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  • rafiki - thunder run ??   solo ???   its the only way image 

  • You're mad - what you'll do to get into the decent camp site!! And you might still beat our Pirate team of 5!! image

  • didnt realise there was 2 camp sites  - i'll have done the SDW100 by then so should know what im in for  - looking at around 100 mile as i did a 70 in 16 hours in torrential rain which was also a XC kind of course on 10 mile laps. shouldnt say too much - i might end up only doing 70 this time image


  • The soloists and doubles get to use the campsite adjacent to the start finish line so you have less distance to go to your tent and the food tents etc - where as us lesser mortals get stuck a good 400m away - such hardship!!

  • who is in the pirate team Raf?


  • Happychap is organising it - I think it will be Me, Happychap, Trogs, Little Sister (?) an An Other (as Toucs has had a crazy idea of doing the solo). You fancy entering a rival team? I know Cake was up for it image Plenty of beers and a good BBQ....oh and a little bit of running!

  • thinking about solo myself, don't think the double ironman will happen for me next year, so kicking around for ideas, a friend of mine did solo last year and took him a month to recover.

    fancied a team last year but nothing happened in the end, will get christmas out of the way and hopefully be making a decision about what I'm doing next year, but will have to be first half of the year and Mrs SA has the second half the year booked for IM Florida

  • Doing so far:

    Jan - couple of 10 ks booked then train till

    May - DIY HIM

    Jul - Outlaw

    Jul - Thunderrun (NOT Solo)

    Sept - Full Boar HIM

    Oct - Chester Mfun

  • April - caythorpe canter marathon & Stratford upon Avon marathon

    May - Cardiff ultra marathon

    I've bought some new brooks adrenaline 13 and a pair of off road running trainer! Which running shoe will be more suitable for the Cardiff ultra???


  • the cardiff ultra would be fine in road shoes....unless some incredible amount of rain......its on tarmac for large parts and the trails are mainly firm even in winter

  • Looe hellish and hillish (tomorrow)

    Marizion Olympic Tri

    The wall ultra run

    Bala Middle dist

    Then perhaps the Wendslydale Cheeseman middle dist
  • Not bad for a "rest year" image
  • I was going too have a quiet year well that's gone out the window...

    New forest - oly tri

    cowman British champs HIM

    Virgin London triathlon - oly

    challenge Henley - ironman

    As well as half marathons early season duathlon a and possible a very late season marathon so close to going sub 3 image
  • I got a bit excited last year after getting hooked on Triathlon, Ive entered most of these, did the half marathon on Sunday 1.52 to kick things off, bit worried about the 100k cycle the day after the Wolf run.


    9   Mar  -  The Shakespeare Raceway Spring Half Marathon

    6 Apr    -   Wolf run.   10k cross country

    7 Apr    -   The Shakespeare 100 CycloSportive Stratford-upon-Avon

    28 Apr  -   Shakespeare Half Marathon

    12 May -   Stratford 220 sprint triathlon.  Pool swim 400m, Cycle 23k, Run 5k

    26 May -   Coventry Sprint Triathlon.   Swim (pool) 400m, Bike 20km, Run 5km

    2 June  -   Wheel Heroes 100's and Super Heroes 150 cycle, Stratford

    9 June  -   Two Castles 10k run Warwick to Kenilworth 

    23 June- The Avenger, Middle Distance Triathlon, Ragley Hall.

    14 July -   Coventry Northbrook 10K

    21 July -   Birmingham Olympic triathlon.  

    4   Aug -     London Ride 100.    100 mile cycle

    8    Sep-   Lichfield 10k

    29 Sep -   Warwickshire sprint triathlon. Pool swim 400m, Cycle 23k, Run 5k

    16  Nov -  The Shakespeare Raceway Autumn Half Marathon

  • It seems that I will be bumping into Cheggers a few times, and Fatmo. Looking forward to meeting Schmunks.

    April 28 - Shakespeare Stratford marathon

    May 26 - marshalling at Gloucester sprint tri. ALL INVITED.

    June 16th - Cotswold 113 Half tri

    Sept 8th - Challenge Henley Full Ironman distance

    Probably lots of tinpot races midweek too.


  • March 24th - Ironbridge Half Marathon

    April 13th/14th - Chichester Big Weekend

    May 26th - Gloucester Sprint Tri    Always a great event, bump into you there Blisters?

    June 23rd - Forestman (first IM)


    Not planning anything after that as Mrs MTH says so... But probably Cotswold Classic (HIM) in August, Langdale Half Marathon in September

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    So far...


    5th May - Southwell sprint tri

    20th May - Fareham sprint tri (we're down there anyway and trying to persuade my sister-in-law to join in!)

    9th June - Little Beaver tri (first full Olympic tri)


  • I've entered the following

    • Escape from Alcatraz (completed)
    • Brighton Marathon
    • Bradford on Avon, Stowe, Bristol & Weymouth Olympic Tris
    • Wimbleball
    • Bristol and Cardiff Half Marathons


    Don't intend to enter any more than this, but you never know!

  • interesting first postimage


  • Just added another to my list

    BASF bike tour 5 May

    Tri-Pfalz Olympic tri 12 May

    Sonnenhut sprint tri 26 May

    Heilbronn HIM 23 June (added)

    Challenge Vichy Half 1 September

  • Clitheroe Tri(first ever) 14th April - Is anyone else doing this?

    DIY HIM, bits of it - 5th May

    keswick Mountain Festival Tri the longer distance - 19th May

    Outlaw half - 2nd June

    Ironman UK - 2nd August

    Hard Rock Cafe - 9th August, this will be more challenging that the Triathlons as I am aiming to drink 9 months worth of beer and make up for all the missed BBQ's and Burgers!

  • So far:

    Ashby 20 - 17th March

    Wiggle Mercia ride - 7th April

    Rutland CiCLE - 20th April

    Tour of National Forest  - 5th May

    The Beaver half - 8th June

    Great East swim 5km - 22nd June

    Wales IM - 8th Sept









  • Shaping up like this at the moment:


    17 March -           Fleet Half Marathon

    21 April -              London Marathon

    5 May -                 Marshman Plus - 3/4 Ironman

    8 June   -              Blenheim

    16 June -              Ironman 70.3 UK

    18 August -         Challenge Copenhagen

    15 September - Challenge Henley Half

    29 September - Hever Gauntlet - Half Iron

  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    Feb/Mar/Apr: winter duathlons, including Marlow.

    May/Jun: Lots of sprints including Grendon, Rother, Bristol, Llandudno


    Feb: VoTwo Dorney sprint du - done
    Mar: Althorp du - done
    Mar: Newbury du - DNS as it became a C-race.
    Mar: Marlow duathlon
    Apr: ETU European duathlon champs
    May: Hart sprint tri (maybe)
    May: Grendon sprint tri
    Jun: Bristol triathlon
    Sep: Cardiff HM (maybe)
    Sep: Reading sprint tri (maybe)

  • This is no good, I've been looking through these lists with interest, now mine has expanded, I have my first IM planned for 2015, now I'm thinking next year ?

    Must spend less time entering events and more time training for them.

  • After watching the wifey get less and less tolerant after each of the 13 events in 2012, I have kept the organised events light.

    March - Cheshire Cat

    April - First of the Summer Tri Sprint

    May - DIY Half IM and Slateman Standard

    July - Outlaw

    August - Salford Olympic

    September - Nantwich Sprint and Sandman Standard

    October - Snowman Standard

    November - Llandudno Half Mara
  • May 19th - IM Lanza (complete not compete)
    June - 3 * sportives as motivation
    July 7th - Outlaw Triathlon.  (kill the bike, survive the run)
    July 19th ish  London to Paris - bike 300 miles in 3 days.
    Aug 24th -  Newcastle to London bike 300 miles in 24 hours. 


  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Did the Marmotte sportive in the Alps at the weekend - absolutely fantastic event - should be on the must do list in 2014for anyone that cycles - not as hard as anIronman I  imagine but pretty tough and great fun.

  • I've really enjoyed this year so far, this has been my first proper year at events having completed my first sprint last year, still training hard(ish) and will be doing my first middle distance 1st september, Wild Boar image

    Revised and updated:

    9   Mar  -  The Shakespeare Raceway Spring Half Marathon (completed)

    7 Apr    -   The Shakespeare 100 CycloSportive Stratford-upon-Avon (completed)

    28 Apr  -   Shakespeare Half Marathon (completed)

    12 May -   Stratford 220 sprint triathlon.  (completed)

    9 June  -   Two Castles 10k run Warwick to Kenilworth (completed)

    21 July -   Birmingham Olympic triathlon.  (entered)

    4   Aug -  London Ride 100.    100 mile cycle  (entered)

    1 Sep   -  The Wild Boar Middle distance  (entered)

    29 Sep -   Warwickshire sprint triathlon. (entered)

    16  Nov -  The Shakespeare Raceway Autumn Half Marathon

  • May 19th - IM Lanza (complete not compete)  -  done image
    June - 3 * sportives as motivation 
    chiltern 100, dragon ride, flat out in the fens 150  -  done image

    July 7th - Outlaw Triathlon.  (kill the bike, survive the run)  done and then some   image
    July 19th ish  London to Paris - bike 300 miles in 3 days.   bring it on
    Aug 24th -  Newcastle to London bike 300 miles in 24 hours.    not so scary now image


    need to find something for Sept / Oct

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