VOTE SO4, Sub 3:30 ASICS TARGET 26.2



  • DS2 thankyou for our special mention! me and Sarah were just saying how nice you are!

    Minni I set of for work just before 8, luckily its only a ten min drive for me to work. I would like to run to work but the roads are not very safe and there are no pavements or cycle lanes. I also need my car for home visits as I never know how many I will get and where they are going to be. 5:30 sounds very early. I don't think I will be doing many early starts especially as I tend to stay up quite late. Hope you have a good run in the morning.

    House all done. Luckily we don't have to show them around, the nice estate agents do it for us. That's what I want now, a sub 20 mins......might attempt it on Saturday!
  • You wouldn't catch me running at 5:30am. I'm far too lazy. 

  • Spoons, I dont think I will be doing it again either....too cold, dark and icey, and now I feel like ive been up all day! image

  • Ooh fab target Sarah! Bacon Steve and I are aiming for sub-20 5ks too ... but I think we have further to go than you, Miss Super-Speedy! image

    Let me know how you get on! Will be rooting for you to get in the 19s ...!

  • Haha, thankyou for the compliment, but comparing my self to others on here, ive still got a long way to go!

    The only problem with this saturday is that its after my OH christmas party the night before, so I might not be at my best! image

  • Well we think you're speedy! Good luck dipping into the 19s on Saturday - I'm determined to join you there but it may take a little longer in my case...

  • And when did I go from being Steve to Bacon Steve, RRR? I've only just noticed! image

  • I managed to get ROUND a parkrun on Saturday on my birthday with a hangover ... I count that as a win! image Reckon you could definitely manage sub-20 with a hangoverimage

    Bacon Steve - Sorry, what?image

  • I guess there are worse things you could be called image

    Im not to sure RRR, as im getting older my hangovers are getting worse!

  • My first time on this Rinner's World Forum. It looks really good. Good luck for the vote, Sarah. I was looking at some pictures of Paris today that are displayed in my gym. Magical city!

  • Sarah yes I guess so! Grateful for small mercies eh? image Let us know how you get on (and how bad the hangover was!)

    William - welcome to the forum - only been on here a very short time myself but everyone has been so welcoming. Sure you'll enjoy it image

  • Thank you Steve, very kind of you.


  • Hi Bill, lovely to see you on here. Over the last week ive met some fabulous like minded people on here, its full of useful tips and running advice. If I make it through are you still going to try and run Paris aswell? I loved Paris this year when I went for the first time, its such a magnificent clean city, I would be over the moon if I got to visit it again and run around its streets next year image

    I will let you know how I get on, on saturday Steve, win or loose! image

  • Hee hee! Have faith Sarah! image

  • Hi Sarah, I can honestly say that having known you for a number of years (? 20!), that you're one of the most crazy-hard-working people I know - you never stop! You always do your very best and really deserve to win this. Good luck! X

  • Well least I managed a slightly hilly 10k at 7.5min/ml and then some core/strength training at the gym tonight.

    Fingers crossed I will make it to the pool tomorrow night after my 13 hour shift to fit in some cross training!
  • Hi Nicola, thank you ever so much for your kind message. I hope your move is going smoothly. I can't wait to catch up with you at Christmas to hear all about your new home and job,x
  • I hope it's not a long, nervous wait today! Good luck.

  • Sarah - just like to wish you good luck and keep up the training and postingimage

  • Unfortunately I think its going to be a very long nervous wait today and tomorrow! Thankyou you Shady, good luck to you to and everybody else.
  • Right .... ready for the long wait?image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Doctor Oz - how you've managed to create a thread this size as well as posting on everyone else's threads and the 26.2 thread whilst operating the busy working hours you have is a complete mystery to me. 

    If the two Sarah's were combined nobody would be able to match you (they can barely keep up with you individually!)

    Just wanted to say well done and best of luck to you!

  • Good luck Sarah! Hopefully won't see you on sunday (in the nicest possible way lol)

  • All the very, very best of luck Sarah. You sound like you have a superb group of followers already. Thank you for all your kind comments & support on my page! Lots and lots of love, CarroT image

  • Thankyou ever so much for your support and well wishes. The same goes for everyone else on here too. I have had a brilliant week and a half and have met so many wonderful like minded people. You have all been a pleasure to meet and talk too and im hoping that it will all continue. Whether I get through or not I will be supporting them who do/dont get through and I would hope that we could all meet up at the TR24 later next year. Ive thought, we could compete against last years entrants and/or we could have a team of people who dont make it through to the last 5 vs the people that do? Would be really nice to see everyone again.

    RRR its now 12:06...votings now closed...I am already feeling that some of the pressure is off. Now its just down to the counting up of votes and the RW/ASICS decision....eek!image

    Malcs I have no idea how ive managed to keep up with it sure some other areas in my life have been slightly neglected since last week....such as sleep and my OH, but im use to not always sleeping well (with previous junior doctor duties, exams, nights etc) and im sure my OH has enjoyed the piece and quite. image

    Clive image and i thought you liked me!!! Just kidding, I know what you mean, fingers crossed one of us will get through, but only time will tell. The santa special will be my runners up prize if I dont make it.

    Hi CarroT, thankyou ever so much, the same goes to you to, your such a lovely person and deserve to go to Paris, im keeping my fingers crossed for you,x

  • Sarah- good luck to you, keeping my fingers crossed!image

  • thankyou Brolish image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Echo Malcs sentiment!! Have you got a Harry Potter watch to turn time??

    sorry I've not been able to chat with you as much as i would've liked. Good luck. I'm sure we'll see and hear much more of you in the running world. x

  • Best of luck Sarah, been a pleasure meeting you on here so all the best with the vote...

    Some good ideas for the TR24 there - pretty excited about that image

  • All the best of luck Sarah, the best thing about this competition is I've met some great people who all deserve to go through!
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