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  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    congratulations AW. .a well deserved PB will be yours in Paris I'm sure image
  • It was great to meet you at the Runners World Target 26.2

    Congrats and good luck with the marathon training.

    See you at the Races!

    IronMate Mark Kleanthous

    75 x marathon finisher & competitor of 1,050 races world wide

  • Very happy for you AW. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Let the fun and games commence!

  • Well done Alex! 

    I'm so thrilled for you, this is so well deserved! 

    Looking forward to watching your progress and hopefully see you getting a PB in Paris! 

    Congratulations! image

  • Congratulations Alex!image

    I’ll be following this thread with interest as we have very similar PB’s in the shorter distances and I too will be targeting a sub 3 spring marathon (VLM).

  • Thanks guys, will keep the update posts coming as much as work allows!!
  • Mark Kleanthous - good to hear from you. keep in touch. I think a few of us will be following your assault on the 100 sub 3's!!! Good luck! Only 29 to go if I remember rightly. I imagine you had a bit too much experience for the coaches to think they could add anything. Hence you not progressing past bootcamp. it was nice to meet you there and hear about your history.

    Good luck!

  • Congrats on the selection. I see you run a lot of races in my area (I run for High Wycombe and Datchet Dashers) so our paths have crossed before. Any plans on doing more Last Friday of the Month 5ks? I have been injured recently and so the plan is for an autumn marathon with a faster bit in the spring.

  • Thank PMJ, I really like the last Friday 5k's, so if they can be scheduled in with my training plan I would like to get another couple done before spring. I was finding them really helpful, getting quicker on that end was making the longer stuff feel a lot easier.

    How long have you been out injured for? Hope its recovering well!?

  • Looking forward to tomorrow, Alex?

    What time are you racing today?

  • A.W wrote (see)

    How long have you been out injured for? Hope its recovering well!?

    Injury is odd, ha sbeen about for maybe 6 months but won't get better and won't get worse so I have still run and raced, just a notch down and no great distance either,

  • DS2 - Really looking forward to tomorrow, just want to get started now! Race was at 2.30pm, was a real mud bath with a killer hill! Struggled round and got it done though!

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Well done on getting through AW.

    Where do you do most of your running?  I spotted someone that looked rather like you on the Phoenix Trail earlier today!

  • I was out very early this morning for my run, not sure it was me you saw? I'm based in London, where is the Phoenix Trail?

    Was out nice and early for 8ish easy miles after my xc race yesterday, then had a great day picking out kit and getting pictures and video done for Asics and Runnersworld.

    Met Steve properly and had a chat about my running and what lies ahead for the next four months. Training proper starts this week!

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