Asics Target 26.2


I am desperate to get through the public vote and earn a place in the Paris Marathon next year but i need your vote please follow the link to visit my category hopefully you will see me as a worthy condidate and give me your vote.



  • Hi Martin

    Why are you "desperate"?  When are your 4 ironmen (ironmans? not sure of correct lingo)? 

    Do you see Paris as training for these or a target in itself? 

    How long have you been training / racing?  And when did you get your mara PB?


  • Indeed SB, some more basic info would be nice, we need to be woo'd don't yer know!

  • How do sleepy bear, how often does an opportunity like this come your way training advice to achieve a tough goal and a Paris back drop to attempt it in. Need I say any more.

    I like to set tatgets to motivate me through the many hours of training so a 2h 30min in Paris would be fantastic and indeed give me a head start when it comes to the start of the triathlon season.

    My previouis Pb was set at Blackpool this year 2h 44mins. I have ben racing ever since i gave up rugby 10 years ago and never looked back.

    Thanks for youe interest.



  • What is your favourite distance? image

  • Any thing long from marathon to ultra distance, they seem to suit my style more than the short fast races.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Why should we pick you as opposed to the others on a pleateau?

  • which are your 4 ironmen and how do you plan to fit this training into the marathon training with the strict RW schedules...............

    I am suprised that they chose you as you were training for both.........I know it can be done ... I didn't realise that the RW team would accomodate such a change to their schedules........ well done for convincing them that it can be done

    My other question is..what do you hope to gain from the forums and what do you think that you have to give to the forumsimage

  • Lanzarote, Austria, Uk and Sweden, I'm not through yet thats why i need your vote. My training is running based at the minute to work on the last discipline of Ironman so come Paris I will be fighting fit and ready to post my new PB.

    The forums should be utilised to inspire people to achieve their goals no matter wether you are a novice or a pro athlete as we are all human and need help and support through the tough times. So the forums should be a 2 way thing.

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