Bournemouth Marathon 2013



  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    The offer for my spare entry still stands if anyone's interested (see about 14 posts above this one).

  • Hi all

    The biggest incentive for me is time of year!  I don't mind Autumnal weather - unless the global warming effect means we get 25c. If i survive this one I may be more fussy about the price - but training through winter ice rules out spring marathons for me.  Just wondering if Bournemouth can put on a good display of entertainment/support - I'm optimistic.


  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    Can be proper fresh down on that prom in October. I've been up and down there a few times.

  • I think i can face anything after sleet/freezing rain at Reading Half this year!  Running by the sea - hope the novelty factor will keep me going.  Do we run past the nudist beach  - could put me off my stride! image Or, I'll run faster ...

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    CC3: No not the nudist beach, unless you get on the ferry at Sandbanks. The whole course is squeezed into an 8/9 mile stretch of seafront between Hengistbury Head and Sandbanks.

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    Gets better and better.....they're charging £8 to travel 2.7 miles on the bus from the finish back to the start.

  • Just get a day pass on the city bus, they go everywhere.  Less than  £4

  • Hi signed up and got a place in the marathon bit worried training is going ok but the costs are mounting up now.

    We were going to stay over night but one hotel owner said B and B and hotels had pushed the prices up by 50% 

    Parking is £4 all day which is reasonable but the shuttle bus to the finish is £8 each there are 3 of us running does anyone know if the local buses are running that day?


  • I'll probably walk from the finish back to the start, looks to be a little over 2 miles. I'm only doing the half though.

    Looks like you can get a Yellow Bus 1C from the finish (Exeter Road) most of the way. Assuming it's running, not sure what's happening with road closures.

    Parking at the train station might be another option, it's about half way between the start and the finish.

  • Will there be runners world pace makers at this event?







  • Hey guys getting closer. 

    Not much of a buzz about this race Facebook is a bit meh! And there's not a lot of chatting on RW either. Have not had a lot of feedback from the organisers either. 

    Why do you think this is ?

    Looking forwards to the day hope the weather is kind. image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I think the price and the cost of "extras" has put a lot of the more serious runners off.

    It did for me anyway.
  • agree Millsy, and the fact I did one of their events last and vowed not to return

  • I see. The cost of the shuttle bus is high. I contacted a taxi company they will charge £8 for four of us as opposed £8 ea. 

    It's the first time the race has been held I'm sure it won't be that bad 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I'll wait and see what everyone says about it after.

    It just seemed a bit like Ryanair with credit card charges, bus charges etc. on what was already an expensive entry fee.

    Maybe I've got it all wrong but it did seem like they were out to get as much money out of you as possible.

    Instead of spending around 60 quid on this one, I'm doing Abingdon for 38 and that has a really good reputation for a really well run event and a fast flat course.

    I could also have done the Clarendon marathon for 25 quid or the new forest marathon for 28.
  • What other events do the organisers do?

  • I did the kilomathon last October where the logistics were awful. Queues of over an hour in the freezing cold waiting for the one mini bus to return. There's a thread about it on RW. 

  • Apologies for my late entry onto this thread but I thought I would try and inject some much needed positivity! I for one have been training hard for this (apparently overpriced) marathon and am looking forward to a good day with my fellow runners. If it turns out to be as bad as some people expect it to be then so be it, but in the mean time, bring it on!! I am never sure why some folks feel the need to criticise a race before it's even happened - if you don't like the sound of it, don't enter - there are plenty of other races out there! Good luck to all who have entered what could be a great marathon - see you on the day image

  • runmikerun: That was the problem; I did 'like the sound of it' so I stupidly entered prior to them making the route public. Once I saw the route I realised my mistake and luckily I've since passed my entry on to someone who is happy to run up and down the prom. Really hope it goes well for all involved. The pics on the website do make it look a really great venue but I do all of my training between Poole and Bournemouth and it can get pretty 'fresh' in October.

  • Well we will see. Must admit there's not much if a buzz about it. Other races I've done there's been page after page of chat on here and Facebook. This race seems flat. As if no ones that fussed 

  • Surprised they are charging £8 for the shuttle bus back to the start and they say that excludes any charges for car parking.  I've done Niagara and Boston and they don't charge to bus you 26 miles to the start.

    I recently did Wolverhampton and that was £24 with no additional charges.  Bournemouth £50 and the Reading half £36 seem to be overpriced.  I've also done Tijuana and the race was free to enter, the pasta meal the night before was free and you still got a medal and a goody bag.

  • This is a commercial event to generate income for the organisers so it's an expensive event with lots of extras piled on.

    The organisers are not from the area, have nothing to do with a running club and there have been significant criticisms of their other events in the past.

    There are plently of excellent marathons and half marathons in the Hampshire Dorset area organised by running clubs that will cost you a lot less.


  • Hi guys/gals

    Looking at the course properly now (having already signed up and done loads of training), the route looks pretty exposed - ie right along the beach and over two piers. For those who live in Bournemouth, is it really worth chasing a pb on the day (sub 3hr) given that I am guessing a sea-breeze will be prevalent?!

    Any advice from the locals?


  • I think it will depend on conditions on the day. If its dry and no wind then you may be in for a chance. If its anything like it was last Sunday then it could be hard work and a very bleak affair.
  • thebeardedrunner: Depends on how 'strong' your current pb is. Any wind is going to have you one way or the other and there's a couple of hills that'll mess with your splits as will running onto both piers. Nearly all of my training runs use all or part of the prom down there and you really won't want to be running too far into anything over 10mph. Pray for Northerly wind; this is the only direction which doesn't really affect it. I personal wouldn't be chasing my pb.....have a good one.

    Millsy: A couple of us did 24 miles on Sunday but started early at 0700 heading West to start with, into Poole and then back along the prom to Boscombe . Weather was perfect; sun out and no wind. By the time I got home around 10ish the wind had got up along with the rain....must have got tough.

  • I did 20 miles on Sunday afternoon in the wind and rain. I wasn't running in Bournemouth but my knowledge of what it can get like there sometimes I was glad I had the opportunity to get some cover at times.
  • I'm doing the half. Wasn't planning to go PB chasing, but decent performances in a couple of recent races have got me thinking. Managed 33:40 for a tough 5 miler (Overton) a couple of weeks ago, sticking that in a race time predictor suggests 1:34:00. My current PB is 1:38:29

    I think I've got a reasonable chance of beating my PB, maybe even getting under 1:35. Will have to see what conditions are like on the day, and how I feel. If it doesn't look promising I'll probably save myself for the Gosport Half.

  • Blimey you lot love a moan!

    Nobody can do anything about the weather, so whats the point in the 'pray for good weather or it will be tough', its a marathon for crying out loud.

    As for the £8 bus, dont buy the ticket. Solves that one.

    Its a commerical operation so are you really surprised this isnt the cheapest race around?

    Plenty will be raised for charity, many people will complete there first marathons, the fact a few people might not be able to run a pb due to less than perfect conditions by the sea in october is a rather minor point.

  • Yep - I live here & its pricey enough for us locals - feel sorry for you out of towners!  I am doing it - but just this once.  Route is not good at all - passes the pier approach 5 times!!!  No wonder the route was released so late!  I really hope all goes well & that you all enjoy it - I'm a local running coach & I'd much rather have seen a local company running the show.  Good luck everyone - & if you don't like it - at least you got to visit our lovely town!

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