Nike Filament tights - size LT ?

Apologies as I am sure this one has probably been done to death but ...

I have a pair of Nike Filament running tights - love them! Just right for warmth fit etc with the exception of leg length.

The problem is that not only am I tall I have long legs - 35 ish inside leg and the end result is that I have not yet found a pair of tights that are long enough without having to fill in the gaps with long socks.

Nike advertise on their retail site that they make various lengths for the shorter and longer person and a size LT (see  link) would be fab.!264

he only problem is that nobody seems to stock them and enquires of Nike via their customer (care?) team elicit the response along the lines of "if you can't see it we don’t have it in stock, but check back as stock is always being updated”.

Well I have been checking back regularly for over 2 years without success.

I cannot be the only tall runner out there so what do other people do - are there any makes that are longer in the leg than Nike.

Hopefully yours



  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    I sympathise as I am a fairly tall female with a ridiculously long 34ish inside leg so everything is always too short and fits wrong ie the knee bits are halfway up my (very long) thighs etc. The only place I've found different lengths are 2xu compression tights (Small Tall - yeh) but no-one stocks them so you need to get them direct from 2xu and pay an arm and a (very long) leg.

    Otherwise keep shopping around and trying on - I have found Sweaty Betty running tights (girl stuff) are wonderfully long (also pricy but good sales). Really frustrating that more brands don't cater for different leg lengths runners come in all shapes and sizes and comfort is everything!
  • Hi both, I'm 6'5" tall with 36" inside leg and my Nike tights are a bit short but I found a pair of Adidas tights (model has slipped my mind!) but they were on offer in Sports direct and are quite a bit longer than my Nikes. Failing that, my new More mile compression socks end just under the knee so no one can tell where the tights end and the socks begin! Hahahaha! Don't you love running in the winter!!

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