Thursday 6th DecemberThinking of you all today.we will speak when you're home x

Lyrics: she told me oh ei oh la la bing bang walla walla bing bang Had this in my had when I woke up What: rest Why: work then uk visitors Have a good one all


  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭
    Ok phone messed up and for some reason replaced my lyrics with some random text! Sorry about that ...anyway they are as above!
  • Morning

    What:4M Steadily and carefully on snow.

    Yesterdays lyrics: 'Don't stand so close to me' by The Police. Great song and band. In my humble opinion. If we had them recently apologise,had a list of songs I'd started DT with, but lost it.

    Blisters : Thats is some coincidenceimage

    Dustin: No I've not got Garmin etc either.Run by how I feel or my old faithful  Timex Ironman stopwatch if doing reps.

    ale: Good news.

    Tom: Yeah Dixon of Dock Green will be along to check the threads lyrics  from now on. Younger viewers Google Dixon of Dock Green image

  • Morning.

    Thanks Blisters - it's my first ever go at xmas cake baking and icing and I have the added pressure of making one for my in-laws. I shall see how I get on with a smooth finish but suspect I'll end up with a snow effect. Still, it should taste the same.

    Snow forecast for us today - though only a light dusting. Cold this morning though - still minus temperatures until around midday, just hope it's not too slippy as I intend to run once my porridge has digested slightly - need to make the room as having a xmas lunch today.

    What:            MLR
    Why:              time and will
    Last hard:      2/12
    Last rest:       1/12

    Lyrics - not a scooby.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all...
    lyric - oh dear, yes.
    what - steady run later while eldest has hockey training + perhaps coaching U11s earlier if I get home in time.
    why - training
    last rest - friday
    last hard - Tuesday
    birks - ditto with the timex
    still no snow, but a bit frosty out there today!

    laters all image

  • Morning!

    Emzap:  do they have proper medics in Germany? Got the lyrics by the way!

    What: last bit of wallpapering/exercise bike/walk
    Why: Achilles gradually improving Going to Phys tomorrow: running has not been mentioned going to ask her how soon, i.e. how many weeks/months.

    Back later.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Cold rain on ice this morningimage

    What: run this evening (although weather not great and still have remnants of cold)
    Why: Thursday
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: not sure even which are the lyricsimage

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Evening all! (for lovers of Dock Green). Yesterday 'policing the lyrics" comment was as was spotted a poor attempt at a pun!. Today's lyrics - no idea.

    Current running is laps of a small North London Park - each lap is 0.85M and I was hoping to add an extra lap this morning to get up to 6.6M overall, but hamstring was feeling rather more uncomfortable at 5M than i would have liked. Ended up with 5.8M, same as yesterday.

    I'm an occasional Garmin user, but for general running to time rather than distance I use my trusty analogue wristwatch.
  • Morning all. Feeling good after that 4mile tempo last night. Out in the cold working today, nice bit of SWA on a crisp morning. 7miles tonight at 8min/mile maybe go further if I can as I doubt I'll get a LSR in this weekend cause I'm working.
  • We seem to have quite a few baking experts on here image. I love the cake talk!

    Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

    chickadee - emzap is spot on, in my case, brandy.

    image sounds like my kinda cake ...  I don't like raisins though. Can you do a fruit cake without raisins?

    alehouse wrote (see)

    Emzap:  do they have proper medics in Germany?

    definitely do, alehouse. German healthcare is top notch - but it comes at a price. I know many people moaned about the NHS but I always found it a fair system. A small contribution -- a basic service for everyone. Us Germans have to fork out about 15% of our salary just to cover our healthcare...

    Lots of snow overnight. Looking forward to a run later. Will leave work soon (rough night with mum in hospital - she collapsed in the sauna and ended up with a huge gash on her head that needed stitching. She's fine now but it threw me a bit).

  • Chick:  sorry to hear about your mum...hope she is OK. Do you know the lyrics today? Was not unrelated to my comment to Emzap (assuming I'm right!).

    Talking of cake, the barmaid at my local had obviously thought that I was a little down in the dumps when I spoke to her last week: last night she had very knidly made me a box of flapjack. Really nice, and really nice!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    afternoon all

    chickadee, poor mum, hope she is ok. agree re nhs, my daughter has to pay for everything in Peru (well mum bank does)

    wow alehouse, how nice of that lady to do that!

    ooh lmh, hope you have a nice run and lovely xmas lunch, or are having even..

    birkmyre, I do not have to google..

    lyrics yes

    glad for the heads up on them lebkuchen because someone is making them for our running club buffet, avoid avoid...

    what: something short and sweet and some gym work later

    why: I like

    last hard: last nights short cold run

    last easy: last thursday

    have agood day all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • 4 miles easy on the belt

    Plenty of irish snow about here!

    Race entry count 4

    Ale - now now


  • Prefer " Everylittle thing she does is magic" myself.....image oh and CAKE too!!!


  • Intermiitttent Welsh Snow with work night out tonight...hmmm
    SBC hope mum heals soon
    Lyrics: Haven't a clue about either above
    What: Rest
    Why: Hurting from yesterday and night out to come
    Last Hard: Last Wed
    Last Rest: Work in progress.

    Anyone know about sizing for minimalist shoes? Have run in Nike Free and about to step into some vibrobarefoot. Do people still step up a half size or not?

  • Afternoon

    What 7.7 with hill
    Why Not enough time to walk home after work.
    Lyrics ashamedly yes

    Missed my run yesterday due to snow and the ice this morning wasn't much better either. Due to the current busy period I am unable to run commute so distances will be curtailed until after Christmas, normally I don't run in December anyway.

    Have entered Wokingham Half as my warm uprace again this season. Have done it twice before and is my pb course for the half.

  • Can't help I'm afraid Straycelt.

    Definitely chickadeee - I do an 'exotic fruit' cake with papaya, pineapple etc and never put that awful candied mixed peel in anything, replaced with chopped dates in my xmas cake. If it's just raisins you don't like even easier - extra currants, chopped dates, maybe some chopped apricot. Sorted. Hope your mum is ok.

    Alehouse - that's really nice of the barmaid.

    Wabo - I had a lovely run thanks. Needed superfurrywarm tights, thermal top, buff, hat and gloves but there was no wind and the ice was obvious enough to avoid. Lunch was the best meal out I have had in years. Can't wait to go back to the restaurant, couldn't fault a thing.

    When is Wokingham postie?

    Hope you can stay on your feet if you JS tonight OH.

    Sounds as though you're enjoying your running sweep.

    Good to have another run reported Paddy - have you seen the rubberman yet?

    Tom - my hamstring was always worse when it was colder - don't know if that could be a factor with yours?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Paddy: I am only going to ask her. No harm in that!
    And, when, where and what is your "race promotion"?

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Feb 10th but generally fills by Christmas, £20 for a very well organised race.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    Lyrics - YES

    What - 8.3k on the Dreadmill
    Why - Wanted a steam room session afterwards so went to the Gym
    Last hard - last Sat
    Last rest - Mon

    Take care

  • Had a rubbish day today, was just one of those days (fortunately they don't happen often) so nearly didn't run this evening, but glad I did as 6 mile social run with the peeps from my running club saved my day image
  • Evening all!
    I've had well over a week's rest for no good reason, but made it to my nearest gym for a free trial session this evening. They've got a great deal on for December and it's a very flexible contract so I think I'll be joining. Perhaps will get me up and out of the house on time!
    What: 10 minutes crosstrainer, 3km treadmill, followed by a difficult uphill cycle home.
    Why: First and only free evening for a while. Can't keep slacking, I've got VLM to think of (training plan starts on the 17th) and going for sub 2 hours for Brighton in Feb!
    Last hard: Nov 25th.
    Last easy: The past 10 days.
    Lyrics: Unfortunately yes, but I couldn't remember the band who did it in the '90s. Googled it and am getting major flashbacks.
    sweep love it when a run improves the day.

  • Today's plan was the Hell of Christmas present shopping, with a day's "use it or lose it" holiday. Quit at 4pm, and went swimming, whereupon I met up with Large Daughter and her boyfriend. This was a training session, not to a pre-determined structured plan that's written down, but I definitely start each session with a plan in mind.
    16x at hard pace. (w/u) 9:54 ...well chuffed
    4x alternate side breathing with pull buoy float
    16x at hard pace, racing the offspring & b/f. (I did 10:40 OK)(she did 7:00 and was chuffed)(Her b/f quit once I'd overtaken him on lap 6/16)
    4x alternate side breathing
    16x steady and strong 12:30ish
    Did I mention that Large wasn't large as in broad, she's large as in tall, well endowed, and closely related to the fishes? Look closely behind the ears and you can see gills.

    I'm obviously wrapping pressies now.....

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