Rock N Roll Marathon Series coming to Dublin

This sounds class!! The Rock n' Roll Half Marathon Series is coming to Dublin next August 5th 2013 and was looking to see if any of you guys have completed it either in the US or elsewhere in Europe? I know it was in Edinburgh last year and will be agin this year.

Worth doing? Never completed a half marathon so also wanted to know what lead time I should give myself for training? Link below if anyone interested



  • As it's a new one who knows? All different. Perhaps if you could share some detail about yourself we can help. Your profile's a bit blank and don't know much about you. Do share so we can. Oh, and I am doing it. RW site full of good programmes from beginner to pb hunters, just use the search bar.

  • Thanks for that Tinselcelt, I updated my profile some more. I'm toying with the idea of doing the run next August but just need some direction and focus. Once I get that I'll be in the zone! image

  • This is gonna be a  blast I reckon. If I get a Dublin marathon Race Series done and Rock N Roll I'll be chuffed. With Rock N Roll you have to love the music on every mile- it really makes it easier and then to finish, and enjoy a headline concert with a few pals- best ever. This year instead of being the pal at the finish line supporting I'll be running- yeah - bit of crack. Will it look cheesey if I want to bring my inflatable guitar do you think? 

  • Might look cheesy but would be fitting under the circumstances. Most rnr are a hoot anyway so it'll just add

  • Count me in. I'll be there! Now just looking at somewhere to stay. image

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