• Gazmanmeister wrote (see)

    Stick with the 3 miles and vary the pace Trogs, it's not about the distance this month, just doing the amount of runs you've specified. Well done on getting 4 in.

    Cheers Gaz.  The 4 came from the 'every other day' thing so will only be doing 3 next week.  First two 3 milers this week were relatively flat and felt really comfortable; this morning's was back on home circuit which is a bit more undulating and I could feel the difference.

    Since my only real target at the moment is to regain an enjoyment of running by not pushing too hard, there's no harm in sticking at 3 miles for another week image

  • Totally agree with that.

    Just getting my running mojo back after long periods of injury. 

  • Last call for Paul Drewery to log last weeks runs

    You have til 8am to do so.

  • first run of the new week complete - on track so far image


  • Any idea who Paul Drewery is??

  • Hows the running doing SA, feeling good ?

  • No

  • Gazmanmeister wrote (see)

    Hows the running doing SA, feeling good ?

    Got the 4 villages half marathon on Sunday, will tell you after that, but my parkrun time is coming down.

    10 miles on Sunday then 6 mile recovery run last night of which the last 2 miles ended up being tempo instead of recovery, so not to bad


  • Good news, glad to hear it.

    Bit of a devil isn't it when you go out easy and the pace is much quicker than expected because you feel so good whilst doing it.

    Stay healthy.

  • Snow !!!

    I've managed to get my runs completed for this week, did a long one this morning in anticipation of it getting worse over weekend.

    Remember it's only has to be a mile run to qualify.

    Run safe and stay healthy guys.

  • More logging for me. A nice 8.5 miles in the snow this morning, very nice but cold, foggy and windy

  • Quick run last night

    hope the snow goes away as parkrun is in danger as is the half marathon on Sunday


  • I was surprised to see that I was not the only runner out at 5.15 this morning pushing footprints into fresh soft snow.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    got home early today so managed a bonus run, 6 miles through snow, pulling my daughter on a sledge, was great fun image

    hoping to do same tomorrow, but she may want to wrap up a bit warmer next time.

  • Hehe - I got rivalled by Tom Williams and mentioned on marathontalk this week image

    One more run to go to complete week two.  I'm hoping to get outside, but it's very dodgy on the ice.  If the snow doesn't compact and freeze overnight, perhaps tomorrow might be better.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    find a field / park and run on the nice soft snow, it's great. especailly if your first one there and make all the new footprints.

  • still 2 runs to do, one tomorrow and 1 on Sunday me thinks

  • Same here but we now have a few inches of snow, it's still coming down heavily and it's forecast snow for the next 3 days. Should be interesting to see how I manage my next 2 runs
  • Some nice snow here too now. Was just too sloppy and icy to go out early doors this morning so am off out Ian bit, when me tea has settled. One more to do on Sunday then another quota achieved. Yay!
  • Should have read slippy not sloppy....damn auto correct. Not bothered about a bit of slop haha.
  • Sounds as if you're all doing well image

    Seem to have had a bit of a thaw overnight, depends on how today goes may still do another run tomorrow.

  • Going to have to brave the snow today AND tomorrow to make all my runs for this week. Will struggle over the next two weeks as I'm away in hotels, working at nights. Hope they either in reasonable running areas or have gyms with treadmills.
  • Fresh overnight snowfall covered the ice, so I finally got outside for today's 12m MLR (yay!).  Very enjoyable run and caps off another week, so I'm off to log my Jantastic score now.

  • Not so bad out this morning, managed another 10 miler. No point in adding to total.


  • Done a very short 1.4 mile jog with the dog, go away ice, had enough now.
  • Somehow managed to fail to do my run yesterday so had to go out today instead.  If not for Jantastic I probably wouldn't have forced myself out the door. so thanks for that.

    Not too bad underfoot on the half mile or so on the pavements and just right off-road. Still had to resort to run/walk for the first time this year image

  • Well done Trogs and Richard, as you say, it's not easy underfoot but great that you got out there.

    Time to get the scores on the doors people, log it all on Marathontalk please image

  • Saved my week with a quick trot out

  • I'm winning.

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