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  • Sarah, I love them I enjoy high impact workouts,!! lets face it, it's got to be be good to work on your core strength.  The classes that I go to are brutal as I may have already mentioned! We do a fair amount of boxing, flipping tractor tyres, rowing machines and sit ups with medicine balls!  I suppose sometimes I can be a bit of a worry wart, I get to a certain point in marathon training and will not add anything that my risk an injury!image

    Grrrrr I am a Spartan you know!!image

  • You deserve a medal for running outdoors at that temperature .....I bet you lived up to you gain! It must have been so dangerous with ice etc as well as freezing. I don't think I could have done it!

    I went to the gym on my way home to work on some core tonight. I love the medicine ball, but I don't do any of the other things youve listed above. I tend to just use the weight machines and hand weights, but your workout sounds much more fun.
  • Hi DS2 - well nearly there now great week keeping the Bootcamp party going, good luck and message soonimage

  • Yes Tony! Good luck. Whever wins our category will do us proud! Speak tomorrow!

    Went out this morning early - it was minus 6!!! It warmed up though - minus 5 at the finish!!!

    5 1/2 miles at MP + 45sec per mile (8:10mm). It was glorious!!!


    Anyway off out now to buy some flourescent pink ear muffs to match the socks RRR is sending me for Xmas!image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    As noon approaches I just wanted to say good luck and many thanks for your advice and assistance over the past few weeks, it's been invaluable.

    Also, congratulations on taking your thread above the 150 barrier - quite some feat!

    See you on the 26.2 thread for the countdown image

  • Thanks malcs. It has been a lot of fun, and I hope it continues so. At least we know there will be some people well worth following getting through. Everyone has got a great story!

    I hadn't realised about the 150!!!!

    See you on the main one!

  • All the very best DS2! I will come join you for training runs no matter what! You've been a great support to me and you've felt like a real friend xox CaroT

  • Time is nearly up and just wanted to say thanks for your insight over the last week or so and good luck as we move into the final phase image I look forward to talking more regardless of the outcome.
  • Hi CaroT. Hopefully, at least one of the Kent trio (me, you & malcs) will get through. I will definitely get together with you for a run whatever the outcome. I feel like I've made friendships in this process that will last for a long time. I'm glad to have been of help. Thank you for your support, also.

    Your clubmates said some lovely things about you and none of them came as a surprise even though we only met the once. That evening in Birmingham over coffee was a really nice group. I feel confident that a couple will get through out of our little group.


    Good luck!

  • Sills - absolutely! I have no idea of the outcome from our category. But I'm sure whoever wins will do us justice. If you get through I will definitely support you and follow your thread and training. Good luck in your quest for a Sub 3 - the day you achieve it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

  • Morning DS2,

    Just thought I'd nip on and wish you good luck and I look forward to chatting to you on the other side of the deadline! Enjoy your earmuffs! image
  • Thanks RRR. One of us has to win and if it's you I will be genuinely happy for you and promise to follow your thread (some might call it stalking!).image

    Thanks for the good humour. The banter has really made me smile a lot! If you win I may buy some pink compression socks in your honour!!!

  • Good luck fella!

  • Cheers Clive. And you mate!

  • And if you win ... I'll post you some image
  • Ha Ha RRR!

  • Good Luck DS2 ive really enjoyed reading your threads and your updates, yours aswell as a few others have made me smile and helped calm my nerves. As you've said above were all equally deserving to make the final 5 and whoever does get through are sure to do us justice. It will be nice to follow the threads of the people we have met and come to know over this last week whether we go through or not.

    Im impressed that you went running in those freezing conditions this morning, I would be so worried about slipping on the ice. Im only going to be able to fit in a swim today but will be back running tomorrow. Good luck again, best wishes image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I've enjoyed your thread too. Good luck DS2

  • sarah - I went to the park to run because the paths there are made of a loose material that doesn't freeze. Also, not as hard surface!! Good for my old joints!image

    I really do think anyone has got a chance but I intend to follow whoever gets through all the way to Paris.

    Jenf - prepare to be stalked!

  • thought id post on your thread instead image

    good luck!! really looking forward to reading the journey if you get throughimage

  • Thanks Jason. Should know tomorrow sometime. Good luck with the run in the cold tonight!

  • DS2 good luck mate image
  • DS2 wrote (see)

    sarah - I went to the park to run because the paths there are made of a loose material that doesn't freeze.


    Your not just a pretty face! image

  • Ha ha! I don't think I ever had a pretty face!!! Although I will probably look quite fetching in my pink earmuffs!!image

  • No Pain - thanks. Not long to go now. Up the oldies!

    On the subject of oldies One gear  if you are out there I have read the article in RW january edition. Not sure what happened but I didn't get my issue as usual and when I lloked at my bank account the DD hadn't been collected in November so luckily I was in WH Smith earlier and read the said article. Assume that is you?image

    Must remember to get onto subscriptions tomorrow!

  • Good luck DS2 - hope you get the phone call tomorrow!

  • Thanks Knight rider - let's hope so. In your experience do they call everyone or just the successful ones?

    After your amazing experience last year I really want it, but if it's not meant to be it has really spurred me on with my training and I'm sure I can achieve some big goals next year.

    Getting back on the Sub 3:15 over the past couple of months has been a big help. There is so much knowledge on there. Thanks for the good wishes!

  • DS2 -  hope it is good news tomorrow for you. On the subject of your question. To paraphrase a saying from an old political TV series "You might think so - I couldn't possibly comment!"

    Having missed most of October's base training with a work related injury. Now trying to get back on track. 39 miles so far this week including a 20 on Sunday. Average pace a little down but I think that is because I am having to do a lot of my training in the nearest town at night. Club run tonight which seems to get faster every week. The last mile seems to turn into a bit of a blast with some younger runners. Last week I stole a march on them and they had to almost kill themselves to get back to me by the clubhouse. This time they were wise to it, but I still managed to keep some of them behind me. See, you can still be childish even at 57! 

  • One Gear - always good to remain childish. In my book being as a fit as a 15 year old gives you license to act like oneimage. Enjoyed the article. Very, very inspiring. Gives me real belief that I can get back there. Keep me posted on your recovery from the injury. Sounds like you are well on track again.

    After yesterdays minus 6 it was positively tropical out there this morning - minus 3image

    Anyhow did 6.5 miles with 4 x mile reps at between 6:47 and 6:53. Was intending to run them all inside 7mm with nice control. Quite pleased with this on a difficult loose surface. Since I've been base building at mostly much slower paces it was nice to feel like I was running. Not sure if I should put this session in once a week or once every two weeks??? Any advice would be appreciated!

  • Can't agree enought with the comment " In my book being as a fit as a 15 year old gives you license to act like one"image 

    DS2 Sounds like a good session well done, just completed the first of two 6 mile runsimage out again later fingers crossed here still...

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