HI Guys

WOW! I cant actually beleive still right now that i have been lucky enoug to make it through the final stage of target262!! I entered the intial competition with the hope that maybe I would have what it takes to get through!! When I received the e mail I could not beleive it I was sooooo shocked it took a few days for it to actually sink in after reading it a ridiculous amount of times. I had to get it double checked to make sure!

I only started running just over a year ago when i was lucky enough to be selected to run the London Marathon for the Charity I work for YMCA Derbyshire and to begin with didnt really take it that seriously... After a few runs here and there I found myself thinking about running more and more and became interested in when people engaged conversation about running.  I began my first runs running i size 8 pumps Im a 9/12 and literally had no idea what i was doing! Needless to say my knees weren't to happy about this and I became injured.  During this time I found myself wanting to run and found myself thinking about it...

I visited my local running shop got myself kitted out with the right size trainers and some socks that stop you getting blisters! Genius I couldn't beleive there were socks to reduce friction and prevent blisters. I felt quite embarrassed and a little silly that I didnt understand pronation and was confused when I was told that I needed trainers with support.  The guy in the shop seemed very understanding (or felt sorry) and explained why I needed support trainers.

As this addiction for running gradually increased without me really even noticing I found that I was progressively getting quicker and more confident. I was really starting to enjoy myself and started to notice changes within myself. I was more motivated at work, more energetic and more competitive.  I started entering lots of little races which I thouroughly enjoyed. My little boy Jack who is 5 loves to support his Daddy and is enjoying collecting my medals.

I feel I have come a long way from smoking 10/15 cigarettes a day drinking most weekends to quitting smoking and avoiding getting drunk at weekends so that I can enjoy my Sunday run/race.

I really want to prove myself by knocking 40 mins off my marathon time(4.08.43) this year and really do beleive that I can do that! I know that 40mins in one year off a marathon is very ambitious but I am very confident that I can do this! With sheer determination, guidance and support from the pros I think that sub 3.30 is within my capability. I will give it my absolute all absorbing any advice training hard and will keep you guys up to speed with my progress. ALso i would be grateful for any advice and support from you guys on the way! This will be an absolute experience of a lifetime and I can only ask that you vote for me please!

Please get in touch if you have any questions.



  • Morning Andrew

    So....tell us about the other races you have done, other distances - what're your PBs?

  • Hi Thanks for the interest.  I started running just over a year ago when i entered the London Marathon as a charity runner for YMCA Derbyshire the charity that I work for. I began a very casual training regime to begin with but as time progressed I began to take things a little more seriously and also actually started to really enjoy running! What was once a forced effort became something I looked forward to on a daily basis.

    I have attended a few races... I have done the Derby 10k amongst several other local ones with a PB of 43.24 I have run the London Marathon this year -  4 08.43 that being my first and only Marathon to date. I have done a couple half marathons the Robin Hood & Run to the beat in London with a PB 1.38.  My target time should i get selected is Sub 3.30 which is big difference from this years time but i beleive i have the dedication and commitment it takes! I dont give up I set my targets and put in the training to ensure i achieve them! Is there anymore you would like to know?

  • Will you run another marathon in 2013 if you don't get to Paris? image

  • Yes most definitely I want to smash my target of sub 3.30. I am hoping that Paris will be my stage for this massive personal achievement but if not then I will hopefully be running the Madrid marathon! I cannot fail in my mission to beat 3.30 I am a fairly inexperienced runner and could really do with the advice, guidance and coaching from the pros. to ensure that I knock 40 mins off my time under 12 months!!! I'm aware that the gap is big especially when you look at others people's targets compared to their pb but I am confident that I can do it with the right coaching and absolute dedication!!!!

    What about you? What are your goals?
  • have been a bit quiet on the foirums before there a reason why ??image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    seren nos wrote (see) have been a bit quiet on the foirums before there a reason why ??image


  • Hi Emmy how are you? if I'm completely honest I wasn't to sure how it all worked. I've never used a forum before and up until now never realised how sociable and fun they are! Also they are full of useless tips tricks and information. I generally train by myself due to the hours I work and having my son makes it difficult to join a club or anything like that plus none of my friends are interested in running. So it can become quite lonely in the sense I have nobody to share my experiences with or to get advice from. I can't believe all this time there has been a place just for runners like me!! I am very glad I have found these forums and if anything I can take that away from all of this. it took me till about 1400hrs yesterday to realise that my profile had been put on the website I thought there was something wrong but soon realised it was me not navigating correctly around the site....

    Thank you getting in contact though Emmy it is appreciated! Is there anything else you would like to know. Do you use these forums regular and do you find them useful??

  • Hi sorry hello seron nos I'm using my i phone at min so didn't realise there were two messages yours being the original image
  • Same questions to you too seron nos? Do you find these forums useful?
  • Sorry I meant useful not useless!! image
  • Right guys what do i need to do to ensure i get your vote?! Please fire away!

  • Well its been a cracking evening chatting to all my felloe runners within the forums! I am going to retire for the evening and hope that people view my profile and realise how much i actuall want this and stick in a vote for me image Good night people!

  • How did you find your first/London marathon? My first and only marathon is VLM aswell. I've got to say the last 10miles were painful but I didn't get enough training in due to illnesss. Least I know some ways to improve for next year now though!
  • I really enjoyed it i really struggled with the training because i wasnt really sure what i was doing! I started runnung in pumps that were a size to small for goodness sake! I kept my pace very consistent all the way through and it seemed to work well for me. The last 6 miles did become more difficult but the atmosphere was electric and i think that played a massive part in me completing without any stops. I have come on a long way from this time last year and believe i have made real progress! I hope i get through so that i can be given the opportunity to smash my pb by 40 mins! Whats your training schedule like at the minute? 

  • Did you get any black toenails?

    You sound lime you've learnt so much since last year. I think you will do great. Think all the advice on here will help aswell.

    At the moment I'm doing one speed session a week, one hill session and one long run. I try to get a fourth run in, roughly another 10k distance but that depends on my other commitments. Once the marathon training commences though, that takes full priority for 4 months! How about you?
  • Good morning Sarah!!!

    I never did get black toe nails but sort of feel like ive missed out on something as lots of people seem to get them! Hopefully if i get to Paris i might get one as a trophy! lol  I did however get lots of blisters and bleeding feet.  The frontmesh of one of my trainers was dyed red with blood!

    I try get out as much as possible and vary it up where I can, trouble is I work till 8-10 three days a week and have my son on the others so have to plan my time wisely. I do a lot of running on my lunch break and usually have enough time to squeeze in a 10k so try to do that 3/4 times a week and then there is a very good bridge whoch is really good for hill sprints so will try chuck that in somewhere then i like to do a long run on saturday & sunday mornings!!

    Once January arrives I will be completely focused and everything else will have to just wait!

    Will be going for a run on todays lunch break. Hope you have a good day! image

  • Can you all give me your number one best training tip??

  • the forums have helped me get PB's at all my running times.its introduced me to triathlon.........I have done races that i would never ever have dreamed I was capable of and i have made a group of new friends

     so to me this forum has been life changing..........I joined when i started running my first marathon  and stayed............there are so many threads that you are bound to fins some others with similar interests...

    what do you think you can get from the forums and what do you think you can give

  • Wow thats really inspiring and reassuring, as you know this my first time using Forums so am very open minded but hoping to gain lots of tried and tested knowledge from real people who i can ask questions without feeling silly! I hope that by sharng my experiences within the forums that i can inspire other new runners/forum users to get involved like i have. Running can be a lonely experience at times especially if you dont know any other runners or belong to a club like me. By being part of a forum makes you feel like you are part of one big club & community and that is something that i want to promote to any new runner or even people who just want to get involved for the social side of things.

    I really fancy having a go at a triathlon but am a little put off by the swimming as im nit that great at it but i dont want that to stop me. Is swimming something i should introuduce to my training programme as its low impact??

  • Any advice is very much appreciated. image

  • Well today has been a pretty long day! Still go t another 4 1/2 hours to go! Looking forward to my santa run this weekend. My little boy will love it! image

  • did you manage your lunch time run?

    I think I made a few people sick which my toenails, i didnt really mind them though as they didnt hurt or stop me running.

    I think the most important thing whether you get through to paris or not is to speak to people who have done a few and know what they are talking about (like on this forum). They will be able to give you tips on distances to run, how often to run, fuel, rest days etc. My other tip is to get out with a running club/others....makes long runs far more enjoyable image

  • HI Sarah

    Yes I managed my lunch time run. I have a 10k route that I always do which if im honest does get a little bit boring. I keep alternating which way i run it to try and mix it up a bit. I have wanted to join a running club but the trouble is I work from 8am - 10pm Tues Wed & Fri I have my son stay over on Thurs nights during the week which leaves Mon night when I have him till 7.

    As you can see this does not leave me much time... I am very much motivated by my own progress though and am really proud at how far I have come in a year. I am lacking experience and knowledge ao am really happy that I have discovered these forums.  I've never trainied with anybody so it would be nice to do long runs with somebody but I am very much used to being by myself in my own little world. image

  • There could be someone on here from your neck of the woods?

    I do alot of my runs on my own too, for the same reasons as you really, by the time I can run, all the club runs set of an hour previously. I get to run with one of my clubs probably every 2 weeks so not that often, but I do keep intouch with them on facebook and via text so I still get tips and motivation, that was before I knew this forum I get those things on here too.

    Hope you have a fun weekend

  • Yeah hopefully i will meet people on here that are local and can meet with them to go for a run! I would really like that!!

    Im going to the football tomorrow for an all expenses paid 3 course meal and unlimited free alcohol?!?! Then I've got a santa run on Sun which could be affected by Saturdays antics. Cant see me getting a personal best but i shall give it my all as my son will be there so like to make him proud.

    What are your plans?  

  • Well another day closer and another night dreaming of becoming part of the final 5. I hope that I can get the votes I need to see me through so that I can prove I have what it takes to hit my target. Good night for now ready for fresh legs in the morning image
  • Has anybody else had trouble sleeping? I think the excitement of the competition has woke me up! I'm like a child on X mas morning! Hope you all have a good weekend!
  • The weather is looking good! I need to get myself ready for a quick run and then the football game!! Santa run tomorrow - kind of excited about it?!

  • Santa run went ok although I mixed the start after forgetting my running number.....
  • Another day closer.... I have got such a weird feeling inside that I can't explain I'm so excited but at the same time really Anxious... So hoping that I am given the opportunity to prove myself!!!
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