Friday 7th December 2012

Hey little sister, what have you done?

Great track. Perhaps it really is best if I post it on the training thread rather than events.....


  • Morning

    Blisters: Brilliant Trackimage Great singer, I'm a massive fan.

    What:4M Steadily done mainly off road due to icy paths.

    Why: Being careful

    Coffee calling so cvatch up over that.

  • Tom and wabo: I used to watch Dixon with my grandpa on a Saturday night in the mid 1970s as it was one of his favourite TV programmes. Just wandered back down memory lane...

  • Morning all,

    Got the lyrics today image often sing along (badly) when it comes on the radio.

    Hope you had a good holiday GGG.

    Not sure if I'll fit anything in for the next few days, as have a hectic weekend.

    Hope you all have a good day today, and weekend.
  • Morning sweep.

  • Morning!

    Not going to be the day I expected: found out late last night that the funeral for a friend is today, 2 hours drive away. I had been told it was next Friday. I hadn't mentioned it earlier, but this is the guy who I ran with at Uni and had won the English Schools: whilst he had been given three months to live, he barely made three weeks, which is perhaps a blessing. He died last Saturday, the day before his 56th birthday.

    Physio will have to be rescheduled.

  • Morning.

    Sounds as though it could be a difficult day on several fronts Alehouse - look after yourself.

    Blisters - nice swim set.

    sweep - I find a run usually does help it's just harder to get out there when you feel like that.

    What:           30 minutes easy run or rest
    Why:            time limited, throat sore, excess calories from yesterday to use
    Last hard:    2/12
    Last rest:     1/12

    Lyrics - love it.

  • morning all,
    AleH - make sure you give him a fitting send off, sincerest best wishes for today
    Blisters - good work in the water , and with the Christmas shenanigans
    GGG - sounds like a good plan
    Sweep - well done for getting the run in

    What - either 4 easy if I can get out at lunchtime, otherwise rest
    Why - out tonight with a few pals so won't have the opportunity later
    Managed 2x almost 3m loops on road (2.95 on google maps) while eldest had ladies hockey training last night. Finished off with 6 laps of the track cool down. All at steady/easy pace, but needed to be as was cold & windy with the added bonus of driving rain for the last half of the session.Averaged about 8.15/8.20 m/miling.
    last rest - if not today, was last Friday
    Last hard - Tuesday
    lyric - yup

  • Morning all

    Yesterday's lyrics were Venga Boys Witch Doctor, awful song, awful band, but it's what was in my head!  Sorry again for the confusion though!  No relation to the quality of the doctors here by the way!
    Chicka  hope your Mum is ok? Regarding cakes, there is a Hairy Biker recipe that doesn't use raisins, I'm sure it's online somewhere...
    Ale I hope today goes as well as it can.

    What: a wander round the town and Christmas market
    Why: guests from England are here.
    Lyrics: yes

    Good news is I have an appointment with a specialist on Monday, fingers crossed she'll be able to tell me what's going on.

      I think we need to start having some photos of these home made cakes!

    Have a good one all.

  • Great holiday thanks sweep. emzap that song did get stuck in my head. Google reminded me it was a band called the Cartoons who had stupid plastic '50s hair. Today's lyrics yes.

    What: Nothing.

    Why: TFI Friday. parkrun tomorrow, gym Sunday morning is the plan. It's Brockwell Park's second anniversary and a nearby pub is opening for breakfast and mulled cider!
  • AH...ouch, deepest sympathy and hope today goes as well as it can.
    Emzap...good luck with appt
    What:Core sesh
    Last Hard: This morning
    Last rest: Yesterday
    Back to gym for genmtle treadie and step sesh to keep OH company the tapoer for tomorrow's 20Kimage

  • AleH - a sad day indeed. I had a similar experience last year. Club mate, top bloke, top runner died at age 56. Church was overflowing...people standing in the drive.

    Lyrics - pre google no, post google still no.

    GGG - enjoy your parkrun tomorrow - how many have you run to date? My score is a miserable one!

    Dustin - good to be able to fit in a worthwhile run whilst on taxi duty.

    Managed 6.1M this morning. State of hamstring a bit better than expected as was a bit uncomfortable on getting up this morning. I put that down to a more "powerful" stretch (towel stretch) on it yesterday. Time for a few days on the foam roller methinks.

    Have a good day y'all.
  • Wish I could do more parkruns, only done the one, work always seems to get in the way...
  • I think I will make a Christmas cake next year. LMH, that exotic version sounds yum! I would probably lace it with rum to complete the Carribean theme image

    Emzap: hope the appointment goes well.

    alehouse wrote (see)


    Not going to be the day I expected: found out late last night that the funeral for a friend is today, 2 hours drive away. I had been told it was next Friday. I hadn't mentioned it earlier, but this is the guy who I ran with at Uni and had won the English Schools: whilst he had been given three months to live, he barely made three weeks, which is perhaps a blessing. He died last Saturday, the day before his 56th birthday. Physio will have to be rescheduled.

    image. That's a tough call, ale. Never easy when close friends die, especially at an awfully young age. Hope your mate gets a great send-off.

    what: 10.5 freezing miles
    why: toughing it out (although I'm very close to joining a gym ... only my hate of treadies is still putting me off a little)
    last hard: the frozen ground
    last rest: Monday:
    lyrics: Yes! Used to fancy him rotten when I was 16 or 17 image

  • Tom - I found the foam roller helped my hammy, as did a tightly rolled up small towel under the thigh (as long as your sitting on a hard chair/bench)
    touch wood - 2 weeks niggle free here....

  • chickadeee - think of the treadie as mental strength training. My record to date is two hours on one but I wouldn't like to do it often. If you like rich, moist fruit cake you definitely need to make yourself one next year. What do you traditionally have in Germany that's similar at this time of year?

    Good news Tom.

    Sounds like you're sorted Dustin.

    Early start tomorrow Straycelt? If so - hope you have a good one.

    Anyone else racing this weekend?

    An unexpected window of opportunity opened this morning so I managed to fit in a good progressive 30 minutes on the treadie. Feel much better for it too.

  • afternoon all

    blisters, lol thats funny! I think I know these lyrics..

    oh alehouse, how sad. It makes you sit back and think.. I hope all goes as well as it can

    GGM hope park run goes well, tempted myself but depends if I can get up in the morning

    no races this weekend for me, whcih is nice.  Getting all the tiles off my bathroom walls instead!

    what: run and gym later

    why: erm, want to

    last hard: weds

    last easy: yesterday 

    have a lovely weekend all



  • yep lyrics just read again and pop!

  • What: Just baking (for tomorrow night) and sea kayaking Xmas night out
    Why: It's that time of year
    Last hard: skating on paths last night
    Last rest: Wednesday
    Lyrics: no

    Alehouse: a hard day but hopefully some good memories

    Maybe a run in the morning although forecast not good (heavy rain and Westerly gales)

  • Well, back from the funeral: in fact apart from the sombre moments it was actuallly a FUN-eral if one can have such a thing. Celebratory and amusing! He would have approved!

    A walk to the pub is needed this evening!


  • Enjoy well deserved pint AH and toast those good memories.
    LMH...not tpoo bad...up at 7. Race starts at 11 but will be at least 20 mins shorter than that halfimage Still a long sesh so def counting as LSR
    Sweep...I've got a Park Run 20 minutes away and it's 09.00 Sat morning yet I have tkd at 10.30. Toying with the idea as I could use some short sharp runs yet feel I might be a tad tired for tkd. Anyone else been to/got some opinions/advice on merits or otherwise.

  • Suppose it depends how hard you run it, I know I would have to see how quick I could get round each time, but if you can avoid racing and just treat it as a training run with others than I don't see why it wouldn't be ok.
  • PS the real WHAT:
    Friday: OSKA (Sea Kayaking) night ootimage
    Saturday: Orkney Polar Bears Xmas Dip and Partyimage
    Sunday:55 image

    Mmm image
    may have to get some running in to keep on top of all of this image

  • OH:  I shall give my regards to HM this evening. 55 what? Miles/pints/years?? The rest of your weekend sounds too wet and cold to me!!

  • Tonight's sea kaying outing is entirely on shore!
    and 55 years (too old for 55 pints/years image )


  • ale i'm at 18 parkruns. maybe i'll reach 50 next year! i find it a really good motivation to work on my speed, and am lucky enough to live v. nearby! thankfully work doesn't breach my weekends so i always try and go if i've not been out late on friday...
  • GGG: it was Tom who asked about the parkruns...but as you have mentioned them, going for 50 is an ambitious plan by the end of 2013! Also it is ambitious to have mulled cider and breakfast in the pub before the run. I would leave it until afterwards.

  • oops! yes think i'll stick to coffee at 10am although I have been feeling very christmassy so may not be able to resist a bit of mulled cider.
  • oops should have been too old for 55 pints /miles!


  • Lyrics: White Wedding by Billy Idol. Clearly Tom is pre-punk, although this was rather Top 40 version of mild punk, like Boomtown Rats or something.

    Unfortunately, no opportunity to work from home today (Friday), and the motorways were not clever. A vote for peace within the family household was not even a question, it was a necessity. No training.

    Alehouse. Like you say 56 is a bit too close for comfort (eh Tom?). If it's appropriate to wet a baby's head with a pint or two, then surely it's appropriate to do funerals in the Irish manner. Take a week over it and sober up later. I've got ideas about what I want at my funeral, and one thing is a decent meal, none of this stuff about a plate of curly sandwiches.

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