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  • oh you are all very busy on the forum today with your 'echos' while some of us have to work!!!! it lame to echo you back!!!!

  • Well done Mel, enjoy the experience.

  • Mel..well done..image

    .I hope that you have managed to sort out the work situation for the next 16 weeks so that it can take a back seat to the number 1 priority .

  • Hi Mel

    Congratulations on making the team - look forward to working with you. I will email you direct to have a chat about programme and goals etc. image

  • Hi Mel,

    Congratulations! sorry I didn't meet you at BC, but you have such an inspiring story, and are a worthy winner. All the best for the next 4 months! image

  • Mel - congrats on getting through to what will be a memorable experience. I made boot camp last year then followed the winners on their forums - a fantastic thing to be part of; the camaraderie on the threads was inspiring and the learnings that Sam and Ruth gave were great and I still refer back to them now. You will have a wonderful time if you put heart and soul into it. We have kept a family atmosphere going on our " old boys" thread which still goes from strength to strength.

    I lost my wife of 33 years to cancer in June this year and the forum folk were very supportive and I found that putting my energies into my running and racing helped so much with the grief. I still feel pain every day but lots of things and people help to keep a smile on my face and my spirits high and help me to make the memories even warmer. I hope you too can benefit from this experience and help your progress. I wish you all the best.
  • Hey Oscarr

    Look forward to having you along on the journey again. Mel - Oscar is such a great contributor to the forums - insights, tips and lots of support to come from him!

  • Hi Mel, many congratulations on getting through - so pleased you're through! Looking forward to getting started?

    See you Sunday! image

  • Mel, well done. Couldn't be happier for you. Enjoy every moment after the time you have had. My three girls and my boy dog will be delighted for you.

    I will follow you all the way. Good luck.
  • Hi Mel!

    I've spoken to you on everyone's else's threads but I don't think I've said "Hi!" on here yet! (slaps wrist!) Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday! image

  • Hi Mel, I'm genuinely glad you made the final 5, your's is an inspiring story and I hope you have an amazing time over the next few months.

  • I think Ive just walked round in circles today pinching myself.....!!...amazing support and kind words from you all....just pitted with sadness that Martin isnt here to share it, but I think he had a major part in the whole thing...!!....he was always a bit of a bugger for getting his own way!!!.......

    Not convinced a run would be benificial tonight, I think I may just enjoy the wine while I can...... its all going to change on Monday!!!!!!

    Oscarr- thank you for your extra kind words...l know they came from the heart and they mean a lot....I totally understand the need for the focus......choices...? running or cake and alcohol???....

    Sam - thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.....I am so excited I just cant put it into words!!!!......Cant wait to get started!!.....

    Seren nos - no worries on juggling the work commitments....couldn't have a better supportive team behind me!!!.....( and 'work' is situated in the heart of the south downs.... so ideal for running especially after a tough shift!!) 

    Huge thank yous to everyone!!!.....I will  share my smiles and tears with you the whole way as I'm not naive enough to thinks its all going to be wonderful all the time!!!.....image

  • Hi Mel, congratulations! I'm sure your as happy and excited as me!
  • Hey Sam - thanks. My next big adventure is to do the 69 mile Wall race in June with Sleepy Bear over 2 days. Some of us from last years boot camp are planning to meet at some races next year - quite a few doing a weekend trip to do the Coniston 14 in March. I plan to have another go at a sub 4 in Abingdon next year as well.
  • Well done Mel, good luck with everything from here to Paris
  • Hi Mel It was great to meet you at the Runners World Target 26.2

    Congrats and good luck with the marathon training.

    See you at the Races!

    Marathon Mark

    75 x marathon finisher

  • Well done Mel. Very happy for you. I really look forward to training alongside you over the next 16 weeks. See you on Sunday image

  • Pretty surreal day in London with the amazing runners word and Asics crew..... Thank you so much for making it as easy and as fun as it was!!!!!...... ( even the photos and videos)...!!!!.....

    Now to try these new trainers out!!!!!...... Training tomorrow here we come!!!!!..... X
  • Hey Mel - looks like you all had an amazing experience. Have fun in the new kit!image

    Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  • Hi mel, congratulations on getting through. I'm really looking forward to following your training in order to pick up some tips as we had the same target time. I'd also be interested to hear how you fit your training around being a mum and a full time job. Also, don't forget to include details of the fun and girly stuff, like what is your new kit like to run in and what kit you picked out at the weekend!!
  • Good. That lets me out of contributing my hard earned wages to fund you swanning about in Paris. Good luck and very proud of you. Dad x

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