Whats your post exercise routine?

I appreciate this differs depending on what exercise you're doing but after a good run or cycle on the Weekend i usually follow this. (please let me know if i'm missing anything)


I normaly stretch for a good 10-15 mins before hitting the shower.  At the end of the shower i turn off the hot water and give me legs a good blast of the cold for about 5 mins.  I'll then change and use the foam roller on my hamstrings, quads, and calves.

After consuming some food and fluids i normally take an ibuprofen before icing any sore areas.  Finally i take a nap if it's not too late to help my body on it's recovery.

I'm not an epxert but by follwoing the above i've significantly reudced how much i ache the following day.

What do you think?


  • It was all going so well until you got to the ibruprofen, no need for this IMO

    I usually swim,bike or run or all 3, chuck a chocolate milkshake down my neck, jump in the shower and go to work ....

    All of the above is good but a little on the ideal side  image

  • As M...eldy but change 'jump' to 'climb slowly' into shower
  • i just normally eat whatever i can lay my hands on, and like melds says whats with the ibru? its too late after the race, i have taken one in a race but never after! 


    plus you dont need to shower, youll only get sweaty next timeimage 


  • 5min blast of cold water at the end of the shower is pointless too. But then, the only thing I do, thats on your list is shower.

  • I would move eating to the top of my priority list

  • Guinness image

  • I can believe that.


  • likewise I don't get the ibuprofen

    that's only going to mask any issues that you might really be better knowing about - and if you really have to take a NSAID post-exercise then you aren't really sorting out the issue that's causing the pain.   NSAID during an event is one thing if it's a way of getting to the finish, but not in training, and definitely not post-exercise unless you really are in some serious pain.

    depending on the distance covered and energy expended, then my post exercise regime is either

    1. nothing bar some food and a shower
    2. Rego then some food, then a shower
    3. post race - beer, food and more beer. and try to get a shower before getting too pissed
  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    Guinness image

    +1 for a Guinness

    but generally a chocolate milk drink 1st then shower.

  • warm down post exercise for 10 minutes, protein shake and a banana followed by hot shower

  • Tonight, The Dark Knight and mulled wine!

  • I'm with MikeFrog - as your optimum window for refueling is the 30 minutes after you stop exercising, my first priority is to get some nutrition into me pretty sharpish. The shower comes later. And agree totally, forget the ibuprofen.

  • refuel first.if you are going to have a cold shower.surley have thei and not the hot but I'm stioll not convinced.......

    and if you have any sore areas that might need icing..then on no account should you be using the foam rollers anywhere near that area.............

    they are counterproductive........

  • Jesus. i'm stone-age in comparison to the scientists above. Typically just get back to work at my desk, no stretch, fuel, shower (minger I know), drugs or sleep. Even after a hundred-miler on the bike I just tend to shower, grab a bite to eat and then play with the kids. No wonder I'm shit at triathlons and always ill.

  • You and me also STIL....well maybe me being a bit more shittier.

    Currently I'm missing the training and just doing the eating and showering bit, so I guess that's something, eh?

    Missed swimming tonight so I could attend my second ever pilates class, and when I got there it was bloody cancelled.  My non existant core will now stay non existant until after xmas. 

    I'll just grab a bite to eat and get showered....again!

  • Chocolate milk.........
  • Glug of milk. Shower. Done.  

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