Ebay Scam warning

This is a warning regarding people stealing honest e-bayers ID and then posting not existent high price items for sale taking your money and then disappearing.
1 Seems to good to be true £2000 bike starting at £1 no reserve
2 Free postage
3 usually a short 3 day auction rather than normal 7 day
4 Seller contacts highest bidder and offers to sell the item outside e-bay with a money transfer.

I would like to take this opportunity to bring everybodies attention to a bargain on e-bay at the moment.
Carbon giant TCR brand new no reserve starting price £1 and free shipping.
You better hurry this only a 3 day auction.
seller registered in the US but location is in UK?
If you take a look at all the positive feedback from the happy people this seller has previously sold to they have very British names such as Shucks, star-bucks-girl and country at heart.
this is a private auction and the bidders cannot be contacted
Hurry to snap up this bargin !!!!!!!


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