those I got sent off in - and I've only ever been sent off 5 times! Obviously not a good omen when she does come!

    We all find it very funny now though. She's a lot more supportive of my running. She keeps fit herself and used to run quite abit but a couple of years ago she got a lesion on her spine and it has really caused her some problems. She's made good progress though!

  • Haha, it does sound like she's better off not watching you play hockey. I couldn't imagine you doing anything to get sent off though, you seem like a very calm and friendly person....I'm guessing they were all accidental fouls???

    When I first started seeing Sheffield united, it took 21 games before I saw them win....they were relegated that year (which I got the blame for). Ever since I've had a season ticket, everything's been going wrong!

    That must be very frustrating for your wife. My husband did his ACL playing football a few years ago....he always uses it as his excuse to not do anything even though it's been repaired and probably not as bad as he makes out now (I'm very mean)!
  • You are mean! You are supposed to have some sympathy - or is that restricted to your patients?

    I am easy going but very competitive. That time I got sent off was in a huge cup final and I got sent off with one of the opposition. We'd had a running battle all game and it boiled over. The good thing was, though, that he was an England international and it was a good swap for us!!!

    Daughter won 5-3 today. Big win and she played very well. (Goalkeeper).

  • The weekend is getting in the way of the forum! Be glad to get back to work so I can concentrate on important matters.

    Glad to see my football club won though!
  • It's hard to be nice to everyone....I've got to give at some point!!

    It's amazing how competitive you can get on a pitch (and in a race), I'm the same sometimes. I'm normally nice and chatty when I play netball but if someone isn't very nice back and starts pushing me around, I don't take it lightly!

    Did your team win that day?

    Congratulations for your daughter, nothing can match the buzz you get from winning a match and/or having a successful run/race.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    DS2 - It's a brave man who risks Christmas shopping on a Saturday in December. Not even the hardest of ultra runners are up to that kind of endurance event!

    Are you a Bluewater man? My kids love the place because it has what they call the 'Golden Triangle' : Lego store - McDonalds - Krispy Kreme image

    Get some rest ready for the final days of campaigning. Don't forget, the televised head-to-head debate is on Monday and the national 'DS2, the man for you' tour bus leaves on Tuesdayimage
  • Managed to avoid the dreaded place yesterday. Bus ready to leave. Off out for 15 mile jaunt in a moment. Have a good day.
  • DS2 : have enjoyed reading your thread, both the personal and running aspect. I'm a beginner ,so read all these threads in awe and admiration of you all. However as a secondary SEN teacher of a similar age to yourself you've gained my utmost respect! All the best for the comp. I'll look forward to following your progress if you get through.



  • Thanks Delyth. It's been a tough ride but there are always reasons to be cheerful. We've had the support of some amazing people. Keep up the good work.

    In some respects being a beginner is the most exciting time to be a summer. You have no idea what is achievable. Best example is a guy who got to Paris last year, choisty. First marathon in 6.43, to Paris 2012 in 2.43. Took him 15 years but shows what can be done. Enjoy the journey. Being a runner is the best.
  • For Summer read runner. Predictive text!!!
  • morningimage

  • Morning Seren. How are you?

    Solid one for me today. Just over 15 miles in 2.02. First half at MP + 60 sec per mile and second half at MP + 30. Felt quite comfortable but it was pretty windy.
  • thats some good running...i went out for a 5.5 mile run with a friend and lost a glove.......retraced my steps but failed to find it....i then discovered it down my shorts............i had checked my shorts 3 times so i think it was an nasty devil imp hiding them to make me run moreimageimage

  • That's a great story!image

    How many miles did you end up doing?

    How's the weather down your way? Pretty mild here really but windy. Thought it was going to be really cold so wore too much clothing again.
  • Sarah - Sorry, I mean to get back to you yesterday. I'm pretty mild mannered at sport but always have a lot of chat. I've always got on well with the umpires and that's let me get away with a fair bit. I don't like people pushing the rules though and that game was one of those where the other guy was getting away with some pretty dangerous stuff and because he was an international the umpires weren't strong enough to deal with him.

    We'd always had lots of words on the pitch but got on well of of it. Same for the opponents. Horrible matches but always good natured in the bar. When we got sent off together we had to sit next to each other on the naughty step. We shook hands after and laughed about it. They won 4-3!!

    Lost every cup final I ever played in. Hope I'm not a bridesmaid again this time.

    I bet you were peased with the footie results yesterday? My team won up in your neck of the woods!

  • Nice to see you managed to get a long run in DS2 like you I also did 15 miles this morning did you get any miles in yesterday?

    Sarah I have watched netball and it can be a very fast game I was amased how one women scored standing on one leg she was all of 5'5'' and was up against another women 6'2''.

    Hope everyones training is going well. 

  • No Pain - Nice work. Always feels great to get the Sunday run done and dusted doesn't it? Didn't get to do much yesterday but did warm my daughter up for her hockey match so did run around for 20 minutes or so.

    Netball - mad game. I've seen quite a bit of it. Brilliant game especially at the top level. Amazingly quick.

    Won't be on here much this afternoon. Got my miece and her husband coming over to show us their wedding video. My three girls were bridesmaids so looking forward to seeing it. The girls were brilliant on the day. Stupidly we got really stressed before hand thinking it would all be too much for them. Sometimes they surprise you!!!image

  • Enjoy the video image
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