VOTE SO4, Sub 3:30 ASICS TARGET 26.2



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    I know I said I wasnt going to put any more photos up today but then I remembered this. My first EVER race (at Whirlow farm with my mum).......I did two more fun runs after that and then didnt do another race or run for 20+ years!

  • All great pics, that was one mighty dinner!!!!
  • Haha, Minni I cant either, for some reason I havent needed any tea yet!

    DS2 I was aiming for a sub 3:30 for my marathon, sticking to 8 min/mls but if im lucky enough to get through I will see what the coaches say. Because I find it difficult to fit many training runs in to my life I think that it might be difficult for me to keep a chicker pace up for a full marathon, but we will see what the experts say (either the ASICS team if I get through, or the other runners on the sub 3:30 forum if I dont)! image

  • Minni wrote (see)

    Sarah - seriously I can't believe you ate all that!

    I was thinking exactly the same thing!! Where do you put it all??

  • Tell me about it Paul. I asked for beef and lamb, thinking that they would give half the amount as usual for each meat, but instead they gave me the equivalent of two sunday diners on one plate. Having been a student, I dont like to waist food, so the challenge begun!

  • Ha ha ha ha and some challenge it was, well done
  • Loved the before and after dinner pics!! Wow that looked AMAZING! image

  • Tut Tut Tut - that'll be a million miles for you this week image

    Hope pudding was a similar size!!! image

  • I have had two roast dinners today!!
  • SB, I'm sad to say I didn't even attempt a pudding, I was almost in a food coma after the mains!

    Hey Paul. I don't think I will be doing that again in a while! You should have seen the waiters face when he asked who's the meal was and everyone looked at me...the smallest one there, the guy in charge even came up to me at the end to congratulate me on eating most of it!
  • Blimey, sarah - all that food image. You sure there wasn't a dog under the table helping you image?

    I'm so impressed you managed a run (and a fast one to boot) after all that.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    SO4 - you make me laugh!image 

  • It must be the competitiveness in you. But a different type of finish line ha ha
  • I might have managed a bit of a run but I did feel alittle nauseous at times though SBC image. Think runs first thing on a sunday morning are the way forward! image

    Thankyou DS2, you make me laugh too..are you busy again today at work? image

    Paul, i think I prefer the races rather than the stuffing my face....but a challenge is still a challange at the end of the dayimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    hey Sarah.. you've hit over a thousand views..image

  • I loved your expression in the 2nd pic! image
  • That's it - I'm withdrawing my vote....NO PUDDING!!!! image (Just kidding)  The whole concept takes me back to my student days when I would eat my pudding first (obviously I have issues with custard skinning over)... 

    Must try harder young lady ... (Or I should eat less then I'd be as fast as you - Nah - not liking that logic!)

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    SO4 - I'll have you know that I had completed an appointment in another county and returned to my office by 10.20am today. Next appointment not until 4pm though. Probably much like your day!!!

    Had you eaten breakfast already???

  • imageWhoop whoop (although its probably me Jen that keeps going back on it to check for messages when I should be working) image

    Hows the treadmill RRR ? We have another house viewing tomorrow, fingers crossed!

    SB Noooooooo!! I promise to have a pudding one day this week!! To be honest im not a big pudding fan, im more into my starters and mains...another reason why my OH calls me boring! I do have my weaknesses though...crisps and nuts!

    Wow DS2, are you secretly superman or something visiting other coutry that quickly???image

  • Ive left my tea at the other surgery thats 10 miles away and all locked up image

  • That's no bad thing (the pudding non-liking bit I mean) - more for meeeeeeeee image

    I'm surprised you even need to eat this week tbh LOL image

  • Hahaha, I normally do a swaps with my OH I have his veg and salad and he has my pudding, think im the only person I know who gets excited about sprouts!image


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Not long to go now Sarah. I bet you'll be glad when Thursday comes. You've certainly made lots of forum friends here.
  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Pop to the place you went yesterday sarah and have a carvery if you can't get to your tea!

    I'm with you on starters rather than pudds. My OH calls me boring as well.

  • Im just a bag of nerves Minni, i really could have done with running it off tonight. Netball got cancelled at the last minute so I didnt get the chance to run of any nervous energy. Think it might be an early start in the morning now...get a little run in to set me on my ways image

    Ive met some lovely people on here. Its been such an amazing experience so far. I just wish that I had started using the forum earlier. No matter what happens with the competition I have gained so much from it and from the people ive met through it image

    DS2, lol, were a right pair!

  • Evening Sarah! - Ooh exciting re house viewing! Hope everything goes really smoothly! image Treadmill is fab thanks - going to get some intervals in shortly. Working on 5k speed at the moment! Need another parkrun PB! image

    It's been fun hasn't it so far ... especially the Asics thread! Lots of tongue in cheek banter going on ... image

  • Its great, I just hope it continues after this week image

    Im just about to start the house work now ready for the viewing tomorrow (least its some form of exercise) !

    Whats your current 5 k time again?

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    RRR -  none of it's tongue in cheek on my part!!! I don't like any of you and I've said why on that very thread! Especially you two (you each get a special mention).image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    What time do you head out in the mornings Sarah?

    I have to leave for work at 7:30 so if I run in the morning it has to be about 5:30. I'm doing one of those tomorrow morning.
  • Sarah - Hope it goes well! Eek for doing housework at 10pm! Flippin' viewers! Let's hope they put an extra high offer in for an immaculate houseimage

    5k PB 21:34 as of 3 weeks ago - so you kicked my butt at bootcamp. I'll chase you down yetimage Sub 20 is my ultimate goal as sub-30 was my target 2 years ago! image

    DS2 - I wasn't feeling the sock-love ... and can't believe you didn't vote for meimage Hee hee!

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