VOTE SO4, Sub 3:30 ASICS TARGET 26.2



  • Ooh! It's time to relaxxxxx now! image

  • Thanks guys for your lovely comments. Everyone whose been in the forums have been lovely, supportive and entertaining so thankyou all. Lets keep this up no matter what happens.

    Hi Jen, I know what you mean, I kept trying to dip in to everyones threads whose been on the asics26.2 thread to see how they are going and offer support but its difficult to get around everyone as it is time consuming. I would love one of those Harry Potter watches....and a broom....and his cloak! Im lucky as im on a computer all day at work so inbetween tasks eg scripts, letters, referral, reports, clinics and visits I can quickly come on here to see whats happening and update my thread, although it has meant me staying a little later some nights to get all my tasks done, but its been worth it image Good luck jen,x

  • Good luck tomorrow! I hope you get the right call.

  • Thank you DS2.....although I guess that depends on what you think the right call is for me!

    Last two patients DNA so I actually managed to leave work by 8:40pm. Did a steady 1000m at front crawl......can you believe that according to the computer I only burned 143kcal, would have used twice as much running!
  • Evening Sarah! Sounds like a late evening to me! image Eek - that's not fair - 143 kcal. That's only half a mince pie!! How depressing! Not even a  mince pie with cream!!image

  • Evening Sarah, impressed you went for a swim after a long day like that! definately meant my earlier comment in the best way, I reckon I will be congratulating you tomorrow (image aka Malcs smiley!!)


  • Morning RRR, back to the running tonight. With the nervous energy I've built up over the last week with this competition which is about to peak and being on call today,I certainly need a good run! how are you holding out?How was the pantomime? You've reminded me that I still need to book ours!

    Morning Clive, how are your nerves holding out? I found it almost impossible to fall asleep and then woke up before my alarm clock, not long now though until we find out who is through. I'm excited and nervous. I would love to go through to the final 5 but I would also like everyone I've been talking to on here to go through as well, you've all been a delight to get to know. It's a shame there are only 5 places.
  • I still can't do the smileys on my iPad/iPhone. I down loaded an app suggested by spoons hoping that it would work automatically but it hasn't......think it's going to be a job for my OH to sort out tonight!
  • I didnt get through image, infact I dont think anyone from my group did! something about jiggling the groups around. Looks like I can get drunk tomorrow night now at my OH christmas party, run the santa special on Sunday in fancy dress and join most of you down at VLM image


    Forum 6 here I come, although i dont know if I can handle two rejections in one week! Had better get to work, having a nightmare of a day so far image

  • forgot to say, thankyou to everyone who has voted for me and supported me over this last week, im really grateful image....really must go!

  • sarah -  sorry you didn't make it. I couldn't believe that neither you or Clive got there. I think it's really bad to move the goalposts at the last minute like that. Don't disappear!

  • Thank you DS2, I know what you mean. I'm not too disappointed that I didn't get through as everyone was equally deserving, it's the fact that I feel cheated with them moving the goal posts and them even trying to cover it up by putting mel under busy life style. I think everyone who got through have done really well and I will support them all the way but I'm disappointed in RW.

    On a plus side I can get my life back on track now, I've really spent every spare minute on here and neglected other areas (meaning I had to stay pretty late at work to catch up on reports etc). What marathon do you have planned again? I will def be staying around, I've met far too many nice people to disappear just because of one magazine!
  • I'm doing Halstead in May. Lovely course in the Essex/Suffolk borders. Undulating but really nice. Brilliantly organised. Only 600 runners and you can even take your own drinks and they hand them to you when you ask.

    Just been saying to Malcs that you should join me, Clive and Malcs on the Sub 3:15 thread. There are a load of quality lady runners on there and they'll really spur you on. Take a look.

    Set your forum up for Personal messages!

  • DS2- don't you dare poach Sarah from the 3.30 thread!imageimage

    Good luck to both of you, I will be following your progress with interest!


  • I remember that race now, you was telling us about it at boot camp. It does sound like a very special race.

    How do I set it up for personal messages?

    Haha, thanks Brolish.....least some people want me! I feel a bit like our group....the busy life style was that bad they couldnt use any of us, lol!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Er yes I agree - we want Sarah on the 3:30 thread!image
  • Minni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haha, thanks,x
  • sarah - when they put your group together I did think who on earth are they going to put through from that group of untalented individuals. I couldn't see that anyone had anything to offer. Seems I was right!!image

  • Hahaha, still making me are joking right?
  • Morning Sarah, hope you're having a good day. Really sorry you didn't get through as I really thought you would, and equally disappointed that RW changed the goalposts. I feel a bit cheated that we all engaged in the forum and asked friends/family to vote, and it seems that they didn't count for anything... I might come over on Sunday- I think I told you my parents are coming down, so might have to see if I can get a pass!! What distance is it?


  • DS2 wrote (see)

    sarah - when they put your group together I did think who on earth are they going to put through from that group of untalented individuals. I couldn't see that anyone had anything to offer. Seems I was right!!image

    Couldn't have put it better myself!!!

  • sarah - who's joking???

    Clive - I think a few of us feel that way for you. I can see where they are coming from but I'm to 'square-brained' to be able to cope with a change of selection criteria at the last minute!! I, also, think it's a crying shame that no-one will be going for a Sub 3:15 other than Alex who, hopefully, will be sub 3!!! Won't you Alex?

    I think 3:15 has always been a key number in club marathoning so it's a shame that we won't have someone to follow. Alex is a bridge too far for me to follow!


  • sarah osborne 4 wrote (see)
    Hahaha, still making me are joking right?

    Of course I'm joking!image

  • Due out for a 4 mile recovery run now but it is throwing it down. Might have to defer!

  • i did a lovely 13 miles, enjoyed every minute of it and feel so much more better now image

    I cheated and went to the gym to do it though, escaped the rain, hail and strong winds image

  • hmmmm sub 3:15, I may have been able to try image

    I know what you mean clive, I feel as though it was a bit of a joke and all those people who have joined RW and supported me all this last week did it for nothing. Like DS2 says, I know why they did it but they could have gone about it in a better way

    Note to RW categories based on times next year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The more I think about it the more im relieved. It might be a blessing in disguise! There was so much work involved with the forums, going down to London and Birmingham etc it would have been exhausting with everything else. I would have commited to it all and given a 110% but I do feel like it might not have been the enjoyable experience I initially expected if that makes sense.

    Had a lovely run today, the best all week, think its because the weight of this competition is no longer upon me image

    Clive the race starts at 11 on Sunday. Its 6 miles (2 laps) trail race

  • Sarah - that's exactly how I felt last year - they really make you earn your free kit!! And don't give you all that much really. 4 months of every spare hour training, blogging... If you work out the hourly rate for the time you put in - you could probably do it much cheaper by yourself!

    Shame you missed out on the coaching though - that to me is the really prize!  Their loss chick!!

    Please do stick around though - we still have to convert you to pudding-love image

  • Sarah - still can't believe you never got through. I would have put my house on it!!!!!!!!!!

  • DSanta2, it's a good job you didn't!

    How do you change your forum name?

    SB, I will def be staying around. You would have been proud of me yesterday, had Christmas pudding with brandy sauce....and enjoyed every mouthful!
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