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  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Tenjiso wrote (see)

    Aww shunned again.  No mento's for me image

    Congratulations everyone!  I'll check out whether anyone has similar aims to me and stalk appropriately.

    Don't lurk... be a poster! I always enjoy reading your posts... it'd be a shame that a thread didnt get to see that!

    M...eldy wrote (see)

    If it were up to me i'd give you all one    image

    *inuendo intended  image

    Aiii.... I shall stand in the appropriate line image

  • Aww thanks Emmy, and congratulations!  I'll still be around imageimage


  • Woohoo - congratulations to all. Great mentors too. I'll look forward to lurking but won't join in cos I'm not doing a marathon the Spring. And you are all too fast for me anyway.

    Good luck. image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Took my eye off this for a moment and when I come back its passed me by. Gutted for me image but happy for those that were selected image.

    I stil need to work out how to sort out my training plan as I am convinced  I can do a PB in Paris.

    Will hang around and see what is going on. Maybe I will pick up a few tips.

    There is always next year ......

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Particular mention to Emmy, who has been so welcoming to us forum newbies.

    And a big one to Sarah. Well done doc - you really deserve this after having the rug pulled out from under you in the 26.2 comp. You've got an amazing mentor in Minni. She's given me so much help and encouragement in the past two weeks that I feel she's already been a mentor to me.

    I could dwell on the disappointment of two rejections in a week but I've decided that I can't be any more unlucky and have splashed out on a lottery ticket instead image

    Best of luck to you all!

    Also massive thanks to Meldy and everyone else involved - really appreciate you all taking the time to set all this up. 

  • I'm really chuffed, thanks for choosing me. I was tied up with visitors all day yesterday so missed all the fun. I can't wait to start now. I'm off out in a minute for a run but I may need to weigh myself down, it's seriously windy out there image

  • ChristMalcs Cracker wrote (see)

    ....She's given me so much help and encouragement in the past two weeks that I feel she's already been a mentor to me.

    There are so many mentor's available on these forums who are only too happy to help people like us.  I shall continue "crowdsourcing" ideas and advice to continue making progress.

    Have a great Christmas everyone.  Our paths will doubtless cross in 2013 image

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Well done all.

    Those of you that weren't chosen - don't be shy. Get on the thread of your nearest target time, introduce yourself, share your training and give them stick - especially when they have decided to stay in bed and you have completed a 20m LSR in the rain. image

  • I've been rejected twice. Well done to those that were chosen and I'll be following threads closely!
  • Massive thanks to Meldy & KK again for doing the leg work year after year - its appreciated by all, not just the winners

    Good choices by the anon judges - difficult decisions well made

    Also thanks to the marketing / spamming lead Minni!

    Looking forward to some smashing results in the spring!
  • Thankyou Malcs for your kind comments and a huge thankyou to everyone who's made this forum 6 possible. I really appreciate being given this opportunity.

    I know how disappointing it can be not to be chosen, im just hoping there is something positive around the corner for you all (fingers crossed its a winning lottery ticket for Malcs)
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Kittenkat/Meldy - your judges have certainly made some great choices this year.  The forum is buzzing and already the threads are in full flow with loads of stuff being discussed.  Well done!

  • Thanks Minni ... if nothing else we always have the best interest of the forum at heart and it cant work without interest and help from the likes of yourself

    Its good to see this thriving again another year,  perhaps we'll have a twist next year  image

  • Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been here for a while, had to go offline for a few days.

    Well done to all the selected people, really happy for you all, especially Sarah after the disappointment of the Asics comp, really really happy for you and good luck!

    Merry Christmas and happy running everyone!!
  • Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a fantastic day.
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