5 Years?

Hello just signed up this is my first post. I have recently returned to running after a 5 year absence. First time round i started up in 1993 aged 32 and did my first race over 5miles in 37mins  and after 5 years training and racing managed pbs of  5M 27:33  10K 34:40  10M 57:10  HM 1:18:09. My peak was around 1998/1999 however i continued running until 2006 when my 10K time was around 37:00 and 5M 29:00. I took 5 years out to coach my youngest son at football and returned to running in 2011.After nearly  2 years training i am running 5K in low 19s and 10K in 40:20 ish. Has anyone on the forum been in a similar situation, after a lengthy absence?  I am now 52 and wondering if the next 3 years will see further improvement as in the 5 year cycle above( by that i mean improving my current times not reaching my previous best ones) Is 5 years in running terms a significant period not only in terms of vet catagories? I have never been one for high milage and even at my best ran approx 40-45 a week. At present i am running approx 35 mpw . Anyone any thoughts on the 5 year improvement phase? 


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Sounds a bit like me. I'm also 52. Pb's similar and also around 1998.

    Mileage similar. Sometimes higher, often a lot less.

    Currently able (well two weeks back I was able) to sneak under 60 mins for 10 miles.

    The major factor holding back progress for me was a gradual increase in weight, so I have to keep an eye on it. The penalty for being 12lb's 'over' is significant.

    Being fully flexible through the running range helps. Long muscles contract faster than shorter ones, so helps speed.

    Shouldn't need 5 years to turn this around. Maybe just one!

  • Thanks for the reply Ric. Interesting point you raise about weight, i would think i am heavier now than when at my peak , (i very rarely weigh myself) how do you personally combat this? I drink at weekends eat a reasonable diet or should i be thinking more in terms of a longer weekend run? At present i do about 1hr10mins to 1hr20mins. I am 5ft 10" tall medium build with a slight "belly" (will have to check my weight).

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