Target 262 - Ricky Challinor



  • Hi Ricky, you have awesome times and have great ambition.  It's a shame you have been put into this category, because you don't fit the profile of what I consider a "first timer" to be all about - even though it's technically true.  

    Obviously the Asics coaches must believe that they can add something to your training (within the constrains of online mentoring) to have put you this far in the process, and I assume they are well aware of your existing coaching situation.  They wouldn't set themselves up to have egg on their face, so this intruigues me.

    They should have you in a more befitting category - maybe an entirely new one - because IMHO you are on a hiding to nothing in this one, which is not really fair.

    I really do hope you achieve your ambition.

  • In the past the coaches have stuck fairly rigidly to the RW schedules, which is understandable if their objective is partly to promote said schedules. 

    You'd have to be insane to proceed unless it was made clear from the outset that the Asics coach would work with your current coach and develop a completely bespoke schedule.  If that was the case, however, it would make a great thread.  What has been said about this?

    Best of luck with your running, don't sacrifice what is best for your running for the sake of a t-shirt and some free biscuits.

  • To clarify our worries.........the video of the bootcamp that is now on the home page states that you will be following the asics training schedule calculated by My Asics........

    this site looks a bit of a joke.........I put in your age and half time of 71 mins and your goal....they gave an option of you running 2 or 3 or 4 days.........even on the 4 days a week there was not  asingle week where you ran more than 40 miles and most were well short.......

    this seems even worse than the old RW i do advise you to look at them and to check with the coaches etc I can not see how anyone could get your fast goal on running that few miles a weekimage

    I hope that the coaches have looked at them and will disregard them for the RW schedules which had their faults but not that badimage

  • Hi Ricky......I must say I'd be extremely interested to follow our efforts should you get through. 2:20 is formidable and something sadly that I could only dream of. Good luck!

  • Sorry about the lack of replies, been crazily busy with Christmas parties in work this weekend! Il catch up with you all by Monday image have a good weekend
  • Christmas parties get in the way of the best laid plans!

  • Morning -

    seren nos - i hoped to gain some advice from joining the forum which i am learning from you all!

    Steve - thank you for your support mate.

    also ran, the marathon does give me the best option of qualification, the 5k and 10k times being 13:38 and 29:00 which are absolutely rapid! Wales have not released a B standard but at the last commonwealth games they had 2:19:40 in place!

    Tenjiso - I know what you mean, I would class myself as a first timer for marathon with 10years of running behind me !

    Also with seeing the Asics training schedule, it would have to be changed in my case as yea it would have me runnnig 3-4 times per week where I am already training 7 days a week at 60-70 as it is! as you say seren nos 40mpw certainly is not enough for the bulk and training is expect to do for a marathon!!

    Hi shady ady - thank you for the good luck, but with your comment about Christmas parties, my job is in hospitality and at this time of year it's the running of Christmas parties image
  • Best of luck mate... will be amazing to follow you if you get it - your times are out of this world!

    Whatever happens, hope you get through the Commonwealths - will be great pointing you out to my son and telling him I sat next to you at bootcamp lol.

    Hopefully it won't be too long of a wait to find out!

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