VOTE SO4, Sub 3:30 ASICS TARGET 26.2



  • Thankyou SBC, I've been taking notes and am looking forward to taking it more steady next week......will be able to enjoy the sites around york more and should still have enough energy and legs left to dance at my OH Christmas party in the evening and ? Do the park run the next morning....all being well!

    Trying to put some more pics up but I cant find the upload button to do it from my phone!
  • I was just about to say you will have to post it. I did check with Katie that we could post pics (just incase with sponsors and brands possibly being in the back ground) and I got the green light. Does your son look like you?

    When my OH has been away with the running club he does come back all enthusiastic about running but it never lasts. He's said he would like to do the isle of Skye half with me next year so I'm hoping he will catch the bug with that as its a wonderful race and place, if that doesn't convert him I don't know what will. On a plus side at the moment I can get him to start tea so that its ready when I get in from my run(normally at about 9:30/10pm at night) if I've been at work.

    You will have to find someone who runs....would make life much more easier!
  • No, luckily he got his mother's looks! (but not her attitude haha) - have posted the pic (I'm the tall sweaty one in the backgroundimage )

    Well that's promising then! Hmm... Not sure the washing machine could cope if I end up with a fellow runner - it has enough trouble dealing with all my gear!

  • That's a lovely picture. He looks so happy....he's definitely a runner in the making. Your both colour coordinated aswell, with his medal ribbon matching your top.

    If I'm running in Sheffield I'm a little nauty and leave my clothes at my mums to wash.....I think she enjoys doing it though!
  • Evening Sarah and SLB! How are things? It's all got a bit quieter on the forum today! image

  • Sarah I hope so! Would love to have a ready-made running buddy image Although... he did join Running Club at his junior school and went for about three weeks then said he wanted to give it up. Asked him why... "It's really boring, dad, all we do is run" (!) Clearly need to work on him...

    Haha well if she enjoys doing it... what's her address?

    RRR - good thanks! How's the birthday going?!

  • Morning RRR, how was the rest of your bday? 

    Hahaha, thats so sweet Steve, bless him.....I guess he does have a point....once he starts work (which I know is a while off) im sure he will start to share your enthusiam for running. image

    But if she starts doing your washing, she may have less time for mine ! image

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_1.jpg

     With some members of Maltby running club in Berlin this year. Just before the Big 25

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_3.jpg

     Northumberland coastal run 2012 - what a beautiful race, def one for the diary! Im the one attempting to wave in the yellow vest! image

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_4.jpg

     My mum holding the olympic torch. This gentleman from Sheffield has raised thousands for charity, he is such an inspiration.

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_5.jpg

     me having just run through brandenburg gates

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_6.jpg

     VLM around mile 22...just before things really started to hurt (I honestly didnt feel as good as I looked)!

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_7.jpg

     Back to the Big 25k at Berlin, just before running into the olympic stadium to finish

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_8.jpg

     Inside the olympic stadium, finishing in just under 2 hours, 2 weeks after VLM

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_1_0.jpg

     me and my husband after the Big 25k (he actually looked like he enjoyed watching me run this time!)

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_6_0.jpg

     My second race, Derwent Dambusters 2011 (10 miler)

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_3_0.jpg

     My first half marathon (Edinburgh) roughly at 10miles

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_4_0.jpg

     and afterwards, smiling proudly with my medal

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_9.jpg

     and finally for today before you all get bored (you can tell im lost with what to do on a sunday morning because I havent gone for a run...yet), the most recent photo of me, my parents and my brother at my cousins wedding this November

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Great pictures Sarah.

    Q1: Is there a knack to looking like a runner in a race photo?

    In most of mine I either look like a drunk who has strayed onto the course by mistake or (possibly even worse) like I'm completely static (imagine Bruce Forsyth in his famous pose and you have some idea of what I'm talking about).

    Q2: Do you find being a doctor is a benefit or a curse as far as running niggles are concerned? Are you comfortable knowing that every little pain is not the end of your running career or do you worry like hell about everything like I do?

  • Love the pics Sarah! Great action shots! image

  •    Sarah, The Blade Runner!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - looking again at the photo of your mum with the guy in green I couldn't help but notice that with the torch and shop front graphics combined she's doing a very good impersonation of the Grim Reaper. Is this why the guy in green looks a little nervous? image

  • Hi Malcs,

    A1, Computers are amazing, its unbelievable what you can do with them these days! Im intrigued to see some of your photos now! image

    A2, Being a doctor is probably a curse as I tend to belittle everything that I have. Im the first to tell others to go to teh doctors, rest etc but im the last one to listen to my own advice. The reason probably why I ended up being on antibiotics for 4 weeks last feb, as I kept putting of going to the doctors and then going back. I think I have learnt from that mistake now though (I hope) image

    Thanks sarah.

    Hi John how are you and lynda? Ive just seen your Gangnam John Style....its fabulous, had be chuckling away for a while image

  • Malcs had to go back and have another look at the photo again image

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/sarah_1_1.jpg

    My first challenge of today!

  • /members/images/644249/Gallery/SARAH_2_0.jpg

    Followed by my second challenge of today..... go for a run!

    What did I learn? To always go for a run before sunday diner, rather than afterwards!

  • Managed a sickly 7 miles @ 7:24 min/ml image

    Hopefully the serious training will start a week tomorrow!image

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    Good eating Sarah! What's your marathon goal? If you are running those speeds at this time you could be looking at going a lot quicker!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sarah - seriously I can't believe you ate all that!

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