Bournemouth Marathon 2013



  • Anders Lewis: Yes, because everyone runs every marathon for charity, the running's just a minor point image. This was initially publicised as a Bournemouth and Poole marathon not the 'up and down the prom marathon'.  

  • Got my number today, complete with chip in a piece of foam glued to the back. Also 4 safety pins and a couple of High 5 tablets.

    I'm in Orange pen, which looks like the first to go.

    In other news, ran a time of 20:13 at Havant parkrun this morning - my quickest ever on that course. Feeling optimistic for the race.

  • Lots of negative comments Lol! image I have trained hard for what will be only my second marathon! I'm very excited and personally I can't wait!!!!image

  • Entered the Half, and really looking forward to it. Will reseve any judgement on the organisation, etc, until after the race. I've had good and bad organisational experiences of both club organised and 'professional' events.

    I must say that I'm very surprised to be in the orange pen, with my est. finish time of 1:47 (will loiter round the back of it!).

    It does get windy on the seafront, but should be some compensation by being a flat course.

    It's nice to have a race which I can walk to the start line from home...

    Does anyone know what the race capacity is?

  • Just spotted this on the Daily Echo website - Town's marathon is miles too expensive

    And on the Runner’s World website, several posters queried the price.

    Millsy1977 said: “This must be one of the most expensive marathons around.

    “I’d be surprised if they got anywhere near selling out.

    “I wonder where they got the idea that £50 was a fair price to charge for a new event run by a company with some pretty poor feedback.”

    Torquayrunner said: “I was interested until I realised the price and the fact that it was not run by a club.”

    And Gertie said: “As a local there is no way I’m going to pay £50 to run that route. It’s not exactly inspiring.”


  • Wow I'm famous. Was supposed to be heading down there next Friday. I may not be welcome any more!
  • It will be interesting to read the feedback post race

    The organisers reckon its on next year as well

  • Im sure there will be plenty of encouragement on the day.........from fellow runners as you backwards and forwards past them on the seafront about 5 times

  • Well said sara2 - and good luck with your 1st marathon!!image

  • Sorry for voicing an oppinion that may not have been overly positive.

    I thought the forum may have been the sort if place to voice my concerns.

    As someone who does a lot of races in that area I was initially keen to run this race until I saw the price and the "added extras"

    So as said earlier I didn't like the price so I didn't enter.

    I am now taking my money and spending it in another town instead.

    Ps. I have also posted on many races that I thought were great as well.
  • +1 for Abo, Millsy ;o)

  • The Bournemouth marathon will be my first marathon. I know this is the first year it has gone ahead but does anyone know show hard the route is?Just trying to get myself mentally prepared.......if that's even possible with a marathon! 

  • This is the profile:

     so it's pretty flat. Quite a lot of the course is along the seafront, so could be tough if it's windy. Forecast looks OK at the moment.

  • It's mainly flat. Looking at the route there are a couple of short sharp hills at around 12.5 and 18 mile points.  Like Tom says it's the wind that can be the killer. Normally it's from the south west so you could be wind assisted in the last few miles.

  • Just had another look at the routes. The 26th mile looks like it comes about a mile from the finish according to the map. Don't worry if you lose your running partner as there wil be plenty of opportunities to see them again coming the other way. Check out the 5 and 10K routes; straight out and backs the same as the Poole Runners Winter series but they only charge 2 quid.

  • £2? 

    My God what a liberty

  • £2? 

    My God what a liberty

  • £2? 

    My God what a liberty

  • Thank you for your comments. Being wind assisted in the last few miles doesn't sounds too bad.
  • hmm I feel this website doesnt like Chrome browser three times was too many 

  • gb: £6 would be a bloody libertyimage

  • Mr Boat it wouldnt be if you ran up and down the prom three times

    I mean imagine doing that in a race.....? Erm? image


  • Yo all,


    Couple of QQ's (quick questions). Does anyone know how much parking costs per hour on the sea front (from about 8am on Sunday)?

    Does the marathon actually finish on the pier?

    How much would local buses charge to fire me back to the start? (no way pedro to the £8 those scaleys want from me)

    & OOI (out of interest) does anyone know what bus number would I need?

    Can anyone hit me with a confirmer?

    Muchos - Tone

  • T&S: There are three big car parks in central Bournemouth which I don't think are too expensive on a Sunday. They are all less than 5 minutes walk from the pier approach where the finish is. I'm sure there will be plenty of people heading towards the start. It'd cost you less than £8 if  you get a taxi. I'm sure you could find someone to share with you.

  • here you go..

    .you need to go from Gervis Place (also known as the square) to Kings Park.

    and Car Parking -

    (car park 4 is closest to the finish)

  • Yellow Bus - 1a - picks up in Bournemouth twon centre (oustide Debenhams etc) and drops off at Kings Park - think it's about £2.50 for a return ticket - pretty frequent but check their website for Sunday times,

  • Sorry - it's Yellow Bus numbered 2a, not 1a (no idea where that goes so don't get on it!)

  • Muchos Boaty, Gertie & Kirtsy for hitting me with the confirmers.

    Only £2.50 for a return and they want £8 one way. What scaleybacks. Maybe their buses have on board entertainment like (bussy-oke, or busking, geddit - LOL).

    I like the idea of a yellow bus too, reminds me of the Beatles (oh no hang on, that was a submarine) Soz.

    Need to hit the forum with a giddy upper (not a fan) re finish line. Does anyone know if it finishes on the pier or, as the name suggests, Pier Approach (as supplied by the boatmeister), a piece of road that approaches the pier and not indeed the pier itself.

    OOI (out of interest) Any of you hangers know how many doing the marafun?

    LFA (looking forward already) to a smashing weekend. How bout you guys?

    Stay Cool,



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