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  • Afternoon Alex,

    I see your still training hard, 10k off road for me today to prep for my last xc race of the year on Wednesday afternoon.

    Quick question, I see you guys are going to be using the MyAsics tool to set a plan out. I have just set one up and it only lets you go up to 4 runs a week, is that what you are likely to be doing?


  • Thanks for your kind words Jamie,

    In my experience so far to get where I am now, adding structured speed/pace work has been a big factor in my improvement. At one point a few years ago I used to run all my runs too hard at the same pace, it was only when I made easy runs easy and left the hard running to interval sessions and tempo sessions that I started to progress again.

    But hey I'm no expert and that's part of why I'm in this competition!

  • Hi Jimmers hows it going? Good luck with your xc on Wednesday, my last xc is on Saturday then have a 10K just before new year.

    I've heard about the MyAsics tool and had a little look, it did seem a little lite on running to what I'm used to. If I get through to the final 5 I will go with whatever the coaches advise, I'm not sure how much modification to the MyAsics schedule the coaches are intending, if any, so will wait and see.

    We will know by Sunday whats in store as that's when the schedules are due to start I think.

  • Legs were a bit reluctant to get going today, a bit heavy after a hard weekends running!! But a nice 5 miles done now.

    Time to put my feet up and catch up with the other threads!!

  • So, as voting draws close to finishing we enter the last 24 hours for fourumites to probe us for information and cast their votes!

    My last plea for votes? I'm desprate to get this chance to prove myself and get the PB I've been trying to get for 4 years, and a goal of sub 3 hours marathon that I've been working for 6 years to achieve. This could be my big break through year with the help of you guys and the Asics team!?
  • Your training seems to be ticking along nicely... good luck with the comp but also with your goals if you aren't lucky enough to make it through.

    Would like to have a stab at sub 3 myself one day but my half time is still a fair bit slower than you so plenty of work to do for me... on paper it looks to be within your grasp so looking forward to following your training with interest if you get through.

  • Thanks for the reply Alex. That's really helpful. One other question. I reckon I am running around 1,200 miles a year. But I've run in the same trainers for the last two years. They're a bit worn at the sides on the sole but they are comfortable. How often do you change your trainers? Once again, good luck!

  • Get them changed Jamie image

    Even if they still feel comfortable, the cushioning will have degraded a fair bit over that time. Must admit to being a bit careful with my trainers since my injuries, even to the extent that if I run twice in the same day, I will use a different pair for each run. I read a wihle back that even a decent pair of trainers will get compressed during a run and it takes a bit of time for the cushioning to recover fully.... not sure how true that is but it sounds reasonable.

    After a couple of years, you must be due a new pair.... treat yourself!!

  • As said above, I'm a bit of a trainer junkie it has to be said, but your definately due a new pair!! The most common recommendation is to change them every 300-600 miles I think!?
  • A.W agreed, that seems to be the normal sort of distance that is recommended. Just out of interest.... what do you run in?

    Jamie why not really push the boat out and get yourself in for some decent gait analysis while you're shopping for your new pair. Always good to do from time to time.

  • Wacky - Like I said I'm a bit of a trainer junkie! If you asked my girlfriend she'd say I had a pair for every day of the week!!! I'm not quite that bad though, run in Mizuno Wave Riders mainly, New Balance 890's for speed sessions and race in Saucony Fastwich.

  • So today's session for me was a set of 8 x 800m reps with 1 minute recoveries. Got through 7 miles in total.

    Very happy with the reps, felt hard but controlled and consistently paced. Splits were - 2.55, 2.55, 2.51, 2.49, 2.49, 2.54, 2.51 and 2.55. Felt pretty strong all the way through, so my training seems to be going in the right direction!!

  • A.W wrote (see)

    Wacky - Like I said I'm a bit of a trainer junkie! If you asked my girlfriend she'd say I had a pair for every day of the week!!! I'm not quite that bad though, run in Mizuno Wave Riders mainly, New Balance 890's for speed sessions and race in Saucony Fastwich.

    That's why I was asking as a fellow trainer junkie image.... and my wife definitely thinks the same about me but given the amount of shoes she has.... I have plenty of bargaining power left!

    I used to swear by fastwitch for racing but now I'm loving my kinvara's for both training and racing all in the one shoe, probably the best trainers I've owned.

  • All this shoe talk and we're missing the most important thing!

    What colour are they? I hear red definitely makes you go faster!image

  • With this being the final morning of the vote, I just wanted to come on and thank everyone who has posted their support and voted.

    I really appreciate this opportunity and your kind and inspiring words. I truly hope I can make it in to the final 5 and repay you all with a marathon performance worthy of your support.

  • Its the last hour of the vote!! Nerves are shot, and all we can all do is wait and see now who the lucky 5 are!

    Calmed my nerves a little with an easy 5 miles, its a bit fresh out there but a lovely day for running!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    A.W - with the voting closed now you can finally relax - well done and best of luck for the final decision!

  • Thanks Malcs! Best of luck to you too!

  • Aaah thanks for your comment Alex. It really has been "interesting" in every way with this whole blogging thing. I was wondering if it was actually harder than doing any marathon training!! I still think & know I'm way out if my league on the sub 3 forum but I'll definitely follow it quietly for the advice! All the bestest of luck xox
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Thanks AW, I wish you luck too. Whatever we find out tomorrow we all have some great running challenges to look forward to. image

  • Thanks jenf. Indeed, whatever the outcome we all still have our goals, and I have no doubt we will all achieve them!

    CaroT - The biggest challenge with the forum is keeping up with the posting!!! Your not out of your league at all on sub3, those guys are way faster than both of us. Their advice and experience is priceless, and has definitely helped me.

  • Congratualtions Alex, enjoy!

  • congratulations......

    have fun .. keep posting

  • Alex

    Well done! Made up for you to get through, and interested to see what kind of programme Steve thinks up for you. Will be supporting you all the way to the start line on April 7

  • Alex, congratulations mate! Don't think we met at bootcamp but looking forward to meeting Sunday...

    All the best.

  • Alex, brilliant. Well done. Go get that sub 3 now. Really pleased for you.
  • Afternoon Alex! Thought I'd nip back on here and say hello again! image Well done on getting through and I'll see you on Sunday! (Does happy dance!)image

  • Top man, your in! Welldone mate. Time to smash your training and crack that PB!!



  • Thanks everyone! Sorry for not posting sooner, had the joys of xmas shopping on oxford street this afternoon!

    Really looking forward to everything, so excited about it all, words can't describe! Will be posting all the ins and outs, ups and downs of the next 4 months!
  • hey well done you!!!!!.....looking forward to catching up with you properly on Sunday!!!.....image

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