Long slow runs why?



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    With Edinburgh being so far away I'm not going to increase my long run for a couple of months.

    No reason why you can't start increasing your long run now. Actually it's a very sensible idea to start early and have a few weeks 'leeway' built in to your long term plan in case of illness or injury. If you're thinking of doing a 16 week training plan, starting it exactly 16 weeks before the marathon leaves no time to make up any training you might miss out on for whatever reason.

    If you get to week 13 and you're still 8 weeks out from the marathon, you can just repeat a few weeks. I don't think this would be anything but good as long as you remember to take it slightly easier every third week.

    Teknik is right about physiological changes your body has to make. The training plans are based on fact and research, they're not just guesswork! The others are right about the forum being littered with first time marathon runners who blow up at 20 miles.

    Gotta watch out for them, could really put you off your stride people exploding left, right and centre with 6 miles to go.

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