Bournemouth Marathon 2013

The 1st Bournemouth Marathon Festival, bring it on! Anyone else signed up yet?



  • i might sign up for marshalling.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Not at fifty quid! Plenty of other races around for a lot less than that!

    I was really interested until I saw the price.
  • Yep ??50 a bit steep even if it is my home town
  • This event is organised by a commercial company GSI events that have a history of making a hash of races.

    The last race they did was a farce; they cancelled an event quite close to the event because they hadn't got the course sorted.

    They are behind Edinburgh Marathon which is one of the lowest rated city centre events in the country.

    You have been warned.

  • i'm interested in this one, and was told that its the same people who organise Edinburgh and thought Edinburgh got really good reviews, all the people who i know have ran Edinburgh said they loved it, not keen on the price which i think will keep alot of people from signing up so cant see it selling out so will probably leave it til nearer the day before signing to it

  • I did the Kilomathon which was organised by GSI - wouldn't touch one of their events again with a barge pole.........

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    This must be one of the most expensive marathons around. I'd be suprised if they got anywhere near selling out.

    I wonder where they got the idea that fifty quid was a fair price to charge for a new event run by a company with some pretty poor feedback.
  • I ran Edinburgh in 2008 (not sure if it was the same event organisers then) and thought it was excellent. Agree with price being fairly steep though, but as I failed to get into London via the Ballot again this year £50 is cheap compared to having to raise around £2000 for a charity place!

  • again another interested party who won't be signing up- 50 pounds, far too expensive!

  • Yeah was looking for a Marathon next autumn as my first and Bournemouth is not too far from Winchester, but £50 I think not!!!

    Also it's a bit worrying that they can't give details of the route yet!!!! is it a loop or more likely from the info on the site about buses it's a run out and bus back and I'm sure I read somewhere that the buses were a farce on the kilomarathon organised by the same company.

    Got a feeling a weekend in Chester (or possibly Berlin) is more likely for me.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Seems a bit of a rip off to me!
  • I've no experience of GSI but I too did what I thought was a `special' marathon in my home city of Hull this year.  Again, a commercial company and an absolute shambles.  No mile markers, a portion of the runners sent the wrong way meaning they only did 23 miles.  Change of course in the morning due to lack of marshals meant the rest of us did about 25.9 miles.  There were meant to be road closures but weren't, leaving people in danger.

    I'm not saying Bournemouth marathon will be the same, but in your shoes I'd be asking some very serious questions and seeking `cast iron' (not the Cameron variety) guarantees.

  • In contrast, I've done the North Dorset Marathon, organised by a running club, half the price and with no other object in mind than to provide a good race for runners.  I know where my money would be going if I still lived down there...

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    New forest marathon is around the same time and a lot cheaper.
  • £47.50 then £3 CC charge parking all day in the town is about a tenner then theres the bus back from the pier to Kings park so well over £60 for a first road marathon LOL

  • I've done the Edinburgh marathon and apart from delays in bag reclaim I thought it was fine.
  • Just came on here to check this one out and NO WAY at that price !!! What a shame as was so wanting to have a go. I tend to run about 15 marathons a year and do have to watch the cost. As said before...plenty more out there for half the price...shame tho. image

  • Apparently the route will be run from kings park down to boscombe pier. Run down to sandbanks run down shore road up Evening Hill, turn round run back the way you can and finish at the pier

    Doesn't sound very exciting, and the wind along the seafront in October will put pay to any pbs

    So a bit crap really
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Struggling to see what you get for your money at this one. Hopefully people will vote with their feet and do something cheaper and more interesting.
  • Its aimed at the charity market so may not get the repeat business events like this need. You need year on year growth until you get sustainable level of entry. Road racing on this level is expensive.

    The first couple of years will be good for them people locally taking on a new challenge but after 2 maybe 3 years you could find people have been there and done that. Bournemouth is a great place in October its cold windy and pisses with rain the sea front can be grim. 

    Its not a pb course, the price will put off a lot of people and the reputation of the organisers doesnt bode well long term

  • I take it they're using the seafront so they don't have to pay for road closures?  If it is a pleasant October day I would think the seafront would be quite busy.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I've also noticed it says that Bournemouth is in Hampshire. The last time I looked it was in Dorset.
  • Barnsley you are right about road closure. Motorist is king round these parts.

  • Glad I saw this thread, was already thinking that it was a but pricey but was going to email a friend from down that way and suggest that we both did this. The links to the feedback for the other events that these promote are a real eyeopner!

  • Just looked at this because I too was interested until I realised price and the fact it was not run by a club.  The price for the 10k is nearly £25 too - I know some fancy London ones are that price but here in the Westcountry we are more used to £15 tops.

    Also bizarre that they are advertising it and taking bookings when the route isnt even published. 

    Another miss from me......

  • I was looking at this one as well, but may change my mind having heard your comments.  Other options I was looking at are Loch Ness, Abingdon or New Forest.  Can't afford to pay a fortune to travel to event so that may remove Loch Ness from the list.  What's the New Forest like?  I have heard that the lap after the half marathoners leave is more multi terrain?

  • Loch Ness has a good reputation but is quite hard to get to, especially if you need to be back the next day to take the kids to school etc, it's a good 4 hour drive from Glasgow or, if I recall correctly, you need to be on your toes and back to the airport pretty quickly, the last Birmingham flight for example is 17:30 although there is a London flight after 8pm. Certainly a few years ago you had to be there the day before to regsister too. The flights are that expensive, book now and you'll be under a hundred quid.


    For an autumn marathon I'd say Chester is a good race, flat(ish) with a couple of short hills, you'll struggle to find a better organised race, good parking, close enough to the city centre for your family to see you off, have a brew and a wander around and then get back to the finish, pretty reasonably priced for a closed road event too at about 40 quid.

  • Route announced Here ya go

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    A lot of out and back bits. Could be tough work on a windy day.

    I've now signed up for Abingdon as its got a great reputation and was 38 quid with no card charges.
  • Won't be that bad on a windy day with all those turnarounds. One mintue the wind will be in your face, the next it'll be at your back.

    As a local there is no way i'm going to pay £50 to run that route.  It's not exactley inspiring.

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