Tri Suits in Swimming Pools

I got removed from my pool today for wearing a tri-suit.  Not a wetsuit - a tri suit.  How is this different from a long short female bathing suit.  What about the glorious Phelps et al suits that people wore.  The pool's own rules say only The correct swimming attire is to be worn by both sexes. Absolutely livid.


  • Complain to the pool manager.
  • I am going to as soon as they open.  Not going to say what I was wearing, I will ask what inappropriate attire is!

  • Might also be worth asking about training aids such as paddles, pull buoys etc. can they be used in the lanes? It will be a no in the open (not laned) part of the pool for H&S reasons.
  • wow.i 'm glad you clarified the trisuit...............i can understand wetsuits but them saying no to a trisuit is could have scars on your body that you wanted to hide etc.......and its just like the old fashioned bathing could they think that budgie smugglers are preferable to a tri suitimage


    PSC......I use my pullbuoy  at all times whilst swimming and have never had a problem from the sports centres........mind when its rammed between my legs not sure how it could affect anyone elseimage

  • Why would you wear a tri suit in the pool ? Wouldn't chlorine damage it ?
  • Are there not pool triathlons?  Problem solved. The gerneral manager has been having problems with pool staff/manager and said I was right and could quote him.

    It's not an expensive tri suit just a BTWIN one but good for doing a run or bike in the CV suit then hopping into the pool.

  • Doesn't sound very hygienic that way ?

    Pool rules can be odd at times. I remember having to leave the pool before a women's only session one evening. Most of the women had already got into the pool early when it was open to everyone - so it seemed a bit harsh.

    Glad it's sorted anyway.
  • As long as you shower between CV session and pool I can't see an issue with hygiene - there are enough people who seem to think that the 'please shower before using the pool' doesn't apply to them whether they are coming in from the changing areas or out of the sauna/steam room. Yuck.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Yeah i showered so no issue. 

  • Never been kicked out for wearing a trisuit or a wetsuit ( did ask first about wetsuit ).

    Very strange.

  • my local pool says that men are not to wear tops and only shorts no longer than the knee unless thers a medical reason, only saw it a few months ago but did ask the chap who takes the masters class who also works in the pool and he said it should be ok if you ask first, but remember i live in a town that time forgot image


  • "Hi Everybody!"

    Some mates an I are training for a quad, and have been doing some swimming lessons to improve our doggy paddle efforts!!

    When we said we were training for open water swimming the instructor positively encouraged to come in the wetsuits the next week so we could see how the added buoyancy and slight restriction in flexibility affected us.

    So I was surprised when it was only me walking out head-to-toe in black rubber, and my mates pointing and laughing!!  Ba£&%$ds! Is there any way to look good in a wetsuit?

    Last laugh was on them though, was really useful being able to practice in the suit!

    Can't see why there would be a problem in a pool as long as you ask first.

    Dr Nick.

  • Not sure many pools have issues with pull bouys (although no doubt some do). I can see possible reasons for paddles and flippers. Pull Bouys are clearly like floats that most pools are used to, the other stuff is just for weird swimming people.

  • On the subject Do you juggest traing for a tri in ur wetsuit to get used to swimming in it? First tri u see

  • Hi James. Do yo mean training in a wetsuit in a swimming pool?? If so, whilst it would seem to make sense,  the answer is probably no. I seem to remember when I bought my wetsuit the care advise mentioned something about swimming pool chemicals not being good for it, plus I imagine it would get dam hot after a while. Perhaps the odd session to get the feel for it may be OK. But as soon as the weather warms up, get yourself open water swimming!

    In the meantime, some advocate the use of a swim buoy in the pool to simulate the extra buoyancy you get with a wetsuit.

  • In France I got refused entry as I wanted to wear beach swim was speedos or nothing. apparently they have publi pool inspectors everywhere.


    there's lot sof nonesense in the uk. some pools dont allow any gadgets but not to be able to wear a tri-suit sounds plain stupid.

    some of the outdoor lido/pools like tooting and hampton in london i think let you use all the gadgets as well as WET suits.



  • cougie wrote (see)
    Why would you wear a tri suit in the pool ? Wouldn't chlorine damage it ?


    And wouldn't you look like a total twat image?

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