The RW Forum Six


Have you been shunned by Asics?

Stuck in a training rut?

Got a marathon place and can only run round the block??

Busy busy busy and no time to train??

I have six lovely mentors all lined up and chomping at their Mizunos to get involved

All you have to do is to tell us why you should be given the prize of the millenium


Should not threaten to harm small animals
Should not send people to sleep or need a screen break

It will contain your hopes for a marathon time
It will contain your marathon entry confirmed
It will contain a brief running history of recent times and pb's

We would love to hear all about YOU, strengths, weaknesses and limitations


This thread will close on Monday 17th December and then Kittenkat and her esteemed Adjudicator(s) will cogitate the pitches and we will then announce the LUCKY SIX on Christmas Eve

Asics 6??  As they said on Channel 4 ... thanks for the warm up     image



  • Who will be the first to pitch?


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Rock on Melds!  Well done for putting this together.  Judging by the quality of the Asics shortlist I reckon we're in for a bumper year.  So many good people out there.  image

  • I only did a pitch 2 years ago to get the ball rolling................wasn't really going to go for a PB that year.......but them when successful managed a massive 28 min PB............

    so i would say that if you do the first pitch then the gods will reward youimage

  • Oh well this is exciting isn't it. image

    Look at Minni above. She was completely rubbish, got mentored by Dubai Dave and now she's totally awesome!

  • Get canvassing ????
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lol Spoons! 

  • on the other thread someone stated that this was for regulars..............can we just clarify that this is open to new regular posters as well as old regular posters....

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    How old is old?

    Is there a word limit? 

    Are physical bribes prefered to sexual ones?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Well done for starting Melds! I've followed the threads but never been lucky enough to get into the forum6 (it sounds like a bunch of escaped prisoners....)

    Get involved and you've got to be in it to win it!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    keir -  depends who you are bribing... image

    I'm spreading the word.

  • i love the marketing work you're putting in Minni image

  • emmy.go on ... get your entry in........image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Zuvai - this has the potential to be the best one yet.  I mean, imaging running a pb marathon in the year the future King or Queen is born.  Mind blowing, eh?

  • hahaha - very true image

    i cant remember what the results of the Asics were last year - but the i remember that the year you were in the RW6 - all 6 achieved thier time target while only 1 or 2 from the Asics 6 achieved theirs

    That wasn't posted with the intention to brag or belittle the others- it was posted for anyone dithering on posting to give them reassurances that the advice and mentoring really is top class

  • Well I might throw myself in the hat, just off to get a marathon place. I have a March 9th 21 mile Fell Race which they say is harder than the marathon does that count?  I'll be back.........image

  • Sounds like Keir has already guaranteed his place!

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Nothing's certain until you make the fat lady sing Lorenzo!

    Ok, as I’d like free coaching and a pair of M..eldy's old smelly trainers I’ll get the balls rolling.

    I am a really busy person who has lots of kids and a really busy life and want lots of free Asics stuff! Vote for me. image

    I’m a male in my late 30s and ran 2.54 at Abingdon in 2010. I have a place at VLM this year (I’m an excited VLM virgin). My target is to get under 2.50. Although I have a GFA place I will also be running for a charity as I enjoy making close family and friends feel uncomfortably guilty and giving me money. I’m considering a Guiness fancy dress WR, but struggling to find a light weight Rhino suit!

    Over the past year I’ve had another child (well, not me personally, but I was partly responsible for her arrival) and rather than stress about marathon training on a lack of sleep, I’ve been working on my speed and cycling skills – resulting in a top 3 and a clutch of other reasonable duathlon results. However before I get persuaded to embrace the darkside and hit the pool, I’d like to have a couple more years of chasing marathon pbs.

    For the past month or so I've been HADD base building between 50 – 60mpw and planning to run up to 80mpw for the campaign. I’m getting out for 1 ride of around 45m and would like to incorporate the odd bike session, just to keep those cycling legs for the summer months. My strength is my endurance, whilst my weakness is speedwork. I prefer the pain to be dialled down a notch for several hours rather than on max for a few minutes.

    Before VLM I’ve a few build up races planned – including a night time 33m Ultra and would quite like a crack at a sub 80min HM in the spring. However the 2.49.xx is the A goal and everything else is flexible (dependant on mentor approval!).

    Although In the past I’ve adapted P&D to fit my plans, my anal side really enjoys the planning constant rewriting involved marathon plan training. Where I feel a mentor could help me would be as a ‘critical friend’ who could guide and question some of my planned training sessions and help to identify areas for development (so long as it isn't intervals!). I would also like a thread all about me to fuel my already enormous ego. I promise this experience won’t change me and I’ll always sign autographs.

    Opps. My pbs are in the 'More about me' on my profile. Is that acceptable judges or do I need to paste them here?

  • go on then

    Manchester marathon 28th April (it dosen't have to be London does it)

    Ran it this year in horrendous weather and clocked 4:23:56 gun and 4:20:01 chip

    With better training want to get it down to 4 hours

    Best time was 3:47 at London many years ago

    I don't drink as much Guinness as Meldy, but then who does image

    But like the odd glass of wine

    Not done much since Ironman Wales this year

    I have the Stockport 10 race this weekend and have entered the 4 village half in January

    Training will have to be tailored a little as I also have a half ironman on 5th May, which isn't ideal with the Marathon being a week earlier, but I do recover quickly and can do swim and bike sessions as recovery

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Keir - I'd put them down here. Great pitch! 

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Here they are then Minni:

    5k = 17.59 (Ashford 2012)
    5m = 30.31 (Mid Kent 2012)
    10k = 37.19 (Rye 2011)
    10m = 63.32 (Folkestone 2011)
    13.1 = 81.39 (Lydd 2012)
    26.2 = 2.54.24 (Abingdon 2011)

  • Go on then, all help gratefully recieved

    Ive been running for 5 years. I started because I wanted to loose weight. (back to that later) I was 18 stone and clearly remember the day  got to the top of my stairs out of breath.

    I ran my first marathon London that year but sub 4 was never on (4.21) It took 5 more goes but finaly ran sub 4 in Nottingham in 2009.

    A fresh challenge was needed so off to South Africa to run Comrades in 2010. 10.23 and a bronze was achieved.

    And now the future I have a place in London and want to set not only a pb but break 3.40 which will give me a C seeding for this years Comrades. I hope it may also the spring board to run a "bill Rowan" sub 9.

    I still love bad food so no I need some help to achieve my target.

    5k -21.20
    10k - 44.02
    13.1- 1.39.40
    26,2 - 3.48.02
    89k- 10.23 45

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Blimey Martin that's great progress. Very well done with all you've achieved so far and I'm sure there's more to come.
  • Here we go then....

    Been running since 2002 and not managed a sub 5 marathon yet image I have places in London and Brighton in 2013 as I want to repeat last year's madness. Shortly after Loch Ness in 2011 I became I'll. I'd struggled with that one and couldn't understand why. I love that marathon but came away thinking I wouldn't bother withit again image Turns out I had womb cancer image A hysterectomy and radiotherapy later and I am on the comeback trail. Looking for a new set of pb's!

    I have had one race since starting again - Brighton 10k which I did in 1hr15m although my pb is something like 59.21. My marathon pb is 5.05 but I would really love 4.45 image
  • Hmmmm.....tough to choose already image
  • its starting to hot up.......i'mtempted to go and book a marathonimage

  • Seren- I've got 3 and an ultra lined up image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Seren - I'm tempted to apply again myself!!

    Jason - hello! Fancy pitching? You're a super fast man!

    roobarb - great recovery! And great pitch. image
  • I'm not doing any ultras for a year jason........i am being very strict with myself next year and focusing......

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Keir - you have so much knowledge (and some pretty impressive PBsimage) - what could you possibly gain from having a RW Forum Mentor? 

  • Out of interest.... Who are the mentors anyway?

    Minni- hi there! Not sure I could commit to the regular updates on progress. Sub 2.45 is my target this year though. Either in April or October it WILL happen image

    Seren- only a mini ultra for me- Gloucester 50k in January and not really racing it, more of a 31m tempo run image image
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