Fat Club Thursday 3/10

Morning everyone.

Haven't been around much lately, busy cobbling together PFI deals <Satanic cackling in background>.

Just read last night's posts. Hope everyone is feeling a bit more cheerful this morning.

Porridge for breakfast, now I have a cappucino.

EP, programing is fun - just learn to enjoy it.


  • Morning Glenn, you just beat me to it!

    Benz, I bet you're a lovely doctor. I was a nurse, in the days when I had a proper job, and used to get so upset at the way some so-called professionals treated the patients. It was the reason I left, really. So keep at it girl. We need more like you.

    Can we all forget about weight? Daft question, as this is the fat club, but I'm just aware how much trimmer and slimmer I look since resuming running, although I haven't lost a pound. I bet you lot all look lovely, whatever you weigh!
  • Glenn - I also do a lot of work on PFI stuff - don't it just do your head in.

    EP - I much prefered programming to what I do now - I started out as a machine code games programmer in the early 80's then moved on through -forth-pascal-visual basic-delphi-java etc etc along with a few more obscure ones

  • Morning all,
    Had very good intentions when I got up this morning, but sadly none of it has come to fruition as I am still here in my dressing gown..!!! Got tons of housework to do (boring...!), then I am going for a nice run in the rain.
    Susie Redhead - well done for entering the Brighton 10K and hope you're feeling a bit better today! I intend to be good today - mind you, I 'intend' to be good every day, just that most of the time it doesn't happen! Got the Southend 10K on Sunday.. Hope you all have a good day.
    Michelle x
  • Hi - I'm Mij and I drank too much last night.

    Oops wrong thread. Hi I'm Mij and I'm still fat. Actually according to my machine (which V-Rap will tell me is wrong anyway) my body has gone from 1/3rd to 1/4 fat.

    Programming - gave it up in 1981 - now if only it was as easy to give up alcohol.
  • Good morning, all!

    Benz, I'm SO pleased to be reminded that you high-tech hospital docs get tangled up in patient advocacy too! Except I'm more likely to be suggesting to someone on the phone at Officially The Worst Social Services Department In England that I'm sure the Secretary of State will be very interested in their attitude towards old folk at risk of abuse - or towards their own staff. With little effect, since as I write the at-risk old person is still at the tender mercies of his wife and the staff member looks like she's going to have to go to an employment tribunal when all he wanted was a bit of support from her management six months ago. What a waste!

    Just realised I've got a new batch of tudents toorrow. What fun! So frantically scrabbling around trying to find patients who aren't suffering from student-fatigue to see them. Difficult when most of the students are boys, they need two pregnant women each to follow up, and most of my current cohort of pregnant women are Muslim.

    Got adequately fed at meeting last night (though no pudding, and not even a cup of coffee) but was suffering from twitchy legs for most of the day as a result of tapering for GNR. Planning a shortish run this afternoon and some weights later. Saw a patient last night who has joined the same gym as me with a view to doing a marathon for charity, having never run before. That's two converts in a week. Yesssss!

    Time to work. Sounds quiet in the waiting room. Typical - patients just melt away during the medical school term. After all these years as a teaching practice, they have learned how to avoid the students. Pity they aren't so keen to learn things like "One appointment = one patient, not one extended family" and "Do not ask Dr V-rap to recommend an iridologist".
  • What's a iridologist?
  • Will
    I just looked it up and found an intersting website "Confessions of a former iridologist" http://www.mather.infomedia.com/reality/confessions.html
    Thanks V-rap, you have once more helped decrease the depths of my ignorance:-)
  • Pasta… Pasta… Pasta…

    I think I’m starting to look like pasta

    Sunday evening, Monday lunch, Monday evening, Tuesday Lunch, Wednesday evening and today for lunch – all pasta (plus I’ve hard rice 2 or 3 times)

    I have a habit of making too much for my evening meal, so I take a large portion to work for lunch the next day.

    Today’s is a rather nice, fresh pasta stuffed with Italian sausage in a home made tomato and basil sauce with added stuffed olives and feta cheese :o)

  • Oooooh...pasta.

    I haven't had any since Monday lunchtime. Must remedy the situation tonight. Decisions, decisions - which shape? I buy all of the fancy shaped pastas "for the kids", but secretly like them myself. Got some fantastic huge multicoloured pasta snail-shell things from a scoop-and-bag shop in Barmouth. Definitely my favourite so far.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Felt good this morning when I got up but it seems to be going downhill rapidly. Went to get elderly mother up and was nearly knocked over by the smell of toilet-type things in her bedroom! Yuck. Had to locate the area (or in this case areas) of bed/carpet affected and then use appropriate disinfectant. The cats then decided to add to my urine/pooh experience by totally missing their litter tray - it looked as if one of them had done a projectile pooh all nice and sloppy. Mmm aren't you glad I shared this with you?! I always laugh at what the comedian Jack Dee said about old people which was "if you are allowed to smack children then you should be allowed to smack old people too because they can be just as irritating". Helps keep me sane in the world of geriatric care!

    V-rap and Wild Will are you getting carbed-up for the GNR? I'm going to watch it on telly so make sure you wear your URWFRC vests and let me know your numbers. Anyone else on here doing it?

    I got a certificate for the Great South Run this morning which did cheer me up. Apparently in my vets category I came in at 104 out of 184 runners so I was well pleased. Not bad for a wobbly old redhead! Only thing was, the winner of my age group was 1 year older than me and ran it in 40 minutes less!

    So far I 've managed a nice healthy smoothy for brekkie but can't promise to keep this up if the stress levels mount.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    EP, just seen you on the Brighton 10k - just do it - then you'll have something to aim for and it's a good flat course. I applied on-line. I won't be breaking any records so don't worry about being slow or at the back or anything.
  • Oh Susie - what a start to the day!! Surely, it can only get better from now on!!! Loved the Jack Dee quote!! If ever a day was made for chocolate, it's today!! You deserve it - definitely. I might have a bit too, just to support you..!!! My nutty Siamese cats enjoy being sick everywhere - they do it on purpose, I'm sure! They're not too bad with the poo, but sometimes miss the litter tray. Shankley, I think has claustrophobia, as their litter tray has a 'hood' thing on top, he doesn't like that and so only puts half his body inside it - with obvious consequences... oh dear.. where's that chocolate!!!
    Michelle xx
  • I could live off sherry trifle - for breakfast, lunch and dinner... or, alternatively, Tirimisu..YUM!
    Michelle x
  • Dogs - no need for litter trays
  • I must admit I quite fond of a bit (large bit) of Tirimisu :o)
  • Ok Pixie, I'll have your share then!!
  • Well, not a great day for me to start with. I've not had any breakfast and could only somach eating a bag of crisps. I'm going out to lunch with my Mum today - which I'm looking forward to but I'm feeling a bit daunted by the menu thing. I'm so picky these days - I only tend to like all the stuff I shouldn't be eating!!

    Also, I've got a confession to make. I'm not eating well - in fact, I'm eating pretty badly really. I am also eating when I don't need to - I'm not sure why. I think it's kind of a "well, if I eat now and pile on some weight before the next chemo - I can get away with not eating then because of the nausea". Silly idea I know but still. I'm going to try and even it out today.

    I'm not doing any exercise today. Yesterday wiped me out a bit more than I realised. I'll take Oscar for his walk later though.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Cath, you have a rest day, you deserve it. Don't worry too much about the eating, just get through this however you an.

    Michelle, Tinker does sick too! He likes to hide it in dark places to see if you stand in it.

    EP get that application in ...if it's cold you'll soon warm up and that sea air can be very bracing at that time of year! So what if you're at the back, you'll just get more cheers.

    Just noticed the Estate Agents have put their board up in a place where noone will see it. Thanks a lot!

    Can't wait until lunchtime - haven't got any chocolate in unfortunately. Must raid the cheese instead.
  • Afternoon ...

    Just in from morning's work .. running around as usual, starving ...stopped at a bakers, greasy pie and an iced cream bun ... sticking to my fingers trying to drive .. what a mess .. but worth it ;-)
    Tonight I am going to try real hard not to drink too much ... and tomorrow I'm going to the gym... I'm getting so organised, it's frightening.. like a new way of life to me !!
    and I thankfully have no cats, dog's, fish, birds or any other kind of animal type creature... cute as they are, but not for me !!
  • Well, I've done the housework - well the downstairs anyway - I can't do the upstairs as well.. not all in one day! Cath - don't worry about eating what you shouldn't - I think you should eat anything that you fancy - be it chocolate, crisps, chips - whatever! You need to build up some energy so you've got some strength in reserve for when you truly can't face anything to eat at all.. so I say just eat what you want, when you want! You're all very organised today - I'm still in a dodgy tracksuit and look really rough (more rough than usual that is..). Nutty boys have been asleep all day long (cuddled up in bed.. awwwww!!!). Susie - mine like to be sick under the dining room table when we're eating...lovely! Have been a good girl eating-wise so far... had cereal this morning and just a large bowl of chopped fruit for lunch.. but, the trouble is.. I'm starving!!
    Michelle x
  • Oh alright then... halo's slipped and I've just had two slices of toast & marmalade! YUM!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    I'm with you there Michelle - just having my afternoon cuppa with toast and homemade blackberry and apple jam. Double yum!
  • Susie - I've since had another two slices of toast and marmalade (wholemeal bread - so not all bad eh!!) M xx
  • I've been eating ridiculous amounts of food all week... sitting in front of the telly with gran is not the most healthy way to spend every day in a week. Ahh bless her... I don't get to see her much so I can handle a week of it. But, it does mean drinking tea (I have decaf) like it's going out of fashion and eating cake (obviously forced down my neck by gran).

    Have done lots of training though... about 20 miles plus a speed session.
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