5'3" Ladies 2XU Sizing !

I'm looking to purchase Mrs NID some 2XU full length compression tights.

She's 5' 3" + 3/4" and 57 Kg

Looking at the sizing chart she's bang on the borderline between Small and Medium. I know it says "choose the smaller size" but she won't like them if they're stupidly tight.

Any advice?

Cheers NID


  • I've not had them so can't comment on the brand, but based on the size chart (which isn't very sophisticated) would recommend reading the chart alongside your knowledge of her body shape. The chart assumes a shorter woman of the same weight would be a bigger size because she'd probably be wider (to fit the same number of kg into less height), so if your wife is closer to 5'4'' and well under 60kg she's not actually that close to the borderline. So if her upper and lower body are more or less in proportion and her legs are not longer compared to her top half, the small should be fine. But if she's more of a pear shape, the medium might be better.

  • Many thanks, appreciated!

  • wow - I'm the same height and wear xs in 2xu. don't think I weigh much less. I'm size 6, the xs is far too long in the leg though.

    Oh I'm 50kg just did the sums.

  • Thanks TM, she's size 10 so sounds like Small will be good.

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