VOTE SO4, Sub 3:30 ASICS TARGET 26.2

Right where do I start.

My parents have always ran since I was the age of 2. They use to drag me to races so that I could be a bag sitter and freeze to death. As I became a little older they use to encourage me to run. I remember going to the "kids club" at our local running club and playing cat and mouse amonst other things. I was never really good at running and from what I can remember I came last doing a 3 mile fun run at Rothervally.

After that I was put of running. I use to watch my parents go running come rain or shine (and snow) and think they were crazy. The use to wear an odd selection of clothes and I swore never to be like that.

.............15 years later, guess what happens!

I left uni in 2006. I joined a gym later that year and started to do 15 mins of running here and there amongst other CV. Over time I started to do more and more running and less of the rowing and other CV I didnt enjoy as much. My running started to improve and I started to get a "buzz" out of it.

It wasnt until I started going home (Sheffield) at the weekend that it really took off. My mum talked me into going running with her and since then Ive never looked back. Most weekends she would take me on different routes around sheffield that she had been running all my life. I loved the freedom that running gave me, the sense of achievement at the end and the priceless time it gave me with my mum. It gave me a time away from work, and a time where I could be myself

About a year later my mum was diagnosed with epilepsy and found it difficult to run. Initially this was a low in my short running career as I do miss my runs with her, however it later encouraged me to meet and run with others.

I joined my first running club, Maltby in the summer of 2011 after doing my first few races. I actually live about 60 miles away from Maltby but as my parents were in this club already and I had been on a few of their running trips away (edinburgh and isle of skye) I  knew some of the people quite well and it seemed ideal. I try to go running with the club on a sunday morning when Im back in Sheffield and I have done a number of races for them. Despite living in York, I do go back to sheffield most weekends to watch football and go running.

Despite living far from Maltby and not being able to run with them frequently I do enjoy being a member. Ive met some fabulous people who are very supportive and encouraging. They organise some amazing trips away, for example London in April for the VLM and Berlin (big 25).

As I havent been able to train with my first club much I decided to join another club as second claim a few months ago. This was knavesmires. I was hoping to meet more new people and form new freindships with people where I live now. I was also wanting the opportunity to run out side more, rather than having to do most of my training on a treadmill. I have managed to make it to a few of their monday evening runs (but this does clash with netball) but not many as they tend to meet when im still at work. Im hoping to start going to the track on a Thursday, starting tomorrow. So far ive only done cross coutry for knavesmires but hopefully I will be able to enter alot more local races for them.

So why am i in the busy lifestyle category;

I work as a GP and my hours are generally 8am-7pm, but on some days I can finish as late as 9pm. Some people think that GPs have spare hours in the middle of the day but I have never met one yet that has.

I play netball on a monday (for shurburn) and sometimes we have a game mid week. Luckily my team are very understanding with regards to my running and did let me concentrate on VLM last year after missing a month of training.

I try to run at



  • I try to run at least 3 times a week, but do aim for 4 if I can. I tend to always run on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The fourth day can be variable. I try to do a long run, a hillsession and speed work.

    One day a week I try to swim and cycle.

    I go back to sheffield most weekends to visit my friends and family, watch my football team (have a season ticket, but im not saying for who just incase it looses me any votes) and if im not back in sheffield I go up to newcastle to see my husbands friends and family. Occasionally I also work on a saturday.

    Somewhere in allof  this a manage to spend some time with my husband, do the house work, see friends and keep updated by attending clinical meetings and reading journals.

    I really would love to be chosen to run in paris, to be trained by professionals and share everything I learn throughout all of the experience with you guys. I did run at VLM after winning maltbys club spot this year. My training was a bit of a disaster. I initially wanted a sub 3:30 but I developed what I think was whooping cough in february and ended up having 4 weeks of antibiotics and 4 weeks of training. Despite this I decided to plough on with training, 1, because im not easily defeated. 2 because I had won the spot and it wasnt fair on the other runners and 3. because I had already raised alot of money for help the hospices. I amended my training plan, altered my aim to a sub 4 hours and went for it, i even ran 16 miles on a treadmil on a thursday night after work until 10pm just to get the milage in. I managed to complete the marathon in 3;47;45 which im extremly proud of but I really didnt enjoy the last 10 fact it was painful. I would like to be trained properly so that my second marathon isnt as painful, I would also like to share any tips with eveyone on here so yours isnt too. I would like to achieve my initial aim of a sub 3:30 as im sure I can do it with the right training.

    I would also hope that the training with speed up my other times so I can smash my parents PBs as my dad is always teasing me "because I will never be as quick as them". My dad can no longer run due to him developing exercise induced asthma, but he is always letting me know that im minutes away from his

  • sorry I think i may have written a little too much and gone on!

  • As a fellow yorkshire lass - you have my vote!!  Have you run the parkrun on the Knavesmire?  Is it as quick as the rumours?

    I'll be back in and around York at Chrimble - wondering whether to give it a bash...

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    You got my vote Sarah! Good luck!
  • Hey Sarah - my word you are busy. The people on threads I am on seem to have taken to you and I think you're winning a lot of votes. Brilliant stuff! Good luck!

  • Hi SB, I havent done the park run yet but it is on my list.of things to do. Ive heard lots of good reports on it, like you said its supposed to be completley flat and fast. Alot of the knavesmires do it. I am going to try and go down on the 15th all being well (provided I survive my husbands christmas party the night before that is)! If your around york and fancy a run any time just let me know

    Thanks minni.

    DS2 thankyou ever so much. Im liking the positive feedback. The same goes for you too, ive heard lots of positive things about you. Good luck aswell.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Sarah - a couple of years ago I sat beside a lady on the train on the way back fr VLM. Turned out she was a runner, a Knavesmires runner, and she'd been down watching the marathon. We chatted a lot as runners do.

    About a year later I was at a race (actually it was the Coastal) and went to a pub with a friend afterwards to eat. It was quite full but there was a man sitting on his own at a biggish table and he invited us to sit with him. A few minutes later he was joined by a lady who sat down. It was the same lady from the train! I don't know her name but I know she still runs for the club because I spotted her running the BM last year.
  • What did she look like, I will have to keep an eye out? Its such a small world. I find runners so friendly, no matter where you are and whats going on around you, you can always start a friendship up with another runner image

  • Terrible sleep Last night...far too excited with this competition!
  • Hi......sub 3:30 is a good you think that can be done on your 3/4 runs a week.or are you going to have to fit in 5 to fit in with the RW schedules


    what are your recent race times at half and 10k image

  • That's a nice offer - thanks - I'll let you know when and if we manage to sneak the parkrun in - all other runs tend to be squeezed around family visits. We do try to race at some point in the year around York though - lots of races to tick off!

    I chased a knavesmire lady all the way round the York 10k this year - love that race! And I found the Castle Howard trail 10.45k a treat!

    Do you do many local races? How many times a year do you race?

  • blimey, Sarah, that's what I call a busy schedule! I have voted for you.

    Best of luck!!

  • Sarah, my vote is in!  Have you run a relay leg for Maltby on the Round Rotherham 50?  We always see the Maltby crew out as the race goes through Maltby and has a checkpoint in the hall by the Church.

    Good luck and if you don't make it you can hang our with team Minni at the green start in London!!

  • Hi Seren nos. I would like to think that I could get a sub 3:30 on training 4 days a week preferrably. I think as long as you make all the 4 sessions good quality e.g one long run, one speed, one hills etc you stand a good chance. I also play centre at netball so I get to run around quite alot for an hour playing netball. If im told that I need to do 5 sessions a week, then I will happily reduce a rest day/a netball day/add a run to the day that I swim and cycle etc. Im happy really to do anything practical to get me there and get me my target!

    My PB for a 10k is 43:21, this was three weeks ago but I do think I could do better, as I enjoyed the race far to much and didnt really start pushing myself until the last 2k. My half PB is 1:35:54. This was a few weeks ago. What do you think?

    SB Ive done the York 10k twice but missed it this year due to a friends christening. I do like the race but the queues for the toilets is always a nightmare. The last year I ran it they had to delay the start by 15 minutes which was really lucky as i was still at the back queueing! I havent done Castle Howard but would like to as Ive heard lots of positive comments about it. I have done most of my races in South Yorkshire but now that Ive joined knavesmires I am hoping to do some more local races in North Yorkshire aswell. Is there any others that you would recommend?

    Thankyou SBC. My husband wants children....but Im putting it off for as long as I can....def no room in my schedule for at least a few more years (need to beat my parents PBs first)!

    Hi old4scrooge. I did, I ran the third leg from treaton to harthill. I did it last year aswell. I do love that run and it was nice to be part of a team. My maiden name is Attwood so I ran under that name for it. We were the second ladies team back (out of three). Did you hear about Ray Matthews running it three times? Really unbelievable, but what an achievement! Are you in a local club?

  • good current race times there ....sounds like you are fit and ready to take on the taskimage

  • thankyou ...I do feel in the best shape that I ever have been...although im still chasing the 6 pack! image

  • Hi Sarah! If you don't make it to Paris are you planning on entering another marathon this year? If so which one?

  • Hi RRR, I have a GFA place at VLM....thats my back up plan at the moment. Two weeks after paris so I can still follow the advice/tips in RW if I dont make it through. There appears to be a lot of lovely people on the sub 3:30 thread also doing VLM this year, so I will joining team Minni at the green start if dont make it. After having a bad experience at London this year though, I think I would much prefer to do Paris and I just love the city. image

    how about you?

  • Hi Sarah,

    Ooh exciting! So a fantastic marathon whichever way the vote goes!! I've got the same plan! If I don't make it to the start of Paris in 2013, I will be awarding myself the prize of Manchester ... and following your thread on how you're doing at Paris as our times are similar! image

    Although ... am planning on best outcome which is that we BOTH make it to Paris! And get some friendly competition going!! image Would be fab to train with you!!

  • hahaha, thankyou, I like your way of thinking! image

    We could even run round the whole marathon together really!

    Even though we both have a similar time target we would both have a different training plan due to our commitments and time available to run, so I still think we both stand a chance of getting through, all being well image

  • Hope so! That would be AMAZING! It would definitely keep everyone interested ... maybe we could start a little on-the-side betting! Keep us in trainer-money! image


  • With your times you'll easily be under 3:30, especially a with a half time of 1:35! (mine is only 30s quicker) image

    I Think you will be off to London next weekend... got my support if you do image

  • Are you guys both in the same category?

  • RRR- Unfortunately! I want to see everyone do well, but still get through myself... Think Sarah is a strong contender though image

  • We could do the on-the-side betting for charity, make it alittle more entertaining! Which charity would you choose?

    Hi Clive, thankyou for your encouragement. I do hope that I will get under 3:30 (would be nice to get under 3:28 to beat my mums time aswell but thats me just being competitive. I would love to beat my dads time aswell, but at the moment I think its out of my range!) You would get my encouragement as well if you make it through, especially with living in sheffield! Hows your campaigne going?

    We are Sarah/RRR. Its not nice being up against people you like, but on a plus, least if you dont get through, you can be happy for the person who does and support them along the way. image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sarah - I ran 3:28 off a 1:36 HM.  image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    What's your dad's pb?

  • I think you are Clive are great contenders, well worthy winners just unlucky for me I'm in the same catagory
  • Minni, you've got me all excited now....that would be my mums PB sorted, one down, one to go! Although my mums half and 10k PBs are going to be more difficult to get. She didn't really like marathons so didn't do that many. Her 10k time was 39 mins and I think her half was 1hr 22!

    My dads marathon PB was 3:14 so I've got some work to do over the next few years! My dads half and 10k PBs are the same as my mums.

    Paul, your just as good a contender as us all, anyone of us could get through, im sure it's going to be a close race to the finish. I bet you haven't bored everyone whose read your thread with a massive essay on your life like I probably have!

    Did my first track session with knavesmires wasnt the best conditions, we ended up having to run on the grass at the side of the track as the track was too iced over. Made it a little more tough so hopefully I will have gotten more benefit from it. Just trying to decide on whether to do my long run still tomorrow now, before I visit the inlaws in Newcastle!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Don't worry about your mum's 10k and HM times - we all know its only the marathon that matters!

    I'm going for sub 3:15 in April....image
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