Dog Rescue

Having viewed this video, I think my opinion of dogs has just gone up a notch!

Dog gets hit by car on busy road dual carriage way.

A 2nd (random, unrelated?) dog risks its life by going into the road and uses it's paws to drag the injured dog to safety. Apparently the dog lived.  

You've got to see it to believe it (I can't see how it can be a spoof)



  • This isn't loading.

  • It took about 40 seconds to load on my connection last night...  but I just tried it again from the above link, and it loaded quickly, first time.

    As I said in the OP.. I cannot see how it can be a spoof... There's something slightly suspicious about it.. but it would have to be an extremely elaborate spoof if it is one.

  • Talking of clever dogs....


  • Don't you like dogs then Wales?

    obviously never met the right ones image

  • plenty of dogs in walesimageimage

  • Nope, it's not even trying to load - I'll have to look at it at home later.

  • As well as just clicking on the links you could try copying and pasting into your browser, if you havent already done that

  • image That is amazing, what a great dog.

  • Seen it now - my home laptop is more relaible.

    I must say it looked real to me (unlike the elevator thing the other day). I'm thinking they were maybe a couple of strays that were together, or just dogs that had the same owners, and wandered onto the highway. It could go some way to explaning what they were doing there in the first place and why the second dog came to the rescue of the first one.

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