HUD Running Glasses/Goggles?

I understand that Oakley are working on a pair of HUD Running Glasses/Goggles that will give a Heads Up Display of your iPhone/Smart Phone running data/stats similar to these goggles they have just released for Skiing...

Skiing Goggles Video

More details here:

Oakley Skiing Goggles

What do you think? A goer or not?

Another piece of kit to add ot the runners wish listimage



  • I think I'd rather concentrate on looking where I'm going (both for skiing and running).

    I manage to look at the screen of a Garmin from time to time as I run.  Don't need anything like that for skiing.

  • Oakley have been working on these for a while - frankly I can't see the point

    as a skier of nearly 30 years, the one thing I have learned when skiing off piste and on steep slopes is that you need to focus on what's ahead - things can go badly wrong in an instant.  the last thing I'd want is some little distraction in the corner of my googles telling me I have a frigging text!!   you don't need to see what speed you're doing (unless you're a racer - maybe they have a use for that), or what vertical you're doing - you can use other gadgets to check those after.  

    and the same goes for running - if you want to check your pace or HR, how long does it take to look at your wrist unit??  there's no need for a HUD

    file it under gimmick

    (and no doubt we'll all be using them in about 10 years!!)

  • My thoughts exactly, but as someone in an IT related industry, it is fascinating to see  the interplay of technology and living - I suspect a whole new genre of technology based on HUD's is about to assualt us all.

    I guess we will all respond in our own way... for good or ill.

    Although, these goggles, at £500 UKP a pop kind of take away the choices for many.image


  • FB probably has this right, we'll all be wearing them in 10 years, they will be in all cars etc.  I have done some work on aircraft HUDs in a previous occupation and they are quite unintrusive.  Unlike a video game type display which is at focus on the screen a true HUD is focused at infinity so effectively you are just looking through the information.  Mind you I wouldn't want to carry the bit of kit on my head that generates the imagery for an aircraft.

  • JF50 - HUD's clearly have their place in the right environment but I do sometimes think that companies like Oakley are just developing these for a marketing edge, and no doubt they will provide them to pro skiers as part of their overall marketing campaigns.  but as the sales volume increases, the technology improves, and the prices come down, they will trickle down into other brands, variants etc.

    in some ways, there's a parallel with smart phones - 5 years ago they were hardly heard of and when they 1st appeared, people thought "why do I need one of them" - now nearly everyone has them.

    and £500 a pop?  no ta. I'll pay that for a pair of skis or ski boots, or technical wear to keep the weather out, but that's essential kit for skiing - this isn't

    but saying all that - no doubt they'll sell loads!


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    500 quid to tell me I'm skiing very slowly! Won't be on my Xmas list.

    Left my last pair of goggles in the bar on the way back so wouldn't like to do that with these pricy ones.

    As for running ones I'm not sure how much time I lose in a race by just looking at my wrist.
  • fat buddha wrote (see)


    in some ways, there's a parallel with smart phones - 5 years ago they were hardly heard of and when they 1st appeared, people thought "why do I need one of them" - now nearly everyone has them.



    I haven't got one, nor has my Squeeze, nor my sister.  My Mum hasn't got a mobile phone of any kind!

    I have a nice camera for taking pictures, an ordinary phone for calls and texts, and a computer at work and home to connect with the internet image

  • You are an exception Wilkie.  It is nice to think you can resist some changes but sometimes doing that will isolate you because of the way developments are going

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